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    Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva with guest Lorna Blumen

    in Business

    Lorna Blumen is an educational consultant & bullying prevention specialist from Toronto, Canada. An author and lecturer, she has appeared on Canadian and U.S television and radio. Lorna draws from her 18 years of experience in conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and girls' respect skills for elementary, middle and high school. Lorna is the author of Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child's Play (Camberley Press, 2011), and co-author of Girls' Respect Groups: An Innovative Program to Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem!(Camberley Press, 2009). She is also a co-developer of Girls' Respect Groups, an after-school program for middle school girls, led by high school girls. 1. Help adults understand the strong connection between workplace bullying and kids' bullying. 2. Motivate adults to action to reduce workplace bullying and kids' bullying. 3. Explain how reality shows glorify bullying and humiliation and how we’re training kids to become adult bullies and targets (e.g. Donald Trump in The Apprentice bellowing "You're fired!) 4. Teach that adult leadership is key. Kids won’t change until adults change. We must clean up bullying in adult workplaces, homes, and communities to become credible leaders to our children.

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    What do you Really Want? - with Lorna Wilson, Spiritual Life Coach

    in Education

    THIS WEEKS SHOW: with Lorna Wilson, Spiritual Life Coach and Advanced Hypnotherapist
    Hi Everyone, another great show this week with Lorna, our special guest from London UK, who is a certified Hypnotherapist, a Past Life Regression therapist, a life coach and shamanic practitioner. Lorna moved from a fashion industry career to assisting people in their personal journeys many years go and has an amazing range of direct experiences and practical insights to share for better the our own journeys. Lorna Wilson http://www.lornawilsonqhhthealing.co.uk/

    ....Join hosts Tammy Anahata, Amy Brimicombe and Chris Hales as we explore the deepest aspects of our experience in this amazing world! 


    So the burning question, one which we fail to ask ourselves at the time when it matters the most:

    "What do we REALLY want?"

    Come join us as we candidly voice aloud ‘conversations with self’ and ponder questions such as:

    Why we made certain things unattainable simply because we were too afraid to connect with our true desires? … and How do our conflicting conversations with SELF keep us out of alignment with what we truly want to experience? What is it that you are waiting for anyway? What happens when the inner world is at odds with the outer world? What is the missing elusive ingredient?

    Join us weekly as we discuss, explore and uncover the genesis of our illustrious manifestations and creations!!

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    Celebrating Lorna Byrne with Christopher Reburn

    in Spirituality

    LORNA BYRNE The International #1 bestselling author of Angels in My Hair & A Message of Hope from The Angels is back with us once again to share her wit and wisdom about the angelic realm!

    Join us for a very special show celebrating the brilliant success of Lorna Byrne. It's been six years since 'Angels in My Hair' took the world by storm, and now all of her books are instant bestsellers. She's sold millions of copies to her ever-growing legion of worldwide fans, readers and admirers in over 50 countries. Her message and mission has never been stronger. Listen as Christopher interviews Lorna about what the last six years have been like for her, how she's processed her success, and what's next for her. Don't miss a very special show spotlighting and celebrating the beautiful Lorna Byrne!

    Lorna Byrne has been seeing angels since she was a baby. Very unusually, she sees angels physically with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she sees them every day. This diminutive, soft-spoken, uneducated Irish woman who did not talk about what she was seeing until seven years ago, says she has no idea why she can see angels when others can’t.

    The overwhelming response of people who hear Lorna’s accounts, of what she sees and is told, is that it gives comfort and hope. Knowing that she sees a guardian angel with everyone gives them assurance that they have a guardian angel, that they are never alone, and that there is always someone they can turn to for help.

    In her 7th appearance on Conversations with Christopher, don't miss the incredible Lorna Byrne!

