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    Love and Sex and Magic

    in Spirituality

    Knowing, connection, evolution, heart beat.

    Light, joy, oneness, intimacy.

    Holding up the mirror. Standing before one's reflection.

    Willingness to look into the depths of truth.

    Love, beauty, intense, delicate.

    A bond beyond this world.

    Breathe. Gasp. Grasp. Bold.

    I light a candle in honor of you.

    Touch, taste, feel, hold.

    Spirit seeking its match.

    Push. Give. Take. Pull.

    Who you once were fades into the shadows.

    A Divine, higher being emerges.

    Evolving into greatness.

    Words of Power. Divine Prayers at Sunrise.

    Intertwined in a spell of Epic proportions.

    Passion. Action. Faith. Vision.

    No you. No me. Not bound by the Illusion of space and time.

    This is an Experience. One beyond our wildest dreams

    Love. Sex. Magic.


    Join us. Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 11 Eastern for an intimate conversation about the intricacies and evolution of love, sex and relationships on the spiritual path.

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    Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition

    in Self Help

    This is a show open to real adult conversations about issues we don't often have openly.  Let's Talk Love, Sex, and Nutrition offers a  alternative perspective to popular cultures depiction of sex, intimacy and relationships by having content and guest that support holistic sexuality and not just about the physical act of "doing it".

    Tonight on Let's Talk Love, Sex and Nutrition we open it up to you...Our listeners!  Voni and Zee want to hear your thoughts about what you would like to hear for the up-coming New Year.


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    Love, Sex, and Relationships

    in Romance

    Hey listeners!  Thanks for tuning in to Love, Sex, and Relationships!  This is our first show and we will touch on different topics and entertaing questions and answers taking a raw but real approach!  I am also open to open topics but will only entertain those regarding Love, Sex, and Relationships.  Again, thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show!  Please feel free to call, comment, love, hate, but most importantly please be you!  Peace and love dolls and gents!

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    Let's Talk Love, Sex & Nutrition

    in Self Help

    Silently we cry in the dark...

    Tonight we talk about dividing depression.  How we secretly suffer in the dark.

    Once a victim of self-hatred and a former girl for hire, Nikeema Lee has been able to turn her trials into triumph and is committed to helping people to learn how to love themselves so they can love others. Author and Intimate Relationship Coach, Nikeema Lee coaches and speaks addressing issues with women from across the globe. After attempting suicide in 2009, she is an advocate for living in one’s truth, Nikeema coaches women to live as their authentic selves and takes them through several techniques to help move into a more healthy space of self-love.

    She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Desires Magazine, the official Magazine of The Sweet Spot. The magazine serves as a focal point in the discovery of the art life of Pop Erotica. Nikeema has been featured on Ebony.com as well as YourTango.com, the top leading website on love. She is a contributor to the all natural sexual enhancement brand Pink Heffs and is a travel sex expert for Grown and Sexy Crew Lifestyle Company taking her coaching to countries throughout the Caribbean.

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    Love And Sex In The Stars: Who Do You Love?

    in Romance

    The intersection of astrology and human hearts — who knows what things collide there? We do! Join Hilary and Matthew every week for fun, advice, tea and sympathy as we delve deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart and shine a little starlight in!

    THIS EPISODE: We talk about what we love about each Sign, and the people who represent them. ALSO: a thrilling true-life tale of a Mars transits and an imperiled kitten. Yes, really.

  • Let's Talk: Love, Sex & Nutrition

    in Self Help

    Head's Up!

    The Sex Godddess of Desire, Janine Ingram is coming hard with her secret weapon this Friday on Let's Talk Love, Sex & Nutrition.  She's got a mouth full of juicy information that is sure to BLOW YOUR MIND!  


