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    How to be alone without being lonely

    in Spirituality

    Join StarzMayaMoon & Starzcast on Feb 8, 2016 from 8-9pm est as we share ideas, insights and empowering guidance that alone isn't always lonely."How to be alone without being lonely"

    As we approach the widely traditional and recognized Valentine's Day, now more than ever those currently "alone" can be painfully aware of their current single status. Whether you are recovering from a recent break-up, loss or choice it's easy to slip into feelings of insecurity and despair. Being alone can actually provide us with the opportunity to embrace our amazing self and we don't have to be lonely. Although we don't always have a choice of being alone at the moment, being lonely IS a choice and one we are not required to make.

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    Holiday Traditions Old and New

    in Radio

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! What are your Holiday Traditions?  Are you starting a Holiday Tradition?  What is a Holiday Tradition?  What is your favorite song for the Holidays and why?  Favorite food; those must haves.  Now what will you do with all those left overs?  What was your favorite gift you received?  How do you say Thank You to a gift that isn't what you want?  When do you take your tree down?  Plus we will announce our Holiday Traditions winner and hear their Holiday Tradition.

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    Feeling lonely, abandon, ignored and just tired?

    in Prayer

    Are you sick and tired. Feeling lonely and you think no one cares.  You have been abandon and left with out no positive alternative.  You have always been happy and go lucky but, now you are being tested and you don't know if you are going to pass this ugly test.  Then tune in or download this segment. You deserve to be happy, energetic, secure and assertive.  Most important to be free of sickness, lazyness, alone and helpless HELP YOURSELF AND JOIN US TODAY

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    3 Steps to Combat Lonely in Wired World

    in Friends

    The stats say your audience is lonely despite being surrounded by people on and off line. I have the pleasure of working with local SF author Kira Asatryan, who offers a loneliness antidote in new book STOP BEING LONELY: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. 

    According to Kira Asatryan (Ah-sat-ree-an), author of Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships, it’s not a lack of people in our lives, it is a lack of feeling that speaks to the heart of this new loneliness.

    But there is good news — your audience has the power to create closeness with any willing partner. Closeness is the foundation of all happy and long-lasting relationships, whether romantic, platonic, familial, or business, she says. 

    The key to getting closer is shifting one’s perspective and getting in touch with knowing and caring. Knowing and caring are a powerful combination, she maintains. They create the feeling that another person not only knows your deepest, truest self, but is actively engaged in keeping your deepest, truest self well. 


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    The dangers of feeling LONELY!

    in Christianity

    There are many reasons why it is dangerous to entertain the emotion of feeling Lonely.  People underestimate this emotion and fail to realize that the very circumstance that they're in is due to feeling lonely.  This emotion attacks single as well as married couples. No one is exempt. The enemy uses this emotion against humans without them even realizing what is really happening.  This is a Stronghold and is meant to get you to doubt God. This Stronghold will tempt you to go ahead of God, doubt God's timing, make you feel like God has abandoned you, cause you to feel rejected, neglected, tempt you to settle for less than what God want's for you, commit adultery, tempt you to do drugs, watch ography and enter into all sorts of perversions. It is all meant to separate you from God.  It is God's will that you be not deceived and set free obtaining His Peace and Trust.  We are looking for you to call in and join our open dialog and share "Your story, your Wisdom, comments or what ever it is you have to share with our listening audience."  You are called also to be a blessing to someone else who is going through.  We look fwd to hearing from you Monday 3/14/16 @8pm EST.  The call in number is (646)652-2912.

    Kingdom Blessings to you!  

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    Only the lonely

    in Lifestyle

    Loneliness lets talk.

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    STOP Being Lonely: Kira Asatryan

    in Self Help

    Lonliness isn't something that happens only when we are physically alone. It can also happen when we are with people. Online friends,followers, or "likers" don't necessarily add up to much when you crave fulfilling enteraction, and satifyng, longterm relationships.

    My guest today is Kira Asatryan. She is a certified relationship coach who provides individual life coaching, relationship coaching, conflict mediation and couples coaching.

    She will be chatting with me about her beautiful new book "Stop Being Lonely":three simple steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationshps. Its going to be a great show. I hope you join us.

    Please visit her at www.KiraAsatryan.com

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    Georgia Gibbs ‎– Seven Lonely Days / If You Take My Heart Away

    in Podcasting

    Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records   S3productions


     ‎Georgia Gibbs– Seven Lonely Days / If You Take My Heart Away




    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to curthahn74@yahoo.com


    Georgia Gibbs ‎– Seven Lonely Days / If You Take My Heart Away

    Label: Mercury ‎– 70095


    Genre: Pop

    Style: Vocal

    Year: 1953

    A: Seven Lonely Days

    Vocals – Georgia Gibbs &the Yale Brothers

    Composers Earl Schuman, Alden Schuman, & Marshall Brown


    B: If You Take My Heart Away

    Composers Shull- Hoven


    Georgia Gibbs

    Real Name: Frieda Lipschitz

    Profile: American singer born on August 17, 1919 Worcester, Massachusetts; Died on December 9, 2006. Recording periodically as Fredda Gibbons or Gibson, she changed her name to Georgia Gibbs in the early 1940s.

    Vocals – Georgia Gibbs & Robert Merlin

    Orchestra conducted by Glenn Osser

    Abraham "Glenn" Osser (August 28, 1914 – April 29, 2014) was an American musician, musical arranger, orchestra leader, and songwriter. Osser became an arranger/conductor, first for Mercury Records, where he backed such vocalists as Patti Page, Vic Damone, and Georgia Gibbs, and later for Columbia Records, where he backed Doris Day, Jerry Vale, Johnny Mathis and Jill Corey, among others.

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    My Favorite Holiday! Barbershop Quartet Day!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome back to our Dancing Monday! Though the Tell A Lie broadcast last Monday may have been a flop, we still got to groove to some music. Today you will dance to better music. I would LOVE to tell you why.

    It is - Barbershop Quartet Day! YAY! I play only one group, because I currently own only one CD of a Barbershop Quartet. No, no; I'm not going to tell you who they are, not just yet. Be sure to put on your tap-dancing shoes on, though. You are going to snap your fingers off, and possibly dance!

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    Garry Marshall Ruins Another Holiday

    in Comedy

    Yesterday I just performed the second episode of "The Year of the Godfather" at the Comedy Cellar. Today I break it down and why I had some problems with it and what the plans are for the next installment. I talk about the conspiracy against the Greek Orthodox church burnings this Easter and what it could possibly have to do with the movie "This is Spinal Tap" AND then I go into detail on why Garry Marshall's big hollywood "calendar" movies are the absolute worst and why Richard Curtis has done it better. Yeah, I'm pretty angry this week so I'm taking it out on everyone. It's an all new podcast.