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    Addiction and Relationships

    in Self Help

    Have you ever dated an Addict? Can you spot the signs on an Addict? ?How does sexual abuse play in addiction? On this podcast, I talk about signs and symptoms of opioid and alcohol addiction and how that impacts relationships.

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    The Secret to Creating Loving Relationships

    in Self Help

    Ever wondered why your relationships aren't working? It could be the other person, but have you looked in the mirror lately?

    Learn to tell the difference between sex and love

    Stand up for who you are and what you believe

    Do Not settle in your relationships!


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    Love Hurts? - Transforming Your Mind for Loving Relationships

    in Motivation

    Chapman concludes Chapter #6 "Being Transformed by Renewing Your Mindset" with looking at how your mind affects loving or not so loving relationships. She'll look at the Thoughts ==> Feelings ==> Actions = Results model using real life examples of herself. She'll discuss how these thought patterns can result in loveless, abusive relationships (which aren't just physical) and more importantly how you can get the hell out of the situation and move forward in confidence, with conviction, and promise. Due to time change: 10:00 Pacific ... 1:00 PM Eastern (for three weeks only!)

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    Understanding and Moving Through the Various Stages of the Grieving Process

    in Romance

    The vast majority of us never fully heal from the loss of a love. It appears that we're getting over losing someone as we move through the accute stages of grief, and yet feelings such as hurt, loss and disappointment that we fail to fully process remain trapped within the body indefinately. And that can adversely impact any subsequent relationships. In this episode you will develop a greater understanding of the grieving process and learn about the deep level processing that needs to take place to facilitate healing of the loss of a love. 

    Painful losses and the subsequent feelings that arise become fuel for growth when we learn how to work constructively with them. This process will enable us to open our hearts, develop greater compassion and increase our capacity to love and be loved. 






    Special thank you to David Patterson for allowing me to use his "Heart Abstract" Image http://david-patterson.blogspot.com/ 

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    Loving Relationships Ignites Joy

    in Spirituality

    Tune in and turn on to happiness.  Welcome to "A Happiness Index".  We continue to tap into our joy with music and inspirational stories to encourage you to be happy.  Today's show is on the value of a loving relationship. "Loving Relationships Ignites Joy", however remember that the key to a loving relationship lies within.  Are you happy?  If you are happy, you can attract another beautiful spirit that will increase your happiness.  As social creatures, creating and nourishing healthy relationships will bring us enormous joy. As one shares one’s joy one receives more joy.  Remember that giving and receiving are the same.  Do you want joy then you must extend joy.  Thank you for joining us today to remember that "Loving Relationships Ignites Joy".


  • Loving The Risks!

    in Spirituality

    LIfe takes a new Shift everytime YOU BREAK THE PARAMETERS OF THE FAMILIAR!  Are YOU ready to embrace it?  Are YOU ready to flow with it?

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    Creating Drama Free Loving Relationships

    in Relationships

    Join relationship coaches Tobin Giblin and Lorina Manzanita as they discuss their take on how to create Drama Free Loving Relationships.   This show is dedicating to helping you get out of the drama cycle and into the experience of Epic Love.

    In this show you will find the following love and life enhancing nuggets:

    Getting out of a drama cycle and into a healing cycle

    Staying on the same team

    The importance energetic of generosity and not abandoning yourself

    Committing to not devolve into drama

    The addiction of the drama and its companions blame, aggression and victimhood

    Dancing with your true thresholds and bottom line needs

    Generating Epic Love with the integration of freedom and intimacy

    Transparent communication versus withholding

    Self-awareness and communicating needs accurately

    We hope you join co-hosts Tobin and Lorina on Epic Love Radio where they are dedicated to exploring and discovering together a New Paradigm for soul-satisfying loving and living.

  • Your Guide To Healthy Relationships: Self Exploration

    in Spirituality

    Gina Vucci joins me to discuss her new book, co-authored w Shakti Gawain, called the Relationship Handbook.

    Every single relationship you have is a reflection of yourself and a mirror of what you can do to further grow as a human being. No relationship exists "out there" but in the deepest recesses of your soul and personality.

    Join us in this exploration.


    My name is Kate Loving Shenk RN BSN. I have been a nurse for three decades. I love having meaningful conversations with people about their Love of Life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created the “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet,”  "The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable" to give nurses a voice, both Google Hanginars; “The Prayer Prescription Series” of which there are nine books on Amazon, (so far); and a daily podcast called "Kate Loving's P.R.A.Y.E.R. Podcast: Prayer Prescriptions that ReWire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality." 

    Join my Community HERE: http://bit.ly/1i21gPC 


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    The Real Work of Loving Relationships

    in Women

    Are your close relationships as satisfying and fruitful as you'd like them to be? Do you have trouble building good, healthy relationships with others? Loving relationships take real work, and the work isn't as hard as you might think when you know how to love well. 

    Tune in for some sage advice about how to improve your relationships by Pastor William P. Smith, M. Div., Ph.D., author of the book, Loving Well (Even if You Haven't Been. Healthy, peaceful relationships are within your reach, and he's here to tell you how to effectively build them.

    Call 646-716-6910 or chat with us LIVE during the show.

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    You want your relationships to be more holy, more righteous, more blessed, - more like JESUS!  But how?  Well, join us next on the E.Y.I.C. Radio Network as we talk and teach about the “how”.  Friday, 3/13/15 from 8pm to 10pm EST. The call in number is (949) 272-9514; press 1 to speak with host. Listen from your cell or computer by clicking on http://tobtr.com/s/7427397. Help us bring down Christian Divorce & Abuse via biblical education and teachings on "relationships" from the Bible, one online broadcast at a time. Sow your donation today by clicking the link listed, and help keep our online programming on face book and twitter up and running - every week. Love at the Root Ministry. Click, http://www.gofundme.com/loveattheroot

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    Hardships in Romantic Relationships

    in Romance

    A panel of five college students discuss the hardships that couples tend to encounter during romantic relationships through an interpersonal approach.

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