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    How You Can Lose A Lot Of Weight Healthfully: Trade Secrets ...

    in Weight Loss

    Robert Ferguson received a phone call Friday from a manager of a boxer needing to lose 14 pounds in less than 16 hours. In just 15 hours, Robert provided the step-by-step instructions and the outcome-- the boxer went from 170 pounds to 156 pounds in just 15 hours (6 of which he was sleep). In this radio show Robert takes you into the world of making weight if you want to make money. He's going to walk through the steps of what to eat, what not to eat, what type of water to drink, when to stop drinking water, etc.

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    To Lose a Loved One, The Great Crossing

    in Lifestyle

    Join us Tuesday Dec 9th, 2014 at 7:00 pm Est Usa for a very special episode of The Great Crossing.

    In honor of the 2nd Anniversary of the crossing of Efren Jr, Father of Miss Raina, we prepared a show on the Great Crossing. In this show, Miss Raina will discuss her life as a psychic medium and what happens to us when we cross over to the other side. Our view on life after the great crossing is far from what many of think and have been taught. 

    For many of us who have lost a loved one/s, it can be a very devastating experience. We look at the physical loss as a permanent and negative experience. If we truly understood what happens when we cross we would learn what a wonderful experience it is!

    Call in: 310-861-2341

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    Lose Weight with MJ & Sin City MJ Attraction

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    Three years ago, Las Vegas police and the Chamber of Commerce prevailed upon Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino to cancel Cannapalooza, an extravagant large exposition that had rented their exhibition hall and about a thousand hotel rooms. Now that marijuana will be sold in dispensaries to locals and visitors alike everything has changed. Hal Lewis, founder and director of the recently opened Las Vegas Cannabis Information Center reviews how this remarkable about-face came into being and how the center is becoming Las Vegas’s hottest new attraction.


    Marijuana munchies is the mantra, but far from sending users on a food binge, many report that marijuana can actually help in weight management and weight loss. Our second guest is Karen Pike who went from nearly 500 pounds to 250 pounds and marijuana played a significant role in her weight loss. Karen will relate how marijuana helped her lose weight when nothing else worked and reveal the program she followed to make it happen.

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    Hate Exercise Less: Lose Weight, Gain Energy

    in Fitness

    Hate Exercise Less: Lose Weight, Gain Energy with Greg Mumm, Fitness Trainer

    Greg Mumm is an obsessive learner and, like a curious detective searching for clues, he has spent a lifetime collecting knowledge and information. Greg is also ambitious, and in 2004 decided he would dedicate his life to helping as many people as he could.

    Bothered by people doing endless situps, time-wasting stretches and other unproductive--and mind-numbing--exercises; motivated by people who discipline themselves to exercise, but are miserable; puzzled by individuals who don't exercise, but want the benefits; mesmerized by those who unexpectedly came to enjoy exercise...his first task would be to help people hate exercise less.

    As a certified fitness trainer with a computer science degree (now there's a combination), he has the background and brains to utilize his vast knowledge and experience. In fact, his first book showed that there was a "hard" side to working out (for example: which exercises to do and the minimum time to do them) and a "soft" side to working out (for example: conquering boredom, motivation, and people).

    For more information visit: http://hateexerciseless.org/index.html

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    Mwamba World Outreach Presents The Power of Association You Win or Lose by Assoc

    in Radio


    PROVERBS 2: 1 - 22   MY SON:

    vs.  1.  My son if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee;

    vs.  2.  So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart unto understanding.

    vs.  3.  Ye if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

    vs.  4.  If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures;

    vs.  5.  then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.

    vs.  6.  For the LORD giveth wisdom,  out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

    vs.  7.  He layeth up sound wisdom for righteous:  he is buckler to them that walk uprightly.

    vs.  8.  He keepeth the paths of judgement, and preserveth the way of his saints.

    vs.  9.  then shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgement, and equity; ye every good path.  vs.  10.  When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

    vs.  11.  Discretion shall preserve thee,tanding shall keep thee.

    vs. 12.  To deliver thee from the evil man, from the man that speaketh froward things.  vs.  13.  Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness.  vs.  14.  Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked,  vs. 15 Whose ways are crooked, and they froward in their paths:

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    Lose Weight On Thanksgiving Day

    in Nutrition

    Ah, Thanksgiving. A holiday filled with family, gratitude, and food, food, food! An interesting statistic about the day: an average plate of Thanksgiving classics contains anywhere from 1,600-3,000 calories — that's over most people's recommended daily allowance. While I am not trying to deter anyone from enjoying a great meal that can take hours, even days, to make, there are ways to make sitting down at the Thanksgiving table healthier. Tune in 11/ 19 at noon ET for my tips to Lose Weight On Thanksgiving Day!

