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    Praying With Love

    in Spirituality

    We are praying with Love tonight. Thank you for listening to the Love Lift Jesus Ministry where Jesus shines with Love.

    If you would like to be on the ministry/talk show email-emonya_love@yahoo.com


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    Power To Get Wealth ~ Discovering Our Financial Responsibility

    in Relationships

    Kingdom greetings and welcome to Power To Get Wealth Wednesdays, with your Coach Shawna. I greet you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Yeshua. It is an honor to share with you today.

    Today, we are talking about Discovering Our Financial Responsibility. 

    Many marriages struggle and some divorce over Finances. One may feel that they are not to go out and work. Would being a stay at home Businessman or Woman, meet the need?

    Join us by calling into (347) 637-1509 broadcast begins at 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5 pm MST & 4 pm PST



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    Praying With Love

    in Spirituality

    Pray unto the Lord for a breakthrough.


    If you want to be a guest email-emonya_love@yahoo.com

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    Option Trading Demystified. The BASICS. Strategy & the Transfer of Wealth.

    in Finance

    There are too many broke Christians and that needs to change.

    This wealth building segment of Debt-Free Wealth Radio, partners up with Sean Hyman to help you create wealth, live life more abundantly, give more generously.

    Sean Hyman is a regular financial contributor on major TV networks.

    His book, Option Trading Demystified will provide the conversation and help you understand why, the financial markets is one good place for transfer of wealth to take place, and if you learn how, it can transfer a portion of wealth to you.

    Get your copy of Options Trading Demystified.  Six Simple Strategies That Will Give you an Edge

    Read the Blog Post at http://wp.me/p2Yuv9-14q


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    Power To Get Wealth ~ Activating the Entrepreneur In You.

    in Entrepreneur

    Kingdom greetings and Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" as we introduce to you "Power To Get Wealth Wednesdays". It is a proven fact, that most popular reason marriages struggle, is due to finances. As God have given this ministry on Love, Romance, Intimacy and Relationship Enhancement. We are going to now minister to the need of Finances. Amen

    Are you an Entrepreneur? Have you been putting off starting your own business? Have God given you a vision?

    If you answered Yes, to any or all of these, then this broadcast is for you.

    You don't want to miss out on this. Now is your time for change. Now is your time for your marriage to be strengthened. You may be single, now is your time to prepare for marriage. And your financial forecast to shift. 

    We invite you to join us today at 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5 pm MST and 4 pm PST. Call into (347) 637-1509.

    Studio House Rules:

    1. Please do not use your speaker phone

    2. Please be sure to be in a quiet setting

    3. Please keep questions related to subject

    4. Please keep questions and comments to 2 to 3 minutes

    5. Please have Bible and Notepad and Pen or Pencil Ready.


    Thank you for joining us today and God bless 













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    Secrets to Getting Wealth and Keeping It

    in Finance

    Dr. Ralph Steele is an international problem solver!  He has conducted workshops at several colleges and universities; SMU, Dallas Community Colleges, El Centro (DCCD), UCLA, the University of North Texas at Dallas, Richland College, Dallas. He has trained over 500 problem solvers in the Unites States and abroad, Madrid, Spain, Atlantis, Bahamas, West Berlin, Germany, Memphis, TN, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.  Dr. Steels is a thought leader in the area of acquiring and keeping wealth. In this episode, you  learn What Wealth Means; How To Acquire Wealth; Seeking versus Creating Wealth; & How to Keep Wealth. 

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    Praying with Love

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as we pray with Love.

    If you would like to be a guest on the Love Ministry and Talk Show, please email-emonya_love@yahoo.com

    Also check out Alfreda Love Hub pages-Religion, Gospel music, education

    and much more

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    Art of Love Radio - Host Ashley Davene Co/Host Alokananda Luke

    in Spirituality

    This weeks topic is "We are the ones we've been waiting for" exploring our individual and collective roles in creating peace, sustainability and harmony within our own hearts and on the planet. 

    Host Ashley Davene is a Top Ranked Healthy Living Journalist, Author, Artist, Spiritual and Relationship Counselor with over 9 years of professional experience teaching around the country and globally via phone sessions and webinars. She is also a hopeful romantic and a sucker for happy endings.

    Special Guest Co/Host Alokananda Luke is in service to community in many ways, supporting the individual journey as well as larger group facilitation. He shares many gifts as an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, channel, reverend and facilitator of sacred space. Alokananda is a rainbow warrior prophecy holder and one who shares a deep passion toward the esoteric and “mystical thread” that is woven through the various lineages of the world. He is committed to the process of self mastery, ascension and the revival of empowered community on the planet. Alokananda shares his passions where they can be integrated in the heart, grounded in life, in relationship with self, other, Earth and Cosmos. As a visionary and community builder he is one of the co-founders of Tribal Alliance International as well as Unitribe in NYC. He works along side his peers,Elders and mentors weaving community, ceremony and templates for co-creation. Creatively he is the lead singer of Sun's of the Earth sharing a passion for love, the Earth ways and sacred activism through folk-hop rhythm.

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    Love Your Wife, the Secret to Wealth. (Think & Grow Rich)

    in Motivation

    I am going to reveal today the secret that women has in building up a solid wealthy family. I want you to know that your wife is a gift from God when nurtured and loved your dreams will come true. There is some thing they have which every man needs in this life, I call it the "catalyst of successful living." Tonight I am expecting every family, married couples, single women and men to tune in and listen to this world most creative and inspiring message because God told me that it will last forever in the heart of men.

    Do you need a peaceful marriage?, Do you need a good family?, Do you need success in bussiness?, Do you need peace?. I have the master key for you tonight. Link: www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio.com ,

    website: www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/emmanueludoeyo

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    in Lifestyle

    Who do you hold accountable for your actions and life?  Call in to relate your experiences at 718.766.4494

    Your Hosts: Shawn Z. Williams and Tracy Williams

    Questions or comments for Love All Humans Productions? Email us at join@loveallhumans.com, call the Office at 562.283.3115 and visit www.loveallhumans.com

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    Needs Met Church - Meeting Needs & discussing hard topics - Sermon on Works

    in Religion

    today, we will be discussing Works.

    Not a popular subject, but one that we need to talk about. As usual, needs take center stage. If you have a need, or the ability to meet a need, let us knor at anytime by using our call in line, chat, or email. God meets needs, but he uses us to do the work.

    Needs Met is a Christian Non-profit 501c3 Ministry and Church that looks for needs in our community and meets those needs through others that want to help meet those needs. Needs can be most anyting like;

    household items
    services like BabySitting, Resumes, handman services etc...

    God is our source for the meeting of needs, but God uses you and me to do His work.

    If you have a need, please let us know and watch as God meets that need.
    If you have the ability and desire to meet a need, God wants you! God can use you to meet the needs of others. But you have to let someone know that you are able and willing to meet needs. Offer up yor ability, resource, or talent that you have and watch as God uses it to help those in need.