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    Intuitive Reading & Open Mic Coaching with Soul Crafting Coach - Karen Winkelman

    in Spirituality

    LIVE call-in show!  Call in and get a one-card reading related to your question in addition to a mini-coaching session.  Call-ins will be limited to 5 to 10 minutes per call.

    As a Soul Crafting guide, Karen is a transformation catalyst and spiritual teacher.  I am a pathfinding coach who can inspire you to move along a road where your soul can awaken.

    To learn more about Karen, visit http://www.thelifecraftingguide.com/about.

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    GYST DO IT! with The Idea Truck

    in Art

    Artist Lorri Deyer talks about her project The Idea Truck, a restored and customized taco truck that she drives around the city of Los Angeles, and the only thing on the menu is IDEAS.  The truck is parked in a public place and passers-by are asked to give her an idea of theirs, in exchange for another.

    Lorri's work challenges viewers to examine the unconsidered aspects of their immediate surroundings. She has been working in the public realm, and exhibiting her work, since receiving her MFA in 2009 from California State University. 



    Hosted by Kara Tome, GYST Radio Host and independent curator.


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    WNBA Radio: Episode 7

    in Basketball

    On the episode of WNBA Radio, after having a running conversation with Swish Appeal writer James Bowman earlier in the day, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee begin to flirt with the idea of possible WNBA expansion after back to back seasons of fan interest and growth, plus the guys then share their lists of possible destinations for future WNBA franchises.

    Also, Callan and Chris examine each defunct WNBA franchise, how long they lasted, former arena/notable players and more factors that may have elad to that teams depature and demise from the WNBA.

    As always, they want your input! 

    Send them a tweet: @LASparks365 @callanmac3 @LASparksFan30 with #WNBARadio

    Give them a Call: (914) 338-0159

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    WNBA Radio: Episode 5

    in Basketball

    On this episode of WNBA Radio, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee breakdown the first two games of the WNBA Finals between the Chicago Sky and the Phoenix Mercury.

    Plus, the guys debate and decide if it's smart to move a home team out of the home arena due to scheduling conflicts at the home team's arena.

    And, we'll recap the USA Women's National Basketball Team's intersquad scrimmage and preview the upcoming 2014 FIBA World Championships occuring in Istanbul, Turkey.

    As always, we'll take your tweets and phone calls! @LASparks365 @callanmac3 and @LASparksFan30 with #WNBARadio

    (914) 338-0159

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    WNBA Radio: Episode 4

    in Basketball

    On this episode of WNBA Radio, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee get you set for the 2014 WNBA Finals presented by Boost Mobile between the Eastern Conference Champion Chicago Sky and the Western Conference Champion Phoenix Mercury. Game 1 of the WNBA Finals tips off on Sunday at 12:30pm PDT/3:30pm EDT on ABC.

    Plus, veteran WNBA and Women's Basketball writer Sue Favor from hoopism.blogspot.com joins the show to give her take on the Playoffs, as well as what all went wrong with the Los Angeles Sparks during the 2014 season, coming off an off-season full of uncertainty and unsureness about the future of the franchise.

    And, the guys turn their attention to the start of training camp for the USA Women's National Team in preperation for the 2014 FIBA World Championships taking place in Istanbul, Turkey later this month.

    Also, they'll take your tweets and phone calls!

    TWITTER: @LASparks365 @callanmac3 @LASparksFan30 and include #WNBARadio

    CALL IN: (914) 338-0159

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    WNBA Radio: Episode 3

    in Basketball

    On this episode of WNBA Radio, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee recap Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever with a trip to face the Phoenix Mercury in the 2014 WNBA Finals hanging in the balance.

    Plus, the guys will give their thoughts and preview the 2014 WNBA Finals matchup between the Chicago Sky and the Phoenix Mercury that begins on Sunday at 12:30pm PDT on ABC.

    Also, as school returns into session, Callan and Chris hand out their grades and report cards for the 2014 Los Angeles Sparks season.

    Plus, Callan reflects on the passing of longtime Sparks photographer Eric Wade.

    And of course, we welcome your tweets and phone calls!

