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    Lucid Dreaming Review

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    The term lucid dreaming describes the experience of consciously recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming. By involving your conscious awareness in a dreaming activity, you can learn to control the content of your dream and its course of action. The more mindful and fully conscious you are in your normal waking state, the easier it will be for you to master lucidity in your dreaming state.

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    Lucid Dreaming: Dream Ethics and the Affects on the Awake Mind.

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    On today’s episode we will dive into the touchy subject of Lucid Dreaming Ethics and how it affects us in the awakened state.    Also on this episode I will be covering one of the more important induction exercises which new Oneironauts may not take seriously enough… the art of paying attention to the everyday details that surround them.  This exercise is essential to assist in Dream Recall process.

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    Law of Attraction & Lucid Dreaming

    in Spirituality

    Learning the power of Lucid dreaming is one of the most guarded secrets by those who are exceptional at manifesting money, love, happiness, power, career, and health.  You can learn it to.  Robert Zink is a Master Mystic who will teach you the secrets to Lucid Dreaming.  Put this ancient power to work for you now and begin manifesting the life you want and deserve.  

    Robert Zink is your Mentor or Light.


    Lucid Dreaming is easy with this incredible two CD series.  Check it out:








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    Lucid Dreaming - A Window to your Soul

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    In this episode Rose will talk about the definition of lucid dreaming and how to connect to our dream memory.

    She has been a lucid dreamer since she was a girl and had many precognitive dreams. Not all lucid dreaming is precognitive, but some dreams are windows to your current soul state and evolution. Rose will assist you in tapping into your own dream state with meditations that will be precorded and post in future shows.

    Visit her site:



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    Lucid Dreaming ~ Answers for Your Life

    in Paranormal

    Tune in to Supernatural Girlz with host Patricia Baker & co-host Patricia Kirkman as they uncover the secrets of Lucid Dreaming with author Robert Waggoner.  Would you like to know how to have lucid dreams? Interact with dream figures? Conduct scientifc and personal experiments? And discover creative solutions to life issues?  This is a show you do not want to miss!  Robert is a psychologist and past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and a co-editor of the online journal, Lucid Dreaming Experience.  He is a frequent speaker at national and international dream conferences and the author of Lucid Dreaming:  Gateway to the Inner Self and Lucid Dreaming, Plain & Simple.

    Call in with your questions!  646-478-0828






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    Lucid Dreaming: Episode 2 - Induction Methods & 3rd Party tools

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    In today’s show, we will dive deeper into the process of achieving lucidity by addressing the different methods people use to travel through to the dream state.  We will also do a review of some of the products available to assist Oneironauts to recognize the dream state beyond in-dream identification

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    Lucid Dreaming Retreats

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    Learn more about our upcoming Lucid Dreaming Retreats in central Colorado this October, hosted by Michelle Gaza, Keyowe Mune and Kevone Fair.  Retreat dates: October 10-14 and October 18-22.For more information contact us at activationcoaching@gmail.com.

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    Lucid Dreaming with Bill and Anita Murphy

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    The hit SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files may be history, but its stars are staying busy. Lead scientist Bill Murphy was the very first guest on AMH when we launched back in 2012. He is an avid paranormal researcher, documentary film maker, and a highly in-demand celebrity speaker. He's back, along with his wife and partner Anita McMillian Murphy, to discuss some of the new projects in the works since we last spoke.

    The Murphy's latest project delves in to the world of lucid dreaming. Two years of research and development has gone into DreamNET: The Programmable Lucid Dreaming Headband. The goal is to trigger self awareness and control while wearing the device, leading to endless possibilities.

    Building on the research conducted at the Neurological Clinic Sleep Laboratory in Frankfurt Germany, Murphy's team has developed a prototype that can been worn during sleep that allows a dreamer to transistion from unaware to aware within a dream and finally to awake permitting dream recall.

    Bill's company, Synapse recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for DreamNET allowing backers to get in on this groundbreaking research and be among the first to own the headband for themselves. User friendly, affordable, and unquestionably fascinating, the DreamNET headband takes us one step closer to understanding and controlling lucid dreams.  

    Billy and Anita Murphy are moving the fields of hard science and the paranormal ever closer together with this amazing research.


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    Lucid Dreaming

    in Paranormal

    We will discuss lucid dreaming and "How to Have a Lucid Dream". In the first half I tell you about my lucid dream and how real and profound it was. Followed by, how to teach yourself to have lucid dreams. Hear the difference between vivid dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection.

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    Mystic Radio - Lucid Dreaming

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we will be discussing aspects of Lucid Dreaming, as well as techniques for improving their frequency, intensity, and recall.
    The show will be great for both experienced Lucid Dreamers and beginners alike, please join us and find out more about this truly amazing experience.

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    Lucid Dreaming, Lotsa Screaming!

    in Film

    A GREAT SHOW coming tonight, folks! Your host with the most brings us detailed instructions on LUCID DREAMING- the Twilight Zone of dream states where you not only KNOW you're dreaming, but you can CONTOL your dreams!

    Edward X Young brings us the latest on the guest lineup for MR. HUSH WEEKEND OF FEAR II, coming Sept 5-7, 2014 @The Woodlands in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

    Don Fellman brings us impressions and obscure references to classic films.

    Don't be surprised to hear some new voices chiming in on tonight's EXTRA SPECIAL program!


    Call in at 11 PM, EDT to (347) 934-0493 to listen and/or lend your voice to the conversation!



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