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    in Spirituality

    This Monday at 5Pm Est 10Pm Bst 

    Vivek Balaguru is a Software Engineer who after suffering with panic attacks for some time searched deeply for reasons and solutions.

     He uncovered a whole lot more than he was looking for and through his dedication , we have a wondrous account of the knowledge and wisdom he gleaned. 

    He wrote a book for us by which a door is opened to the knowing that this consciousness is available to us all. He lays out simple steps and choices we can make to move towards a personal experience of this natural inherent Universal Intelligence.

     In this book he summarizes how one can prepare for an awakening experience by looking after the body, becoming aware of one’s conditioned mind and by opening to intuition and synchronicity.

    No matter at what stage you are in your healing or awakening journey, if you have questions and are looking for guidance on what to do next or simply if you need some inspiration, you will get it from this book on how to go forward in a new and exciting way.  Be sure to read it again later, because you will get another layer of understanding from these words each time you read the book. That is because the author succeeded to write from the most authentic core of his being, the words are like magic and will touch you deep with!wwill touch you deep within.




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    WTR: Anya Yakovleva (MARINE), Luigge Romanillo (PJ), Michael Golembesky (MARSOC)

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn and Jeff Young is proud to welcome Anya Yakovleva (MARINE) founder of American Heroes Through Graphite, Luigge Romenillo (PJ) Founder of ADAPTAGEAR, Michael Golembesky (MARSOC) writer of Level Zero Heroes.

    Anya served honorably in the US MARINE Corps during OIF and now runs American Heroes Through Graphite.  American Heroes Through Graphite, we are focused on honoring our Nation's Heroes first and foremost.

    Luigge served his country as an Air Force Pararesuce (PJ) and now owns ADAPTAGEAR.  ADAPTAGEAR is specifically our 3TMC training and why we feel it’s so important when compared to First Aid or TCCC. Basically, it’s the in-between approach specifically designed for civilian (non-uniformed) response to mass casualty situations.

    Michael, while on his second deployment in Iraq, was selected to become an aircraft controller with the newly formed Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He reported to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion in January, 2009 and immediately attended the Joint Terminal Attack Controller course in Norfolk, Va. After graduating and obtaining 8002 MOS, he was assigned as a team JTAC with Marine Special Operations Company G, Team 2. His fifth and final deployment was served in Afghanistan (RC-W) with Marine Special Operations Team 8222 from 2009 through 2010 in the Bala Murghab River Valley.  Honorably discharged after eight years of military service, Michael, is currently a defense contractor and author of the best selling Level Zero Heroes!

    Please don't miss out on this amazing episode of Warrior Talk Radio.  Guest call in line is 646-595-3504

  • Internet Hockey Talk: LGHL Game 7s & HUT

    in Hockey

    Bala, Mcnasty, Guidce and guest callers discuss game 7s and 

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    The SYNCRENICITY of the 21st Century Superhuman

    in Education

    Presented by India Irie and tribe with Honoured Guest, Author, Viv Bala

    VivBala is a Software Engineer by profession but sudden change of events leading to an awakening process forced him to change direction in his life to align himself closely with Universe and to take this 'calling' more seriously. This kind of awakening is being referred as Kundalini Awakening in Eastern literature and this is triggering many awakenings across the world. He's learned to make adjustments to his daily life and to adapt with the new insights. The journal that he wrote going through this process helped me to write a book.

    Today we get to hear of this perspective of Awakenining & blossoming through the eyes of the 'butterfly'.

    Life is Binary: The Choice to Live Love or Limitation

    This book is a compelling account of an ordinary working mans' awakening to the reality of the connectedness of all life and Intelligent Awareness. After suffering with panic attacks for some time he searched deeply for reasons and solutions. He uncovered a whole lot more than he was looking for and through his dedication we have here a wondrous account of the knowledge and wisdom he gleaned. A door is opened to the knowing that this consciousness is available to us all. He lays out simple steps and choices we can make to move towards a personal experience of this natural inherent Universal Intelligence. He inspires us to know that a life unexplored and unexamined is a missed opportunity, a tragedy even, as the fruits of living with Awareness beyond the limited personal logical thinking self are immeasurable. The delights are infinite and the benefits not only to us personally but more importantly to human kind as a whole are deeply needed.


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    TRU Talk Radio Episode 63

    in Sports

    TRU Talk Radio recaps the weekend fights and talk upcoming Kovalev Vs Hopkins light heavyweight bout plus all boxing news. Our guest Sharif Bogere coming off KO win on Golden Boy Live plus fighters who will appear on Iron Boy 17 November 15 in Phoenix Az. From Iron Boy 17 are guest Victor El Nino Castro, Brian La Bala Mendoza, and Edgar Brito. Also added to the show Travelle "Black Magic" Maizon joins the show 

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    Listen Give Live | Episode 96

    in Music

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for Listen Give Sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Join us with Guest, Hadiza Bala Usman, #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS, who started the mission of finding the missing girls in Nigeria.

