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    Your Guide To Healthy Relationships: Self Exploration

    in Spirituality

    Gina Vucci joins me to discuss her new book, co-authored w Shakti Gawain, called the Relationship Handbook.

    Every single relationship you have is a reflection of yourself and a mirror of what you can do to further grow as a human being. No relationship exists "out there" but in the deepest recesses of your soul and personality.

    Join us in this exploration.


    My name is Kate Loving Shenk RN BSN. I have been a nurse for three decades. I love having meaningful conversations with people about their Love of Life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created the “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet,”  "The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable" to give nurses a voice, both Google Hanginars; “The Prayer Prescription Series” of which there are nine books on Amazon, (so far); and a daily podcast called "Kate Loving's P.R.A.Y.E.R. Podcast: Prayer Prescriptions that ReWire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality." 

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    in Self Help

    Learning how to take care of yourself and give yourself the special treatment you crave is a great way to actually be healthier and happier.

    I know most of you have heard the saying that “You’ve got to fall in love with yourself first”

    I know we can come up with all kinds of excuses why we can’t put ourselves first. But I am here to let you know that, if you want a centered and amazing life, this needs to be your everyday affirmation.

    Some of us even go as far to think that loving and caring and pampering ourselves sounds very selfish, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Host of the Soulful Healing Talk Show, as we discuss the importance of putting ourselves first, by loving, pampering and centering ourselves.

    When you are loving yourself first, everything and everyone in your life reaps the benefits.

    Loving yourself means caring for yourself in such a deep way, which includes making your sleep, nutrition and well-being a priority.  It’s all about listening to your body and giving it what it needs to function at your best.

    Many of us take wonderful care of our families and think nothing of sacrificing to pamper others. But when it comes to ourselves we often never get around to the same nice treatment.

    Let me be frank, If you always put someone else first, there's a tendency for others to depreciate you, to lose respect, because respect comes from an understanding that YOU have your own wishes, dreams, and desires.

    Really really looking forward to our ME TIME…Catch you then…One Love!!

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    Heart centered loving – creating loving relationships

    in Spirituality

    We've talked about  love and we've talked about relationships. Today we will talk about how to create loving relationships. We will discuss all the things that we say and do that sabotage  and destroy relationships. Then we will  look at what beliefs you need to have in order to create a loving relationship. Naturally we'll have to change some of the things we say, do, and believe in order to create or strengthen loving relationships.

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    Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics

    in Dads and Family

    Join Glenn Barker, Dr. Marvin Thompson and Chloé Taylor Brown for an informative and empowering conversation on The Men's VUE & Chloé Too with guest Tim Goldich, author of Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics. Tim has devoted the last twenty years of his life to researching, pondering, and writing a four-book series on gender issues and today we go between the line of this powerful manifesto.

    Discover your best self today when you take the PEP! This personal excellence assessment helps you lay out a blueprint to start creating a more harmonious, prosperous, whole-life experience. Tweet @MKPChicago  @ChloeTBrown   DrTeducates 


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    "Forgive & Forget" and "To Thine Oneself Be True: The Facade"

    in Entertainment

    Join the Discussions of "Forgive & Forget" and "To Thine Oneself Be True: The Facade" on Real Talk With Rasheeda & Gaylene Airing TODAY LIVE via BlogTalkRadio .com/ realtalkrasheedangaylene at 1pm MST/3pm EST

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    Heart Centered Loving-32 tips for what love is

    in Spirituality

    Life is messy. Love is messy. Like everything else in life the more we know about it the better we are at it. There is a saying: practice makes perfect. I don't believe that. Perfect practice makes perfect! If we keep doing the wrong things over and over we won't get better at it. So today I am going to discuss 32 concepts that will improve every kind of loving relationship.These concepts will be great to have in your tool box for the next relationship you enter into. Life is all about learning how to love. We have discussed how to accept and love yourself and now we will discuss the ingredients for a happy relationship. Remember LOVE IS MESSY.  Don't let that stop you from jumping into it. You will get hurt. All athletes know they will get injured sooner or later and that never stops them from playing their sport. Play the sport of love full out and play it with the skills necessary for you to become an expert lover!!

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    KTL RADIO presents HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR MELANIN... ft Lester Loving

    in News

    Join us tonite as we welcome back scientist/inventor Lester Loving to the program. 

    The brother will detail solution based applications to activate your melanin and keep it activated. 

    We will also discuss the information shared from this past weekend's "MELANIN CONFERENCE" 

    We've heard alot about what people THINK pertaining to melanin, but what can be proven? 

    What are the parameters to this science? 

    Is melanin activation to the solution that we've all been looking for? 

    Are we being hampered by lazy melanin activation and sloppy science?

    Tune in and bring your pad & pen...CLASS IS IN SESSION!! 

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    Setting Loving Boundaries

    in Self Help

    Empath's often struggle with setting healthy loving boundaries with others out of fear of "hurting their feelings". During this program, I'll be sharing tips and strategies on how to set loving boundaries in a way that honors your truth without hurting others' feelings in the process.

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    Life Purpose Boot Camp w Eric Maisel

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books. His interests include creativity and the creative life, the field of creativity coaching which he founded, and natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning that he has recently been developing.

    Life Purpose Boot Camp is a method for addressing your life purpose and meaning problems.

    This groundbreaking method is spelled out in Life Purpose Boot Camp: The 8-Week Breakthrough Plan for Creating a Meaningful Life (New World Library, October, 2014).


    Kate says: “I love having meaningful conversations with people about their love of life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created the “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet” webinar series, as well as “The Prayer Prescription Series,” and will be doing Teleseminars and Podcasts on these subjects in 2014, and beyond.” Kate Loving Shenk, RN BSN 

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    Setting Loving Boundaries: How to lovingly enforce them

    in Self Help

    As an Empath, do you have difficulty setting healthy boundaries? Tune in to this week's program where we continue our converstation about setting healthy, loving boundaries and how to enforce them with the different relationships in our lives. Particularly, how to "draw the line in the sand and not cross it" with our children and how to lovingly communicate to your spouse/partner what you need from him/her.

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    Power Of Loving Your Neighbor As Yourself

    in Christianity

    This  program explores the biblical mandate of loving our neighbor as ourselves. We will also look at the nenefit that will acrue to us as a people when we implement this principle.

    How does this principle parallel the principles of the world which recommends, greed and selfishness.

    Is the business model of this world system working? Or is it falling apart.

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