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  • Jorge Luis Seco: La importancia de las relaciones humanas.

    in Lifestyle

    Jorge Luis Seco presenta su programa "Quiero Conversar Contigo" en el que nos presenta a toda la comunidad de Creando Futuro el tema del amor a través de las relaciones de amistad y familiares.  Con la participación de Angélica Salomón y Jorge Gallego para toda la comunidad hispana del mundo.

    Jorge Luis Seco es poeta y escritor cubano, residente en New Jersey.  Amigo incondicional con un corazón tan grande que cabemos todos el él.  Es un hombre de grandes valores humanos y como artista se descata como uno de los mejores.



    Angélica Salomón (201) 681-4363

    Jorge Gallego (720) 400-9355

    Jorge Luis Seco (201) 736-3620

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    Luis Sports House- Breaking down the NBA, NFL, MLB & More!

    in Sports

    Preview of the NBA Finals

    Can Lebron James bring the Championship to Cleveland?

    Are the Warriors ready to take the next step?

    Will Steph Curry follow his MVP season with a Champioship?

    Dwight Howard



    Cardinals keep winning despite injuries.

    Giants back atop the NL West.

    Dodgers injuries starting to catch up?

    Josh Hamilton



    Who has impressed the most this offseason so far?

    Who is ready to take the next step?

    Which team is most ready to make a playoff run?


    We break down some of the best sports movies & our personal bests!

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    013. Jorge Luis Seco: Quiero Conversar Contigo

    in Poetry

    Jorge Luis Seco nació 09 de junio 1949 en La Habana, Cuba. Estudió en la Universidad de La Habana antes de ser concedido el permiso para viajar a España en 1979.

    Residió en España, el país de sus abuelos paternos durante un año antes de viajar a Estados Unidos y tomó residencia permanente. Vive en Nueva York durante unos años y luego se muda a Nueva Jersey.

    En 1995 fue reconocido por el Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericanos (CEPI) por su trabajo en la poesía. En 1996 publicó su primera novela, “Donde tú eres mi sol”. La novela recibió amplia aclamación en España y México, así como en la prensa estadounidense Español.
    No fue hasta 1998 que fue publicado en Inglés como “The Only Sun I Need”

    En 2001 publicó un libro Poemas bilingal “Desde la otra orilla” “Desde la otra orilla” En 2002 publicó su segunda novela “Cuba: Turistas Solo Para” En diciembre de 2011 presentó su nuevo libro bilingal “Pensamientos Para Sentirnos Mejor”.

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    My Co Host Luis Serrano, founding member of Miami Latin Boys which later became Miami Sound Machine and I celebrate the end of 2012 with our listeners.
    Serrano was born in the Province of Camaguey, Central Cuba, which Unesco designated in 2008 as a World Heritage Site. The Spanish colonizers followed medieval European influences in Camaguey in terms of urban layout and traditional construction of the city. The neoclassical, eclectic, Art Deco, Neo-colonial, some Art Nouveau and rationalism designs would naturally make a nest for an artist of Serrano's caliber to incubate his talents.
    Serrano recalls music being a part of his life from the time he was an infant, his mother singing him lullabies, then listening to the rhythms of Cuban music on the radio and television. Luis Serrano feels his love of music entered his soul and rooted in his spirit when he a child.
    Luis remembers his hometown's beautiful landscapes of the countryside in Cuba. The large homes he visited when he was a child, where art and paintings hung on the walls now awakening a desire to express himself on canvas with colors and sharing with his fans the amazing talent he was blessed with.
    Today, Poetry surges in Serrano as he goes about daily life. Stories, events, people and emotions that move him, help erupt the volcano of ideas that he finds necessary to put on paper.
    It is an honor to have my friend Luis Serrano on Cubanarama to wrap up this memorable year.

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    Apostle Luis Lopez Author of The Book Counterfeit Christian

    in Entertainment

    Apostle Luis  Lopez Author of the Book   Counterfeit  Christian Shares his amazing  Journey   with  THE MCGIRT SHOW HOST  BOBBY DARYL MCGIRT    ( * DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF CALL IN LISTENERS THE SHOW SERVER CRASHED  & THIS SEGMENT RE -AIRS JUNE 19,2015  Thanks so much to all our Listeners & Fans *)

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    Chat with Alejandro Luis Molina Coordinating member, NBHRN (Chicago)

    in Culture

    We will be chatting with Alejandro Luis Molina member of the coordinating commite for the National Boricua Human Rights Network. Our interview will focus on the efforts to gain the freedom of Political Prisioner Oscar Lopez Rivera who has been in prison for 33 years and was convicted of Seditious Conspiracy. Please tune in tonight at 11 PM on Boricuas of the World Social Club Talk Show. Recuerda, para saber de donde vamos, Debemos saber de donde venimos...