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    Lose Touch with Christian A. Larsen

    in Film

    Join us for Shriek Speak! This week we have Christian A. Larsen, who will talk to us abou this novel, "Losing Touch" and more...

    "Losing Touch"

    Morgan Dunsmore feels like everything is out of reach – a paying job, a healthy marriage, and even a good bowel movement.

    Complicated by his wife’s recent back surgery, Morgan tries to protect his wife and kids from his anxieties, not to mention their financial burdens, but that just pushes them away even further.

    And in the middle of it all, he starts to lose his tangibility. He may be able to walk through walls, but that ability comes with a price. The temptations are endless, and when he succumbs to the first, the rest begin to fall like dominoes…

    Shriek Speak, hosted each Wednesday at 10 p.m. by Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown.

    Support Shriek Speak and keep us ad free with only $1

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    New York Jets Find Another Way to Lose A Game

    in Football

    Bad teams find a way to lose and the New York Jets are doing just that. Another excruciating loss as Rex Ryan gambles and fails in overtime. Percy explodes, is that enough to warrant bringing him back? Geno improving? Are there any positives to take away from the defense? Are there any members of the team improving as the season plays out? Is this Sunday's game a cake walk for the New York Jets? Call in with your thoughts Jets nation!!

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    How to BE in the Holiday Spirit and NOT lose yourself!!

    in Self Help

    Thats right Angels. We will be talking about how YOU can still have that Holiday Joy if you may be single, not have family where you are or whatever it may be. This will be a great challenge for me to create something as I AM single and don't have family here. It will take Conscious Effort for me to create something and STILL feel the Holiday Spirit!

    Join Women of Wisdom Lynda Kennedy and myself as we share ways and ideas of things that you are able to do. And also realize that it is a choice to create or not!  That is what I have come to see.

    We look forward to you joing us for a great conversation and ideas on what YOU can do to BE in THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT and NOT lose yourself! Tuesday Nov.18th 4pmPAC/7pmEST 

    See you then!

    BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE bringing people back to themselves @http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love


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    CM Punk joins the UFC? Yankees sign Miller & lose Roberston. NFL Playoff Picture

    in Sports

    1- NHL

    1A- Mumps outbreak in the NHL. What are they doing for precautions?


    2A- Mets plans with surplus of Starting pitching.

    2B- The NY Yankees sign RP Andrew Miller, make trade for SS Didi Gregorius and lose RP David Robertson.

    3- Boxing/MMA/Wrestling

    3A- CM Punk to join the UFC.

    3B- Mayweather wants 2/3 of purse if there is going to be a fight with Pacquiao and why.

    4- NCAAB

    4A- St. John's upsets Syracuse in Syracuse.

    5- NBA

    5A- Players wearing shirts and taking public stances for Erik Garner and Ferguson.

    5B- GS Warriors owner on the firing of Mark Jackson and their current success under Steve Kerr.

    5C- Phil Jackson says NY Knicks have loser's mentality. Are they tanking the season?

    6- NFL

    6A- Michael Sam says the NFL hasn't given him a fair chance because he's gay. Is this so??

    6B- The Washington Redskins may fire Head Coach Jay Gruden.

    6C- NFL Playoff Picture

    6D- NY Giants win and NY Jets lose.



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    Carmelo Anthony hurt!! Jets lose again!! Giants lose but Odell Beckum's catch!!

    in Sports

    1- NHL

    1A- NY Islanders tied for 1st and NY Rangers in 2nd.

    2- MLB

    2A- Baseball HOF ballot list. Who should go in and who shouldn't??

    2B- Boston Redsox make splash and sign Henly Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval.

    3- Boxing/MMA

    3A- Manny Pacquaio vs. Chris Algieri results.

    4- NBA

    4A- Jason Kidd returns to Brooklyn to face the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are floundering.

    4B- The Knicks lose and Carmelo is hurt. Bargnini is still hurt.

    5- NFL

    5A- Jay Gruden and RG3 are at war. Who will win? Who will be forced out, who will stay??

    5B- NY Jets lose again to the Buffalo Bills in Detroit as the game was postponed and moved there because of the massive snow in Buffalo.

    5C- NY Giants lose a tough one to NFC rival Dallas. Odell Beckum makes catch of the year and puts his name in the Rookie Of The Year conversation.

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