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    St. Louis Rams Preview: SGP Two-a-Days

    in Football

    The St. Louis Rams were once the kings of the NFC West, and want to get back to the top of the mountain. The problem with that the divisional rivals don't seem to want to make room.  How is Jeff Fisher going to imporve both sides of the ball? Find out with Jarrod from Next Fan UP comes on the podcast. 

    To listen ot Net Fan Uo visit blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup

  • Recapping Tennessee Titans Preseason Game #2 vs. the St. Louis Rams

    in Sports

    Tonight we talk about how Marcus Mariota and the rest of the Tennessee Titans looked in their 2nd preseaosn game against Jeff Fisher's St. Louis Rams.  We will break down how the key players in position battles looked as well.

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    Join us tonight while. ST LOUIS REDD gets us in the mix with the Clean up Man and boog..

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  • The Uncle Mike And Tom Show #150 w/ Louis Lyndon

    in Wrestling

    This weeks show is dedicated to the memory of AAW Owner Jim Lynam. Joining us this week is Louis Lyndon to talk his AAW Heritage Title Defense this Sunday against Christian Faith. We also talk, AIW, St Louis Anarchy, ROH, Aeroform, Jim Lynam thoughts. and more. We also talk all the weeks Indie news, including PWG BOLA 2015, Jim Lynam passing away, ROH news, Beyond Wrestling Boner, and more. Finally we run down last weekends major results and preview this weekends biggest shows. its your Thursday Indie Fix!!

    @MikeTomShow @elitepodcastnet

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    St Louis City and Ferguson killings. Let's Be Honest About The Root Cause

    in Social Sciences

    Two killings on the corner of Page Ave, along with a 9 year old girl being shot while doing her homework.  How is this all happening and what is the media displaying to the masses?  My guest Jane Smith and I will be discussing the root cause of these tragic cases along with opinions on solutions.  Sometimes these killings that's happening in Black neighborhoods are not Blacks doing them.  It's a known fact that Cointelpro still runs rampant in this day and age, set up as Black Ops.  Along the side of these agents are also rouge citizens that loves to go hunting for humans.  It's time for Africans here in America to start being vigilant of their surroundings.

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    St Louis 2015 Family Runion

    in Culture

    “The history of our families is entwined just as a piece of cloth is woven. Our parents and fore parents were all bound together by birth families and marriage into others, but we are all bound by bloodlines that make us all related to one another. These families all lived in towns and communities that surround each other. Some of the town names are Warren, Banks, Pleasant Hill, Gravel Ridge, Childs, Green Chapel, Hard Shell, Jersey, Hermitage, Johnsville, Morobay, Palestine, Mt. Olive, Vicks, Hampton, and Harrell. Some of the names of families who lived in those communities are Hampton, Davis, Belin, Hall, Tatum, Johnson, Lovett, Strong, Wilson, Pickett, Webbs, Phifer, Fall, Green, Momon, Trotter, Newton, Wheeler, Jones, Henry, Harmon, Childs, Woods, Boswells, and Gardner.“  Kathleen Hampton-Lee (from her Histories of Families 1800-1992 in the 1992 Milwaukee, WI Family Reunion)


    To those who traveled far and wide or just down the street, the Families welcome you to St Louis 2015 Family Reunion. We hope to help you create a great memory of these three days and leave here as you arrived…family. Organizer-Host, Ms. Fannie (Davis) Fuller will be our guest. Her co-organizers, daughters Deinene Thomas and NaToya Fuller will be here to add their opinions of the festivities. Rich Tycoon will give talk about his “My Family” song. Many more surprises, so stop on by.    

    This Blog Talk Radio show is sponsored by our parent company, CHIIA Group’s website at http://hcofa.net/ and our host third book, entitled, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp at http://outskirtspress.com/webPage/isbn/9781478746232




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    Louis Farrakhan recently responded to President Obama

    in News

     Louis Farrakhanresponded to President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

    Minister Louis Farrakhan recently responded to President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage calling him "the first president that sanctioned what the scriptures forbid,"

    During an address at the California Convention Center on Sunday, the Nation of Islam leader ridiculed the media for its portrayal of Obama after the announcement, and chastised politicians and clergy for hypocritically supporting gay marriage despite the fact that the Bible forbids it.