    Visit Lorna online at http://www.lornabyrne.com

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    Making Life Easy with Gwen Gistarb with guest Lorna Blumen

    in Family

    Lorna Blumen is an educational consultant & bullying prevention specialist from Toronto, Canada. An author and lecturer, she has appeared on Canadian and U.S television and radio. Lorna draws from her 18 years of experience in conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and girls' respect skills for elementary, middle and high school. Lorna is the author of Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child's Play (Camberley Press, 2011), and co-author of Girls' Respect Groups: An Innovative Program to Empower Young Women & Build Self-Esteem!(Camberley Press, 2009). She is also a co-developer of Girls' Respect Groups, an after-school program for middle school girls, led by high school girls.
    Making Life Easy is an electrifying and positive talk show filled with conversation to embrace the path for parents raising teenagers.   Based on teachings from The Lesson Plan, author, parent, and teacher, Gwen Gistarb welcomes professionals, parents, and teenagers to the show to guide listeners on an educational journey.  No matter what the subject – communication is the answer.


    in Comedy

    “HELL IS FOR REAL” A Musical Comedy

    Part of The New York International Fringe Festival August 14th – 30th

    Charles Manson was supposed to go to Hell... But, ooooops! Little six-year-old Davin was sent by mistake. Now Davin’s returned... devilishly changed. His father embarks on a bizarre odyssey to get his son back to normal in HELL IS FOR REAL, an outrageous, star-studded new musical comedy.Comedy writer Gary Apple got the idea for his show after reading the book

    “Heaven Is For Real.” In that runaway bestseller, a little boy goes to Heaven and returns to talk about it. “I thought it would be considerably more interesting if the cute little kid went to Hell instead of Heaven,” says Apple. And as if that wasn’ttwisted enough, he decided to make it a musical. The script caught the eye of director Jay Stern, who has directed a string ofacclaimed NYC Fringe shows, including the award-winning musical “The Bardy Bunch.” For HELL IS FOR REAL, Stern and his team assembled a dream cast, populated with Broadway heavy-hitters. Cast members

    HELL IS FOR REAL Book, Music, & Lyrics by Gary Apple. Directed by Jay Stern.

    Starring Christopher Sutton, Timothy Warmen, Albert Insinnia, Carlos Lopez,Lori Hammel, Vasthy Mompoint, Madeline Kolker, Tom Carrozza, Jeremy Crawford and Zak Risinger.Musical Direction by Logan Medland. Choreography by Lorna Ventura. Produced by Janine Renee Cunningham.Part of The New York International Fringe Festival A production of The Present Theatre Company Tickets: $18 - For tickets visit www.FringeNYC.org  For more information : http://www.hellthemusical.comTwitter: @HellTheMusical 

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    Celebrate Eight Years of Movie Fun!

    in Movies

    Movie Addict Headquarters invites you to our Eighth Year Anniversary Bash featuring clips of famous guests, favorite shows, a book giveaway and other goodies. The list of popular guests to be spotlighted includes such fascinating film folks as Cloris Leachman, Barry Bostwick, Tanna Frederick, Rita Moreno, Tippi Hedren, Lorna Luft, Lucie Arnaz, Robert Osborne, Nell Minow, Morgan Lawrence, Richard Jack Smith, Lizette Amado-Bettinger, Misha Zubarev, Tony Babino, J Blair Brown, Chuck Skull, A.J. Hakari, David Worth, Dragon Dronet, Mack Bates, Kyle Olson, Nell Minow, Debbie Reynolds, Rita Graham, James Colt Harrison, Diana Saenger, George Bettinger and Nancy Lombardo. Plus, the Top Ten episodes during the last twelve months will be revealed as well as the guest with the most listeners during the past eight years. And surprise guests might call in! It should be a fun -- and suspenseful -- party!   

    Film-related books to be given away in a random drawing at this Anniversary Celebration include: Hollywood or Bust by Susan Marg; Confessions of a Movie Addict by Betty Jo Tucker; and It Had To Be Us by Harry & Elizabeth Lawrence.

