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    Speak Life Radio ~ Abuse Is Not LOVE

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Abuse Is Not LOVE!!!

     Blessings beautiful family and welcome back to another amazing show! We are continuing to"STOP THE CYCLE OF SILENCE ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" this whole month of October and beyond. DON'T GET IT TWISTED ... ABUSE IS NOT LOVE however, some people are brainwashed into believing it is!!!! Many Men, Women and Children are suffering all over the world from this horrible epidemic and many by people that claim to love them!!!! We have two incredible women who are survivors of Domestic Violence on the show tonight, Minister Rita Perry ~ Founder of Helping Hearts To Heal Ministry, 5Ps Women of God, Preschool teacher for over 25 years, she is also the owner of ReRe's Chocolate Delights Candy and ReRe & Things. We also have joining us Minister Connie Davis ~ Founder of Daddy's Girl Ministry, Speaker and writer/blogger on Domestic Violence. Connie is currently persuing her degree in Psychology so that she can be a LPC and also pursuing a certificate to be a life coach. She has a desire that every woman would come into the knowledge of the Father's love for them and understand their value and worth through His love. Join us on this lifetime journey as we allow our past to push us into our present and into our future. Let's heal together!!!!

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    The Secret of Attracting The Love of Your Life

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    Have you ever wondered if there is a secret recipe to creating a loving, meaningful and fulfilling relationship?  Are you longing for or holding out for Mr. or Mrs. Right?  Have you sworn off being a couple because of bad relationship experiences that has left you in protection mode? 

    Relationship Coach, Eva Love, yeah her surname is LOVE, has created a system that supports you in finding love within self and applying that to any relationship.  She also shows you how to enhance any relationship that you are currently in.  Coach Eva experienced a profound life altering event in 1989, which lead to her creating the Love Miracle System.

    Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert, Expression Coach and Artist Olivia Lashley and Relationship Coach Eva Love as we explore her Love Miracle System and how to find love.

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    Love Of Life

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    Welcome to A Life of Miracles radio show. Tonight we have a special guest, Jodie graciously shares her

    miracles and blessings walking this sacred journey with Almine. Please join us for a fun, joyous hour of miracles.

    "I find as many things to be grateful for each day as I possibly can, and allow them to inspire me with Love

    for Life" Almine The Breaths of Evolved Awareness. praise, love and gratitude for listening. 

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    No Greater Love - Life Touch

    in Christianity

    B.L.I.F. Network presents Life Touch with our host Evangelist Owen Bruce. Our Life Touch broadcasts are designed to be a devotional time where those who tune in can receive a touch from God through prayer and the Word of God.  This episode we will pray according to John 15:13 for the greatest love of all to so consume our lives that we may know and that the world may see the glory of Jesus Christ.

    " Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13, ESV)

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    Life, Love and Lilies

    in Work

    In this episode of Conversations in the Zone, I welcome Brenda Strickland, a popular, dynamic and moving speaker. Author of the highly praised Life, Love and Lilies: Everyday Spirituality, she is committed to her students’ spiritual identities. She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in music education. Professionally, she taught elementary music classes for 35 years in schools from Kansas to Hawaii to Georgia, helping children to find their musical voices as they celebrated the music of the world. She is a gifted pianist and singer. As a Life Coach, Brenda is dedicated to supporting her clients as they emerge into the deepest fulfillment of their highest aspirations. Her childhood spiritual home was Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City, where she learned to meditate in the Silent Unity tradition at the age of ten. Brenda and her husband, Rev. John A.V. Strickland, the senior minister of Atlanta Unity, live in Dunwoody, GA. They share their home with Duke, a long-haired Dachshund, and two cats, Makikilani and Bojangles.

    For more about Brenda and the work she loves, visit www.brendastrickland.us.

    For more about what Robin is up to and the work she loves, visit www.robinccrawford.com. 

