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    Ep 14: Divination and Rootwork with guests Elizabeth Ruth and Lorena Seals

    in Spirituality

    Join Fiona Benjamin and Michael "Uncle Monkey" Lennon on Thursday March 5th 2015 7pm Eastern Time for a night of divination and rootwork with Divination Divas, Elizabeth Ruth and Lorena Seals! They will be discussing how to allow spirit to guide divination when performing rootwork and also how to handle clients who may be difficult, in a professional setting. 

    Elizabeth Ruth is a practicing Rootworker and Diviner in Chicago, IL. She was raised by her maternal grandparents in a small town in Ohio. Her grandmother was an astrologer who communicated with the dead. When she was growing up, Gede (Vodou spirits of the Dead) always visited her family right before someone died. She is often sought out for readings when clients are at a crossroads in their life and need the spiritual guidance to move ahead in the right direction. She Vodouisant and a Christian Witch. She differs from other psychic readers in that she sees this work as her ministry. Her work as a spiritual life coach has changed many lives for better, and this is her mission as a Worker. 

    Born into a family of Magic and Mystery, She is a natural Witch, born and raised along the banks of the Mississippi River. Learned in the ways of Hoodoo & Conjure as taught by Her Grandmother and Great Aunt, Lorena has studied the Tarot since the age of ten. Lorena grew up in a Christian Baptist household, where her grandmother served as the Prophetess of their local church, and was a well known Root-Woman; for her there was no separation between religion and magick. Ancestor Veneration and acknowledgment of deities outside of Christianity were an integral part of her upbringing. Actively practicing Magick for over 25 years, she is also a dedicated Rosicrucian and Martinist, and currently serves as initiated Circe Priestess of The Mystai - a Coven focused on the Lunar Mysteries of Hekate.She is a Diviner, Witch, and Spiritual Counselor.


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    Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents the Butler Paranormal Conference Recap

    in Science

    Join us Tuesday night April 28, 2015 at 9pm eastern as we present a recap of this past weekends "8th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference" that was held in PA.  We will have some attendees of the conference joining the show.  Some great comments about the conference of Facebook, so we want to hear some first hand experiences from not only the hosts of the conference, but the attendees.  Some of the speakers included Melanie Durish & Chris Durish of Steel Town Paranormal; Dave & Carey Rupert of Legend Hunters; Rev. Tim Shaw; John Ventre; and Katie Barcus & Mary Lorena Barber of PROOF.  Hope you can join us!

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    Brondon Mathis - Yeshua Life Center - Columbus, OH

    in Christianity

    Brondon and Noe Mathis have been ordained ministers for the last 26 and 20 years respectively, having served on the staff and leadership team of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, as well as 8 years on the Pastoral Staff at World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio.

    While on staff at World Harvest Church Brondon was director of Evangelism and Outreach, establishing & operating its inner city ministries called Metro Harvest Church.

    Comprised of four satellite community centers on each side of town, these centers, called Hope Centers, were established by Brondon Mathis to minister to thousands in the inner-city of Columbus Ohio. Over a 5 year period over 10,000 souls were saved and discipled from the government projects of the inner cities through this ministry.

    Brondon and Noe Mathis are committed to seeing the Church returned to her covenant roots, as well as the release of Justice in the inner-cities of the earth, through day and night prayer, the performing arts, and feeding ministries to the poor.

    They have been Married for 19 years and have 5 children. Shekinah, Israeli, Imanuel, Aharon, and Hannah-Aliyah.

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    in Christianity

    As we look in our world today we see iminent sings that points to the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This show will enable us in getting our hearts ready that we may receive Him in all of His GLORY. Luke 17:26-30 "And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed." 

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    War of the Words #82: Chris Cain looks to upset The Technician at Conflict 25

    in MMA

    Last year, Conflict MMA Promotions spread to new cities in both South Carolina and Georgia. Well, prepare for the expansion to continue as Conflict 25 is set to touch down March 10th at Club Label in North Carolina! Don't miss the debut card from Conflict in a whole new state as we continue to bring you the best local and regional MMA around. 

    TODAY ON THE SHOW - CHRIS CAIN discussing his CO-Main event bout with the dangerous Muhsin "The Technician" Corbbrey!

    With Charlotte the first of many new cities to come under the Conflict MMA banner in 2015, keep your eyes on this card and other fantastic news North Carolina MMA fans!

