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    Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

    in Finance

    Most people fear having their savings wiped out by a debilitating illness.  Is long-term care the answer, and are there other options?  Join us as we discuss ways you can protect yourself should you need long-term medical care.  Also this week: Are you taking investment advice from one of the 6 people we think you should ignore?  Don’t do it!  There’s talk of deflation.  What is it, and why is it dangerous? Many people think that buying a home is the smartest move you can make, but is it right for you?  Find out what you need to ask yourself before you start house hunting.  Spring is in the air and college acceptance letters are in the mail.  Make sure you understand the financial packages before you write that deposit check.

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    Mreldercare101 – Show # 2 - Long Term Care Insurance

    in Caregiving

    The topic today is Long Term Care Insurance with Mr. Jeff Dunst an expert in the field.  He has been a licensed independent insurance broker for over 40 years with a specialty in Long Term Care Insurance for the past 25 years.  Mr. Dunst provides valuable information from both the perspective of a broker and client-he has been a caregiver to 5 elderly family members.  The topics range from a basic overview of long-term care insurance (definitions, policy types etc.) to when you should buy it and what you might expect to pay for it.  He also covers how business owners can have the government subsidize the cost of care.   This is a very informative show!!!  You don't want to miss it.


    The Mreldercare101 show covers topics for the elderly and the people who care for them. We examine topics of interest to both groups (caregivers & care recipients).  

    The host of the show is Derrick McDaniel, author of the book Eldercare, The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Elderly Loved One And Yourself.  He is also Managing Director of Caring Hearts of New Jersey Home Care with over 20 years industry experience.

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    What's the Difference between shot and long-term goals?

    in Self Help

    Today @ 1pm (CST) on Healthy Mind & Body radio... We're going to be talking about short vs. long-term goals.

    It’s a new year and as usual, most people are starting out the New Year with some New Goals.

    We’re going to skip over the part where 78% of those people will have given up, failed or never gotten started within the first 3 months of the year and jump right into HOW TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS is you really, really want to… So let’s talk about short-term versus long-term goals because they are completely different.

    A short-term goal is like making a cake. It might be worth mentioning that the ingredients go into the cake in a specific order for a reason 

    For example if you put all the stuff together and leave out the eggs and put those in after you cook the cake you’re going to have a hot mess instead of a cake

    And interestingly enough most people approach long-term and life-changing goals in this manner. Their goal(s) have a beginning, a middle and end and then they stop… because they haven’t factored in a long-term plan

    Want to know more?... you'll have to listen to show :-)

    If you'd like to call in - 818-668-5406

    or email me a question - drm@drmichaleharris.com put "show question" in the subject line

    I'll talk to you then,

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    Explore Your Long-Term Care Options #ThrowbackThursday

    in Caregiving

    What do you do when a parent’s ability to care for his/her healthcare or finances gradually deteriorates over time?

    Do you have questions about your own future quality care plan, government support or how to set up long-term care plan?

    This week, host Micheal Pope explores Elder Law with guest Julie Fielder. Julie has 29 years of experience in health care & senior services, and she is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) through the National Elder Law Foundation as well as a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. 

    Join us, share your experiences, raise your questions, and help those who need support figuring out the needs of parents and loved ones.

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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Planning Long-Term Care/Parasite Blog/Mouse Avatars

    in Health

    Choosing long-term care for a loved one ... or yourself ... can be a difficult decision. The level of care, the cost and the physical surroundings all must be considered. Mayo Clinic geriatric specialist Dr. Paul Takahashi offers guidance on how to evaluate long-term care facilities and services. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi […]

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    Short and Long Term Memory,Nokodemion and his Peoples, Ashtar Sheran

    in Spirituality

    The thoughts of these negative people, however, were directed toward you in such a death-threatening manner that we felt compelled to explore the appropriate memory planes, by what means we found out that there are tremendously destructive powers stored against you and that of these, inconceivably large quantities were simply taken from somewhere. Getting to the bottom of this incident was obvious for us, and we soon found the perpetrators of this murderous doing.A residual group of the now dead Ashtar Sheran, who finally concluded his life in the DAL Universe, felt obliged to be active as avengers of their former lord and master.

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    Is Long Term Care Insurance For You?

    in Culture

    Joyce interviews Katheryn Evans of Strategic Sound Solutions on long term care insurance and if you should consider getting it!

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    Your kit & long term survival!

    in Education

    Your kit & long term survival!
    Host: Josh "The 7 P’s of Survival"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Tuesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    BOB, Inch Bags, 72 hour kits, EDC Bag, Survival Kit, TEOTWAWKI kit….. Whatever you call the selection of gear you carry as you embark on your adventure into the woods my question is do you think you could be self-reliant over the short and long term out of a backpack? Tonight I will explore something I ask myself a great deal when packing a kit for a longer trip and that is 1) do I really need this item and 2) how does it help me become more self reliant?

    Read More→ HERE!

    Prepper Broadcasting, Independence, Self Reliance

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    Long Term Care Insurance and You

    in Family

    Do you know what long term care insurance covers? How do you know if you should invest in this type of coverage or not? What are the benefits and detractors of long term care insurance? Join Mari Tautimes and Your Care Partners as we discuss the basics of Long term care and why should you consider this insurance or not?

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    Long Term Care Is a Women's Issue

    in Family

    Long Term Care is a Women's Issue according to Dana Vouga of Vouga Elder Law

    Dana Vouga of Vouga Elder Law speaks about Long Term Care Being a Women's Issue. Dana is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and is Vouga Elder Law’s Long Term Care Paralegal.  As a CSA, Dana has knowledge about aging, social and financial issues, and health information that affects the majority of seniors.  Dana also assists clients and their loved ones by educating them on how they can protect assets, avoid Medicaid “spend down,” and obtain Veterans Administration Pension Benefits.

    Dana Vouga, CSA and Long Term Care Paralegal



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    CG: Under Armour and Macy’s Grapple With Long-term Challenges; Starbucks Doubles Down on China

    in Finance

    Macy’s is off to a strong start in 2016 as investors applaud its efforts to close underperforming stores and reduce expenses, while Under Armour continues its months-long slide, shedding 6.7% on Monday following the release of a bearish research report. And Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz reaffirms his excitement around opportunities in China.