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    Love And Sex In The Stars: OneMama.org!

    in Romance

    The intersection of astrology and human hearts -- who knows what things collide there? We do! Join Hilary and Matthew every week for fun, advice, tea and sympathy as we delve deep into the darkest reaches of the human heart and shine a little starlight in!
    THIS EPISODE:It's the show so nice we ran it twice! Siobhan Neilland... or maybe you'd prefer to think of her as Siobhan "ShaBoom" Neilland. Armed only with the power of Love, she saves lives. Siobhan is the founder of OneMama.org. OneMama's vision is to help people work together in thriving, sustainable communities around the world, creating a balanced global collective.Their mission is to bring prosperity and health to people all over the world by empowering women as caregivers, mothers, businesswomen and agents of change for their rural communities.  

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    Goddess Panel..Love Sex Spirit and MORE

    in Spirituality

    The Goddesses Reunite to continue their discussion from when they all Appeared at The Museum of Sex in NYC last May! Join the fun fabulous insightful and healing knowledge of each of these beautiful Goddesses in their own right! Rev. Goddess Charmaine, Laurie Handlers, Isis Phoenix, Teeni Dakini and Luba Saraswati come together again on The Sensuous Mystic Show to share their experience and knowledge in Sex and Spirit and to expand the LOVE! Don't miss this great opportunity and event! 

  • Let's Talk Love, Sex, and Nutrition: Sex Addiction

    in Self Help

    Are you addicted to sex or know someone who is?  What is the fine line between "normal" and addiction?  

    Tonight we will hear a compelling story of addiction, courage and triumph.  Our guest, Speaker, Teacher, Licensed Spiritual Science Practitioner and Author the forthcoming book, The Abusive Mind, Essa Ali, will share his personal story of compulsive sexual behaviors and his journey to healing the abusive mind.  

    Interested to see if you are addicted?

    Bring your pen and paper and take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test, (SAST), and see where you are on the scale.


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    Let's Talk Love, Sex & Nutrition

    in Self Help

    It's the season for family and fun but it can get kind of awkward when you find yourself sitting across the table from that cousin, uncle or auntie who molested you 20 years ago. The words, "you better not tell nobody" echo the hallways of the minds of those affected by sexual trauma and abuse.   More often than not, this has the potential be a total mind fuck because here he is, sitting there laughing, funning and enjoying himself, oblivious to your cries and inner turmoil.  And here you are as an adult dealing with trust, communication and intimacy issues all because this person decided to violate your dominion.

    Join Voni and Zee with  special guest Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C, owner of Kindred Wellness and founder of community initiatives: The #HealASista Project and The Usisi Circle.  Shawna provides personalized, culturally-affirming life coaching and integrative psychotherapy that honors the power of art, movement and nature.  This Friday Shawna will discuss intergenerational healing and how it connects to sexual health, sensuality and femininity.  She also explains the connection between mental health, therapy and sexual freedom.

    Hurt people, hurt people...let's be the change we want to see.  With you heal a women you heal a nation...the time has come for a movement towards healing.



    @HealASista in IG, Periscop


    Register for Love, Lies & Lust...Intimate Conversations that Lead to Transformation


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    Let's Talk Love, Sex & Nutrition: Let's talk about pampering the Punany

    in Self Help

    Pampering the Punany!

    Join Voni and Zee as they welcome The Honey Diva herself...the lovely and sensual Tracy R. Bryant.  Tracey is the owner of Honey Luv Romance & Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness and the Creator of Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea.  On Tuesday evenings you can listen to Tracey as she host HoneySoul Radio on BlogTalk Radio at 10pm EST.  Tracey is dedicated to sharing the message of love and brings awareness to topics concerning erotic intimacy through the love language of spirit, and the promotion of sensual and sexual empowerment.

    With her candid flavor when discussing the art of romance, love and sexuality, Tracey shares with Let’s Talk Love, Sex and Nutrition audience the importance of Pampering The Punany!  Don't know what a punany is...let Tracey enlighten you!

    Tonight you will learn what is means to awaken the senses of taste, touch, sight and smell as Tracey goes in on what it means to honor the Punany in very special way.  You don’t want to miss all this juiciness.  Be sure to tune in!

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