    Visit ListenGive.com to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    Nachash e o caminho de Balaão - Nachash and the way of Balaam

    in Christianity

    Os anciãos de Moab e de Madiã partiram levando consigo o preço da adivinhação. Chegando junto de Balaão, referiram-lhe as palavras de Balac. Números 22:7

    A árvore do conhecimento do bem e do mal, a sabedoria da serpente (nachash), o caminho de Caim e de balaão que enlouquece os profetas. Aprofunde-se no discernimento das astutas ciladas do diabo preparadas contra a sua vida.
    Quinta feira,16 de Outubro, 23:30h Portugal (19:30h Brasília)

    The elders of Moab and Midian left, taking with Them the fee for divination. When They Came to Balaam, They Told him what Balak had said. Numbers 22:7

    The tree of knowledge of good and evil, the wisdom of the serpent (nachash), the way of Cain and Balaam prophets that drives them crazy. Immerse yourself in the discernment of the wiles of the devil prepared against your life. 
    Thursday, October 16th, 6:30pm EST\5:30pm CST\4:30pm MST\3:30pm PST

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    in Comedy

    Charlie Sits down with Marina Franklin, Loyiso Gola and Peter Gunz to talk about Mos Def, Ebola, Floyd Money Mayweather, Ferguson and more.

    Follow @charliemurphy @loyisogola @marinayfranklin @IamPeterGunz

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    La Jugada de la Semana que Excita Presentado por Nissan: Italy vs Uraguay

    in Soccer

    Con los ojos de todo el mundo sobre ellos, Uruguay hizo su continente orgulloso al vencer a Italia por 1-0 en el Estádio das Dunas en Natal, Brasil. Edgar Herrera le trae momento más emocionante del juego-81 minutos de acción capitán de Uruguay Diego Godin cabeceó el balón como una bala más allá del portero Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon. Para dar rienda suelta a su pasión por el fútbol este verano, vaya a facebook-punto-com-diagonalnissanespañol. Nissan la marca de automóviles más excitante celebra el deporte más excitante del mundo—hasta el mundial de brasil.

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    The Obama Administration has ignored the Constitution’s carefully bala

    in Politics Conservative

    I will be joined tonight by one of the best Patriots of all time. Sue from New Mexico will be with us


    Obama has been altering and changing laws enacted by Congress, and overstepped his legal authority when he made changes to Obamacare.

    “Our constitutional law professor president needs a refresher course on the separation of powers provisions in our United States Constitution,” said Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia.

    So Congressman Goodlatte, what are you and Congress going to do about this? You say “I think the public has a growing awareness, but not as aware as I think they should, of the growing assertion of power by this president to do things to change laws. We’ll continue to raise public awareness about the issue. We have the ability to hold these kind of hearings to shine a spotlight.”

    Let's once again discuss not only obama's power play but what Congress's inept abiltity to rein him in...

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    Hoops Lounge 042 | March Madness Canadian Invasion | Dennis Rodman

    in Basketball

    This week Phil Boileau and Marc Griffin are joined by guest Ray Bala of The Can Ball Report. We discuss the "Canadian Invasion" of NCAA Basketball heading into March Madness. 

    First Quarter: The Canadian Invasion.

    Who are the Canadian stars to look out for during March Madness?
    Is Andrew Wiggins Underrated?
    Are the Toronto Raptors a good fit for Wiggins?

    In The Post: Head to Head Hoops Questions & Trivia.

    When drafting a big, what are your qualifiers to make sure his talents will translate to the NBA?
    Who are your Top 5 Picks in the upcoming NBA Draft?
    Can we officially say it’s a bad idea to draft a 6’9 “tweener”?
    Who is your Canadian “diamond in the rough” in this year's draft?
    What is a main difference between these 6’2 – 6’4 combo guards who work out, over ones who never find a role?
    Which NCAA school did Steve Nash badly want to attend, but they had no interest in him?

    Naismith Moment: Dennis Rodman. 

    Phil Jackson recently said Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman were the two players who understood "The Triangle" Offense best. 
    A story about Dennis Rodman's freakish ability to study the shots of his teammates and opponents around the NBA.
    Rodman's longtime support of the LGBT community decades before Jason Collins became the first openly gay NBA player. 

    www.HoopsLounge.com @HoopsLounge @SportingPhil @montrealmarc