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    Interview with Sancista Brujo Luis & Florencio "Freddie" Guevar

    in Religion

    Join your host Candelo Kimbisa tonight as he interviews Sancista Brujo Luis and Florencio "Freddie" Guevar on the Corner!

    Sancista Brujo Luis was born in Massachusettes  He was born with "el velo" , the veil, a Caul membrane over his face, which his Grandmother a Medium and Herbalist claimed was a sign he would be a seer. As a child his Grandmother would conduct Sesiones and Veladas, and help him develop his spiritual faculties. In his late twenties he recieved his collares and guerrilleros in Lukumi and later underwent ceremonies in Puerto Rican Sanse and Dominican 21 Divisiones.

    Sancista Luis holds private Sesiones in his home as well as Misas and Hora Santas throughout Massachusettes and periodically attends Haitian Vodou Fetes in the Boston area. He translated into Spanish a manual on Haitian Vodou titled Ayibobo Gracias Misericordia, and is the author of Luz y Progreso, Light and Progress a Guide For developing Mediums in the Puerto Rican Mesa Blanca tradition. 

    Florencio "Freddie" Guevara hails from Bronx, NY. Mr. Guevara is a retired elementary school teacher with thirty years of experience in Puerto Rico and Florida. Married with two children & three grandchildren, Mr. Guevara currently resides in Florida. For over 50 years, Florencio Guevara has been providing readings, giving guidance and healing. He also conducts misa espirituales in many areas of the world. The word-of-mouth grapevine from clients always provides the endless knocks on his door. The spirits are the ones that always push to inform the world of good mediums everywhere. They're the best business cards available.  He is the author of Mesa Blanca The White Altar, published by Author House.

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    Wrestletalk- Everything you want to know leading into this week in Wrestling

    in Sports

    Join VJ Wright and Luis Estrada as we talk about everything in wrestling!

    WWE Money in the Bank Preview

    Who will be the next Money in the Bank winner?

    Has WWE done a bad job of getting Wrestlers from NXT over on the main roster?

    How to improve the Divas roster.

    When will the WWE give credibility to its Champion?

    Is this a time of transition in WWE

    Who is the WWE's biggest competition with Ring of Honor getting a TV deal, GFW coming soon, Lucha Underground, and Impact Wrestling?


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    Working with the Spirit with presents: Special Guest Sancista Brujo Luis

    in Paranormal

    Join us 5/15 at 8pm EST for our special guest Sancista Brujo Luis!  He'll be joining Lady A and I on the front porch to discuss his new book, "Luz Y Progreso", and will talk to us about Espiritismo and share a little about his own spiritual journey.  This is bound to be a powerful show as we compare and contrast the two traditions.  Hoodoo and Espiritismo.  Also, hang around for the second hour because we will be doing readings along with our special guest!  Don't forget, the open call for new readers still stands so if you want to hop on to the porch and read along with us then come on down!

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    Dream Art with Nina Serrano

    in Dreams

    In this segment of the D-spot meet artists who have used their dreams in their chosen work. Meet painters, poets and musicians who have received images, words and musical scores in dreams and who have practiced the 'art of recollection' to turn their dreams into reality. Hosted by Poet and Writer Joan Gelfand, this show will include a call-in period for questions and answers.


    Nina Serrano born in 1934 in New York City, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 53 years. She is a poet, writer, translator, and independent media producer. She was awarded the 2014 Josephine Miles Award by Pen Oakland for Excellence in Literature for her latest book, “Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000­2012” and the Artist Embassy International Book Award for 2013 for “Heart's Journey, Selected poems 1980­1999”, both published by Estuary Press. Her first book from this Heart Suite Trilogy is called “Heart Songs, Selected Poems 1969­1979” published in 1980 by Editorial Pocho Che in their classic 10th anniversary series and reprinted as an ebook in 2011 by Estuary Press. Voted “best local poet” in 2010 by Oakland Magazine, her poetry is widely anthologized. Nina Serrano's books are easily available in print and electronically.

  • Apostle /Dr Luis Lopez Jr Best Selling Author

    in Entertainment

    Apostle /Dr  Luis  Lopez  Jr   Best Selling Author     of the Book Counterfeit  Christian     Shares  His Journey and Thoughts of Empowerment  with Host Bobby Daryl McGirt Host of The McGirt show on BlogTalkRadio.com/THEMCGIRT