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    Part 1/6 How do you make your body younger while your years increase/Law of Lov

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    Love is the most powerful force, creator, who you are inside, what runs the world and what can run your life if you focus on your Heart Energy, your gut feeling, the positive, raising your vibration, making yourself Feel Good. 

    So what do you do to make your body younger, focus on what you want, remember what you were and did when you felt good in your body.

    The Heart Energy Program says You have Absolutely and Completly Everything that You need Inside of You and when you work from that place of Love, God, Universe, Creator Inside of You You Create the world that you came here to live. You become who you came here to Be and your life becomes more magnificent than you could possibly  immagine.

    Become Who You Came Here to Be, Work with that Love inside of You, your gut feeling.

    If you would like to ask a question that will be anwered on the program please direct your question to:

    christinekowalttw@gmail.com or leave your question at 289-979-9306 and if you don't mind leave your phone number so that we can call you back if we need clarification on your question. 

    Thank you

    All of Our Love Christine and The Animals

    The Heart Energy Program

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    INDI LOV LOUNGE with honeysuckle Moon

    in Art

    There's Life in LOV...The Show

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    The Power of Positive Confession

    in Religion

    Believers Walk Of Lov

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    My Gospel Soul Ministries with Pastor J

    in Christianity

    My Gospel Soul Ministries

    New Testament Mandate 

     Be Devoted and Give preference to one another Romans 12:10

    Accept one another Romans 15:7

    Care for one another  1 Cor. 12:25

    Bear One anothers Burdens Galatians 6:2

    Forgiving each other Ephesians 4:32

    Encourage and build up one another 1 Thessalonians 5:11

    Stimulate one Another to love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

    Confess your sins to and pray for one another. James 5:16

    Serving one another 1 Peter 4:10

    Love One another 1 John 4:11

    The Standards this House of God is Govern By!  God Bless! 

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    The Ancestor's Speak Join us Answer awaits!!

    in Spirituality

    Free Readings  open your mind for a new inspiring mind body and soul, Are u at a point in your life  that ur at the same point ? Esu Sanago  spiritual guide  about ancestor's and  more so join us and  sit back learn a/little and ask a question. We are here for u  see u soon Emmy wu and the wu team. The Ancestor's Speak  from the relams..... Are u saying. Where do I begin. When is this gonna start  ? I want more ?!!! Well take your mask  e


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    Frigörande Röster - Marie, Kristina och Carina om livet efter döden

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    I denna programserie får du möta medförfattare till boken Frigörande Röster, den andra antologin från Heal My Voice Sweden. Boken innehåller 21 sanna kvinnoskildringar. Bitar ur kvinnornas liv som berättar om hur de tagit sig igenom svåra livskriser såsom alkoholism, otrohet, död, abort, förlusten av ett barn, sjukdom och mycket mer.

    I detta sista program möter du Kristina Lovén och lyssnar till ett utdrag ur hennes text I möte med dödens andning samt Marie Ek Lipanovska och hennes text I Adrianos fotspår. Med oss i studion har vi också Carina Halvardsson. Tillsammans pratar vi om dödens olika ansikten och livet som återuppstår efter döden. Vi delar med oss om resan till läkning, om systerskapet, bokprojektet och vad som sker efteråt.

    Programledare: Marie Ek Lipanovska, grundare av och projektledare på HMVS

    Boken köper du på hemsidan: www.healmyvoicesweden.com

    Kontakta Kristina Lovén:

    Mer om Carina Halvardsson: www.carinahalvardsson.se


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    Call I

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    Living a Purpose Filled Life by Prophetess Wright Guest Apostle Andrea Dudley

    in Christianity

    Apostle Andrea L. Dudley

    Andrea is an ordained pastor and apostle and has been in full-time ministry for 25 years. She and her husband Michael were founding pastors of Capital Christian Center, a cutting-edge evangelistic ministry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a speaker, Andrea has ministered nationally and internationally. She is called to release the message of hope and healing to the world.

    Andrea L. Dudley is the Vice President of Global EMPACT International, a non-profit organization whose vision is "Taking the Word, Wealth & Wellness to the World."  Andrea is committed to building the Kingdom of God globally and bringing the message of economic empowerment to all she encounters. Her own journey to health and wellness through the use of all natural  supplements has afforded her the opportunity to lose 50lbs.  She says that she is a work in progress.

    Andrea is the CEO of Habakkuk Publishing (HP) a Christian publishing company who publishes books which inspire, encourage and impact the lives of people. HP has helped over 125 people become first time published authors.

    As a singer Andrea has lead worship for conferences, church services and special events. Her musical gift has truly taken her around the world. To date, she has performed in South Africa, Greece, Italy and Israel.

    A dedicated and passionate scholar, Andrea received her Master of Science Degree and her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Michigan University.

    Andrea has shared 32 happy years of marriage with Michael Dudley. She is the mother of Andrea, Solomon and Princeton, and the grandmother of Ashlyn.


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    Urban Financial Empowerment Show

    in Social Networking

    Urban Community Financial Empowerment Show . I'm honored to have as our Special Guest Dianna Liner of Liner Entertainment. Dianna has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. She has worked with the likes of Puff Daddy and Beyonce. Tonight we also have recording artist Lov E. We will be interviewing her on her new smash hit Million miles away.  Join us from 6pm to 8pm eastern time on "Its Realtalk Live" on Blogtalk Radio. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host.You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm

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    The Honey Room

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    Join Us in The Honey Room every Friday as We discuss Counseling & Social Issues while Networking and Sharing Lov

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