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    Self - Love and Distance Healing

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole Smith of C.H.E. as she gives some tips on Self - Love and opens the phone lines for chatting about Self - Love and or providing distance healing.  Nicole has an Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Coaching practice in Olympia, Washington. She has been practicing energy healing for 13 years. Please feel free to connect with her on her website, www.chenergy.us, email, che@chenergy.us, or phone 541-450-1250.

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    Self -Love During the Holidays and Distance Healing

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    Join Nicole Smith of C.H.E. as she talks about Self - Love during the holidays. How do you show yourself Love during the holidays? She will also provide mini distance healing sessions. Nicole has an aromatherapy, energy healing and coaching practice in Olympia, Wa.  For more information, please check out her website, www.chenergy.us or you can contact her at 541-450-1250 or che@chenergy.us

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    Judy Pearson discusses, "Say YES! to Life: How To Live Life and Love It!"

    in Spirituality

    For over 25 years Judy has been a writer, author, professional speaker, spiritual counselor and Cancer Survivor. ??She helps people connect and communicate using their personality style, body language and awareness of their energy or what they are saying without speaking a word. Immediate results, and effective communication increase the bottom line and attract the kind of customers and lifestyle you want to create. ??As the author of "Say YES to the Life: How to Live Life and Love It" She gives people the tools to effectively connect, and communicate a healthy, loving and fulfilling life. ??Introducing people to effective communication in companies and organization helps them connect and communicate more effectively, increasing productivity and comrade. As the Minister of ??The Spiritual Enrichment Center of the White Mountains is where she helps to increase the energy and positive thoughts in the White Mountains. Her goal is to individuals understand and use positive spiritual principles to bring their dreams into reality for their personal growth and fulfillment and for the good of the community as a whole. ??As a professional speaker she shares her expertise from coast to coast with various associations, businesses and organizations.

    Some of my clients are: ?Unity of the White Mountains, Spiritual Living Center of Salt Lake City, Utah. Unity of Beaverton, ?US Navy, Utility Associations, Hallmark Inn Corp, Intel, Pacific Corp., Lawyer Groups, Nurse Associations, Hospital Associations, Colleges and Universities and the Governor's Inter-agency of Washington State. Various Churches and study groups.

    Judy Pearson ?Spiritual Enrichment Center of the White Mountains? Raising the vibration of the planet one person at a time.? 3360 W Old Linden Rd? Show Low, AZ 85901? Phone: 928-251-2533? website: judyspeak.wix.com/secenterwm 

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    Love Life Everyday with the Angels!

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy.  Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!!  Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!

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    Love, Life... and Friends: Just the Girlz!!

    in Lifestyle

    Ya Girlz are coming back!! Love, Life... and Friends returns for Season 4 on Sunday July 27, 2014 at 4PM CST!!


    Your favorite radio hosts are back for another crazy season of love, relationships, and life. Join Lea and Shereytah as they tell you about what's to come on future shows of LOVE, LIFE... AND FRIENDS (Happy Dance Time!!)


    ATTENTION: We're looking for future guests including authors, entrepreneurs, comedians and any of our brave friends that want to share the wisdom they've gained in their own lives.


    LOCK IN (646) 668-8048 and call in to the show

    This show is for mature audiences only.


    Our Next Show: Sunday, August 10, 2014 ~ ENTREPRENEURIAL SPOTLIGHT with Special Guest... To be announced when confirmed


    Shameless pluggage: SistaGirlz Book #1 LIVIN’ JUST ENOUGH: RACHAEL’S STORY (WHAT HE DID FOR HER LOVE EDITION), SistaGirlz Book #2 ILLUSIONS: LAYLA’S STORY and SistaGirlz Book #3 NEVA SAW IT COMIN': RAVEN & IMANI'S STORY are available on www.Leanpub.com, coming soon to PAPERBACK. Please donate to my campaign to bring my SistaGirlz to paperback: http://gofundme.com/SistaGirlzPaperback


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