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    The Orr Sisters-"Glory, Glory"

    in Christianity

    In this episode of Bringing Voices To Power I talk the famous Orr Sisters. The Orr Sisters are a group that once consisted of six biological sisters. They were born to, nurtured, and raised by Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Lorna Orr. These sisters were inspired by their parents to sing. Both parents have been and or are currently a member of a gospel group from this Tennessee Valley area for the past 40 years. They are somewhat musically self-taught. Growing up they made up songs by listening and singing along with commercials, looking at their surroundings, and gathering in front of the mirror almost daily harmonizing songs. For almost three decades they have been performing in churches, schools, picnics, banquets, plays, etc...They have performed in the world famous W.C. Handy Festival for more than 12 years now. They along with their brother they started performing before the public between the ages of 5&8. Now after more than 25 years, The Orr Sisters are hearing themselves on several radio stations in and around the Tennessee Valley area after releasing their own original music. They along with their brother have released two CD's and four singles: "So Amazing" (1996) "Overcome" (1998), "Mom & Dad" (2000), "Everything" (2008) and "Glory, Glory" (2011). They are noted for such songs as their singles and "Travelin' Shoes". The Orr Sisters recently released a self-titled album which includes the2 singles "Everything" & Glory' Glory', along with "Willing and Able", "Greatly to be Praised", & "More". Currently the Orr Sisters are nearing an end to their full cd project to be released later this year. They are excited about what God is doing. The Orr Sisters are on God's assigned mission and we  appreciate Him for trusting them with it."

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    The HD View with Patricia Ortiz, VP Patient Liaison

    in Education

    TUESDAY, MARCH 31 - 1:00 PM PST

    Tonight our incredible special guest is Patricia Ortiz, Vice President of Patient Liaison at Rare Diseases Patients First! a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating patients with rare diseases about the clinical trial and drug development processes.

    Patricia Ortiz began her professional career working at the National Metrology Institute in Germany and has expertise in many different engineering disciplines including precision engineering, nuclear physics, and quantum optics. Later she shifted her focus to Biomedical Engineering. Upon completing her Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Applied Science in Luebeck, Germany she has worked for large medical device and biotech companies as well as small startups, leading cross functional team in medical software and diagnostic instrument development within the US and overseas.

    Rare Diseases Patients First! is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Dr. Lorna Speid in 2014 and focused on educating patients with rare diseases about the clinical trial process and drug development.

    Visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rarediseasesPF
    Visit their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/rarediseasesPF

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    Spiritual Growth Tools on the Radio with Lorna Byrne

    in Entertainment

    Spiritual Growth Tools on the Radio has a variety of guests to help you to better understand the blocks that are holding you back, the show aims to entertain, inform and offer a different perspective to the issues that you are faced with. We hope you will join us on the journey! 

    This weeks very special guest is Lorna Byrne and I am so looking forward to interviewing the only person alive at this time who sees angels. She had a tough beginning, but was being looked after and trained by the angels for the work that she now does- she is now published in 50 countries in 20 languages and travels widley to teach about angels and love.

    To find out more about her - visit http://www.lornabyrne.com

    Brought to you by Spiritual Growth Tools 

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    in Health

    Rosanne Small-Morgan

    Born and raised in St. Vincent, radio host, newspaper columnist, wife, mother and advocate drew on the strength gained from overcoming major life challenges to drive her to achieve her goals. Affectionately called ‘Rosie’ by her many fans, readers and social media followers, she is on a journey to enlighten and inform the masses on this important topic of Autism, and to provide support to families with Autistic children. Rosie’s passage to becoming a public face and voice for this cause was inspired by her 12 year old son Zane who is autistic. Even though Zane is quite high functioning and smart, as a parent she has battled several instances of adversity in getting him adjusted in society. Utilizing therapeutic blogging, she shared her family’s journey with Zane as well as his pitfalls and triumphs which in turn led to other mothers and household revealing their stories and “coming out of the closet” about their own experiences with autism. In order to keep things ‘light’ when imparting information on this topic which is often regarded as ‘heavy’, the dynamic Rosie uses her God-given talent for storytelling and her experience in stand-up comedy performance as her general approach. During her lecture/speaking engagements she would often wittily integrate stories about raising Zane and many times give feedback to the audience on how she and her family handled those particular challenges Blessed with a familiar, identifiable personality and a distinct gift for comedy and with new speaking platforms and projects on the horizon for this unwavering advocate for autism awareness, the possibilities are limitless as to where Rosie’s journey may lead her.T

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