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    Man Pull Your Pants up by author Lord Blumenberg

    in Lifestyle

    Lord Blumenberg releases his first in a series of books that will uplift and inspire the downtrodden to rise above their circumstances.  In his book, “MAN PULL YOUR PANTS UP!” BLUMENBERG provides perspectives on the origins of Saggin’, along with brilliant and hilarious examples to explain some simple but deep truths. In those truths that are revealed, Blumenberg explains why Saggin’ is not only dangerous to an individual’s self-esteem and image but most importantly why it’s a destroyer of their destiny.  Ultimately this book is a cry for men to pull their consciousness up! 

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    The Dumb Down/Pants Down Era

    in Current Events

    The new culture of no respect, no manners,  and no love of knowledge is taking over!!!!!!

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    OVER THE TOP RADIO~! #337 Buddy Landel, Ed's road trip to Inspire Pro~!

    in Sports

    This week on OTTR~! join Ed and his co-hosts as they talk about the different news of the week. The death and life of Buddy Landel, and then Ed will talk about his road trip to Inspre Pro Wrestling to see his buddy Leva Blue Pants Bates, plus THE GREAT DEPRESSION, and a 25 year old indie wrestler named Ricky Starks who my be a better money promo then ny one in WWE/ All this and more on OVER THE TOP RADIO~!

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    Should Women be fined for Wearing Yoga Pants

    in History

    Law makers is trying to propose bill to fine women for wearing yoga pants in public.

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    Greg DeMarco Show with Ring of Honor Wrestling's Adam Cole

    in Wrestling


    Special guest: former ROH World Champion Adam Cole

    The Greg DeMarco Show (@gregdemarocshow) with Patrick O'Dowd (@WrestlngRealist) airs every Wednesday night—WORLDWIDE—on the VOC Nation Radio Network. Originally built as an extension of their daily banter, the Greg and Patrick have become two of the most respected wrestling analysts on the internet.

    RunningEnzuigiri.com editor Heather Jeannine joins the show on each non-PPV week to educate Greg & Patrick on the hottest events in independent wrestling with “The Indy Scene with Heather Jeannine.” On each Wednesday before a WWE pay-per-view, Breena Ashley joins the guys for a PPV Preview & Predictions Show to see who reigns supreme for the year.

    On top one of wrestling radio’s best guest lists, the show also features appearances by The DeMarcettes, the women’s wrestling’s hottest upcoming talent. former WWE/NXT Diva Su Yung, Heather Lynn, “The Perfect Ten” Scarlett Bordeaux, Joanna Rose, Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna, Lucy Mendez, Barbi Hayden, Veda Scott, Terra Calaway, Allie Parker, Cherry Bomb, Jessie Belle, Leah Von Dutch, Nikki St. John, The Blossom Twins (Hannah & Holly), Wrestling’s Cosplay Goddess & NXT’s “Blue Pants” Leva Bates, third generation star Tessa Blanchard, former TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix and former WWE/NXT Diva Buggy Nova entertain fans on a regular basis during The Greg DeMarco Show!


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    How Lovely Are Your Dwelling Places, O Lord Of Hosts

    in Religion

    Please join me on Tuesday June 16th at 11am CST as I discuss the dwelling places of God. Greens Literal Translation says this in -Psalm 123:1-A Song of Ascents. I will lift up my eyes on You, O Dweller in Heaven. 

    When we lift up our eyes to Him, and we long to know truth. He will reveal it to us.

    He went to such great lengths to come and redeem us, and give us mercy.

    He holds out His hand to us, and says come to Me.

    God wants us to hunger and thirst for Him.  Think about Psalm 42 , His water is living- His Word is alive.

    As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God. (Psalm 42:1)

    My soul thirsts for God, for the living God; When shall I come and appear before God? (Psalm 42:2)

    Ask Him to give you hunger and thirst to know Him , He longs to reveal Himself to you.

    He wants us to dwell in the secret place of His Presence and to abide under His Shadow.

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    Stand Out and Differentiate Yourself – Nobody Notices Normal

    in Women

    If you get noticed, you get remembered. And if you get remembered, you get business. You can attract and win more business when you take some small, smart and simple steps that put you in the spotlight and stand out.  Blend in and being normal sucks the potential out of your business.

    Learn some encouraging kick in the pants steps to ignite your business mojo, build your credibility and increase your visibility with special guest, Liz Wendling!!!

    Business Consultant, Sales Expert and Emotional Intelligence Coach

    303-988-9157 | 303-929-3886 | liz@lizwendling.com | www.lizwendling.com

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    Sacred Sunday~I Corinthians, Chapter 7/Talkin' About Sex Baby!

    in Christianity

    The Joy of Sex According to Paul.

    Now Paul starts to address some of the things the Corinthians wrote to him about. Apparently, they had a lot of questions about sex. Paul tells them that if people can't stop themselves from getting it on with each other, then they might as well get married. Once you're married, men and women shouldn't withhold sex from each other.  Of course, Paul isn't thrilled to have to give this advice. He's a bachelor and thinks everyone should be shrugging off sex like him. But he realizes that not everyone is going be able to live up to his level of awesomeness. Paul's advice is to stay that way. But if you can't keep it in your pants then, by all means, put a ring on it. Rules for Marriage. Christians who are married to unbelievers shouldn't divorce their spouses. As long as the non-believer of the pair is fine living with a Christian, they should be cool with it. Yes, in the last chapter, having sex with a prostitute made you a prostitute, but, don't worry: a Christian spouse actually makes their non-believing spouse holy. Paul thinks that Christians should just let it be. More advice,  this time for virgins! Thinking about getting married? Think again. Married people have all kinds of problems.  But unmarried people can just keep their eyes on the prize—life with God. That is, when they're not thinking about sex. The end of the world is coming soon, Paul explains. So soon, none of this stuff is going to matter. God is going to swoop in and wipe it all away, and give faithful Christians their reward. That's why it's better to keep your focus on the Big Guy instead of trying to snag Mr. Right. Remember, if you're just some sex fiend who can't control himself, go ahead and get married. You're more blessed when you stay single, Paul says. (Typical man. Won't commit.)

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    Hood Rules : Who Wears The Pants? ( The Push to Deconstruct Gender Roles)

    in Current Events

    the revolution of the mind continues...

    Amazon recently declared that children's toys will no longer be separated by gender. No more trucks for boys or dolls for girls... Everyone plays with everything. 

    Which led us into a debate...

    Are gender role assignments crucial to mental health and stability... Especially in communities of color? 

    Are gender "roles" even fair? Shouldn't everyone assume whatever "role" they must to ensure life liberty and happiness? Or are these "roles" the very glue that binds our society?


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    magar hour reviews products from beyond the gate of magar

    in Social Networking

    let us put our hands down your pants to check if you are warm down there
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