    Throughout his speech, Farrakhan carefully points out that he does not condone homophobia, saying "I'm not your enemy. I'm your brother, and I do love you." However, he said "sin is sin according to the standard of God."

    Farrakhan goes on to call out clergy who support gay marriage, saying they are placing society's needs over God's.

    "Is this the book that you believe in, but now you('re) backing down from an aspect of it because people will get offended?" he asked.

    He also ridicules Newsweek for mocking Obama with their magazine cover that referred to him as the "first gay president,"  and attacked politicians who take their oath with their hand on the Bible.

    "If the book is no good," he said. "What the hell are you using it for to take an oath of office to uphold, not the Bible, but the constitution?"

    Farrakhan's words are a mere addition to a firestorm of responses since Obama officially endorsed gay marriage. The president's announcement has the black church community split down the middle with some clergy speaking out against gay marriage and others asking their congregants not to let Obama's stance affect their vote.


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    Emergency Broadcast: Uprising In Ferguson/St Louis-Covering Latest Updates

    in Politics

    Chris Jay & Al Suarez will discuss the up to 100 activists this past week have been arrested in St Louis/Ferguson on the year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson. People have been shot by the police, as well as return fire. Prominent activists have been arrested like Cornel West, as well as members of the press and medics. The remerging of an uprising is happening in Ferguson/St Louis now and this must not be ignored as a State of Emergency has been called once again in Missouri. Will be 45 minute show.

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    #TRUTALK Louis Farrakhan Million Man March 2 #2015 w/#BLKGOP & MS. SHELL

    in Entertainment

    Welcome BACK to #TRUTALK!!! Tonight we're going in and I mean ALLLLL THE WAY in on Louis Farrakhan and the new Million Man March that's set to take place on 10/10/15. The cast of #TRU RADIO Network will remember where they were during the original Million Man Match. 


    Plus as a second topic we'll cover the new extra security at movie certain movie theaters these days. 

    Get ready for another amazing ride on #TRUTALK! 




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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: Saint Louis Anarchy CIRCUS MAXIMUS 2015 Hype Central

    in Wrestling

    Stage One: Friday August 21st
    Stage Two: Saturday August 22nd
    Live from Spaulding Hall Club in Alton IL (402 E 4th Street)
    Doors Open at 6:30pm, Shows Start at 7:00pm
    Tickets (PER NIGHT):
    Front row: $15, Second Row. $12. General Admission. $10 in advance all tickets are $15 at the door


    Main Event Trios Action: Team Anarchy: Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, Angleus Layne vs. Team BOSS w/Dorian Victor and Greg Jovi: Gary Jay, Christian Rose, Jeremy Wyatt 

    Tag Team Titles on the Line: The Hooligans (c) vs. The Cause (Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett)
    Zakk Sawyers vs. Tommaso Ciampa
    Grudge Match: Alex Castle vs. Matt Cage 
    Jo Jo Bravo vs. PACO
    Steve O Reno vs. Mikey Mcfinnigan
    Viking War Party vs. The Cause (Mr. Gelistico/Mr. Raw)
    BOSS vs. Anarchy: Bolt Brady w/Greg Jovi vs. Ricky Starks 

    Saint Louis Anarchy Championship Match (NO TIME LIMIT) Gary Jay (c)w/Dorian Victor vs. "Ace of Anarchy" Davey Vega 
    Mat Fitchett vs. Former ECW/WWE Star LITTLE GUIDO 
    Christian Rose vs. Tommaso Ciampa 
    Matt Cage vs. Zakk Sawyers
    Sugar Dunkerton vs. Steve O Reno

    Saint Louis Anarchy Champion: Gary Jay 
    Saint Louis Anarchy Tag Champions: The Hooligans 
    Davey Vega 
    Mat Fitchett 
    Tommaso Ciampa 
    Jo Jo Bravo
    Christian Rose 
    Matt Cage 
    Angelus Layne
    Viking War Party 
    Sugar Dunkerton 
    Ricky Starks 
    The Cause: Mr. Gelistico, Mr. Raw, Mr. Adams, Mr. Everett 
    Zakk Sawyers 
    Mikey Mcfinnigan 
    Jeremy Wyatt 
    Steve O Reno 
    Bolt Brady (stage one)
    PACO (stage one)
    Donovan Danhausen