    TWITTER: @LASparks365 + @callanmac3 + @LASparksFan30 + #WNBARadio

    CALL-IN: (914) 338-0159

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    WNBA Radio: Episode 2

    in Basketball

    On this episode of WNBA Radio, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee recap the Game 3 blowout in the Western Conference Finals that saw the Phoenix Mercury deliever the knock out blow to the Minnesota Lynx hopes of capturing back to back WNBA Titles.

    Plus, the guys preview Wednesday's Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Chicago Sky and Indiana Fever, with a first-class ticket to the WNBA Finals against the Phoenix Mercury up for grabs.

    And of course, they'll take your tweets and phone calls!!

    Tweet to us: @LASparks365, @callanmac3 and @LASparksFan30 with #WNBARadio

    Call in: (914) 338-0159

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    WNBA Radio: Episode 1

    in Basketball

    On the premiere episode of WNBA Radio, Callan McClurg and Chris Woodmansee from the LA Sparks 365 Network break down and recap Game 2 of the WNBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky. Plus, the guys preview Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the Minnesota Lynx and Phoenix Mercury and talk about how the violence in Russia may send some WNBA players for a new place to play this off-season.

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    Exposing Adult Guardianship ~ Featuring Barbara Stone of Miami, Florida

    in Legal

    Join Lorri Burnett and Candice Schwager as we host Barbara Stone of Miama, Florida (Dade County) to discuss what has become a Nationwide epidemic of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly and disabled. Our focus tonight will be Florida's renown Guardianship system as well as Texas. The common pattern used by a large percentage of court appointed guardians includes isolation, over-medication, liquidation of assets, retaliation and civil rights violations shroud in secrecy. Truth, Transparency, and a single-minded dedication to our Constitution's protections are essential to eradicate the widespread abuse of the system in American Guardianship. Our mission is to educate and enlighten you in order to avoid falling prey to the system. 

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    What Happens When We Die & Go To Spirit?

    in Paranormal

    I felt compelled to do this show after reading a blog on Facebook in which the author claimed to have tuned into the soul of Robin Willams, then going on to say that he was still depressed which was deep in his soul and was a part of him & would take a long time to heal & this was also the case with many other suicides. As a Medium I have not found this to be the case so this show will look at the experiences of the people I have connected with in Spirit. I will be joined by Sally Woodmansee. author The Simple Philosophy of Heaven which she wrote with her son who died. Tony comes to her daily & brings her all the knowledge from Heaven that he has access to so tune in and learn the truth about what happens when we die, regardles of how we die.

    Connect with Sally Woodmansee www.facebook.com/thesimplephilosophyofheaven or www.thesimplephilosophyofheaven.com Tracy Fance can be found at  www.tracyfance.com or www.facebook.com/tracymedium feel free to message us.


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    Pet Psychic Radio - Granny The 103 Year Old Talking Orca

    in Pets

    @ 02:08 - Laura & Ai, about Orca Granny, meditation, ...
    @ 07:32 - Orca Granny, ~103 yrs old, world changes in her life?
    @ 16:03 - Swan & Chihuahua Daisy, why doesn't want to go out?
    @ 20:11 - Lorri & Horse Cowboy, why bolts after workout?
    @ 28:49 - Jennifer & cat Loki, why he has attitude & bites?
    @ 42:22 - Pamela & cat Ruby, had excessive grooming & meowing.
    @ 50:40 - Irene & Sheltie puppy Sophie, reincarnated Sophie?
    @ 57:45 - Granny's WoW, "You just have to keep swimming forward."
    Photos: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio/posts/762061823835912
    Links mentioned:
    * Natural Plan Stomach Soother™, www.StomachSoother.com
    * Soft Paws vinyl nail caps, www.SoftPaws.com
    * BlackWing Farms, animal flower essence, www.BlackWingFarms.com
    * Canna-Pet, Medical Cannabis for Dogs & Cats, www.Canna-Pet.com
    * FURminator, grooming tools for cats & dogs, www.FURminator.com

    Laura Stinchfields official website is http://www.ThePetPsychic.com

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