    Current fight card
    Shane Crenshaw vs Noe Quintanilla 155lbs
    Muhsin Corbbrey vs Christopher Cain 155lbs
    Jeremie Holloway vs Daryl Jones 170lbs
    Thorne Faught vs Eddie Miller 155lbs
    Roger Pratcher vs Jeff Tant 185lbs
    Chase Gamble vs Eric Montgomery 230lbs
    Jabari Barrett vs Travis Lilly 135lbs
    Jonathan Martin vs Eric Hall 170lbs
    Malaak Harris vs TBD 125lbs
    Logan York vs Andrew Wood 230lbs

    You can follow us, keep up with fighter news, and purchase tickets onwww.ConflictMMA.com 

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    Celebrating Jim Beam's Birthday in the Birthplace of Bourbon

    in Travel

    In honor of Jim Beam’s 150th birthday, wei took a trip to Clermont, Kentucky to tour the place where bourbon is born. We visited the Jim Beam distillery and warehouses and got an up close look - and taste - of the bourbon making process. 

    One of the highlights of the trip was meeting and interviewing Jim Beam Noe - great grandson of Jim Beam. For today’s show we thought we’d play that interview for you.  The Stillhouse was a little noisy and our audio quality is rough at times, but if you pour yourself a tall glass of bourbon, plop yourself down in a rocking chair,  and give it a listen, you’re going to want to hit the Bourbon Trail and pay tribute to Jim Beam yourself. Cheers!    

    Here's a link to some more pictures from our visit to Louisville and the distillery in Clermont. 

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    Lorena Bathey, Author and Self-Publisher

    in Writing

    With a degree from St. Mary College, California in English and a minor in Communications, Ms. Lorena Bathey, used her creative abilities and marketing skills to write and promote her memoir, Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother.

    Creating a brand from this book, she established a conference for women called, The Love Fest.  She planned and promoted this event for two years. Her marketing for this brand led a Senior Executive Producer from the Oprah Show to seek her out.  Changing her writing format to writing novels and starting her publishing company, Lorena B Books, Ms. Bathey integrated the work she'd done with Happy Beginnings by creating strong female characters throughout her writing.

    Ms. Bathey has spoken for conferences, women's groups, had her own radio show, and promoted self-publishing throughout the ensuing years. She is currently working on her new novel and has three historical fiction books in the writing queue. You can find her at www.LorenaBBooks.com


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    Lorena Bathey is my Guest Author on August 4th

    in Books

    Do you believe in ghosts? 

    Lorena Bathey is my guest author tonight . Come join us and listen as she reads an excerpt from her paranormal romance, House on Plunkett Street

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    The Little Brother's Blues Band and R&B princess Jasmine Jordan

    in Music

    Jon Williams is one of those rare musicians who play and record for the sheer joy of it, free from expectations of fame -- and uses that freedom to produce fabulous music. Jon is a blues and rock and roll guitarist who has played in bands like Midlife Crisis, Midnight Lightning and now the Little Brother’s Blues Band just because he was having fun.Thye recently  released their second album, Spirits, Sinners, Shrews & Blues, a two cd set of classic Chicago blues covers, We play tunes from the set and talk with Jon this Friday.

    Contemporary R&B newcomer Jasmine Jordan  recently released her debut EP Time Travel  and kicked  off a tour throughout the west coast to support the EP and her new single "Best I Can,". The Washington State native now transplanted to LA manages to bring back the style of 90’s R&B pop, but with a fresh take and modern feel to her songs about love and frustration. Our interview with her Friday should be all of the first and noe of teh second.

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    Pursuing Your Passion While Prospering Monetarily Hosted by Wakeena Jackson

    in Entrepreneur

    Presenting Noel Roberts, founder of Noe'l Roberts Foundation. Noel's foundation was previously called W.A.R.C. Inc.. Ms. Roberts Non- Profit Organization provides resources to survivors of domestic violence and families in transition. Our topic of discussion is The Gift of Giving: How and why giving to others makes you appreciate Life.

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    Note To GOP: Run The Damn Ball!

    in Politics Conservative

    The show today is noe to Republicans and conservatives. It is always better to stay with what you do best.  I think that in these highly charged political days it is easy to get sucked into issues that we are not suited for.  When we do this we lose they "home field advantage".  One of the Alinsky rules is to get your opponet to operate outside their fiwl of expertise while only operating inside your own.

    The left is great at getting Republicans and Conservatives to run down rabbit trails.  Today I hope to bring awareness to this plight and help you aviod the pitfalls of such actions.