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    The Best of The Lone Writer II

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Lone Writer! This week's show is a prerecorded compilation of several of our great interviews from the past few months. Calls will not be taken during this week's show.

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    Lone Star Legends Presents- Mike Wooley UNLEASHED

    in Paranormal

    Although Mike Wooley has been on many radio shows of late, Lone Star Legends Radio has something special for this show. Mike Wooley has promised to reveal some true mysterious encounters that he has never revealed before.  His story began on a cold Saturday in Dec 1981 while hunting, Mike Wooley encountered a Bigfoot. Mike never told a soul for 20 years. After coming forward, his story inspired the making of a Bigfoot movie called Skookum the Hunt for Bigfoot, due to be released soon. Joining us is a very special guest Debi King  McMartin who served as cowriter and producer for the movie Skookum the Hunt for Bigfoot. Ms. McMartin served as Production Coordinator for the award-winning documentary film titled Missing, Presumed Dead, produced by Hollywood filmmaker Bill Dumas and narrated by Ed Asner. Sabilla Christine Irwin from San Antiono Tx did the artist rendition of the bigfoot Mike Wooley saw. You can see these renditions in the slide show.

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    Tonight’s Topics
    “Chickens Coming Home To Roost.” Paris under attack.

    “What’s wrong boss? WE SICK?” The white man reacts, the KNEE-GROW too reacts.

    “Today’s Victim. Yesterday’s Victimizer.” A glimpse into French history of rape, theft and murder.

    “The Greatest Heist In History.” How France is sucking the economic blood from former colonies.

    “Meanwhile, Another Young Black Man Bites The Dust.” Black Lives Matter Movement shut down I-94 in wake of police shooting of an unarmed brother in Minnesota

    “It Was A Bomb.” Russia confirms bomb brought down its airliner.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Republicans say Syrian Christian refugees ONLY can come here.

    “Speaking Truth To DEVILS.” Ex marine and former war vet Ken O”Keefe take the covers off the bullshit war on terror and America’s false flags all over the world.

    “Wars And Rumors Of War.” It appears that the devils, warhawks, and vulture capitalists will have their war.

    “America: They’re Coming For You.” ISIS (real or imagined) threatened to bring the fight to the Capital.

    “Put A Muzzle Of The Wolf.” How facebook is trying to silence Lone Wolf.

    “Ending On A Positive Note.” My conversation with a sister about assets and liabilities.

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    The Lone Blogger:Nicholas Guest

    in Entertainment

    The Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy actor talks to Sammi about his new play Finding Nick.

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    Lone Wolf invited guest, Will Farrar talk about Mars, Moon and Ancient Aliens

    in Entertainment


    Join the Lone Wolf and his special guest Will Farrar from WHATSUPINTHESKY.COM  as the discussion revolves around Mars, the Moon and the many videos produced by Will discerning the artifacts and anomalies found on Mars and the Moon along with discussing the books of Zecharia Sitchin, the series of books, known as the Earth Chronicles, the last being “The End of Days” and Erich von Daniken Chariots of the Gods. These books explain the beginning of mankind as we know him to be, how ancient aliens influenced the gnome to produce Homo sapiens in order to help them with their mining operations on planet earth and their possible use of the Moon and Mars as way stations on their journey to earth.


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    Lone Star Legends Radio Presents Gypsy Moon "Lifting the Veil"

    in Paranormal

    Lone Star Legends Radio introduces Gypsy Moon in Lifting the Veil. Lone Star Legends Radio strives to bring our listeners new and interesting material every other week and this show will be no exception. The experts say we are all born with psychic abilities and most often we lose these gifts with the realities of life and physical maturity. Had we been brought up in a society that nurtured our God given talents, perhaps our lives would have taken a different path. Gypsy Moon and her family are part of an amazing journey of enlightenment that is generational.

     Gypsy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was the oldest daughter of Cinnamon Moon, who was known as a Medicine woman. Gypsy was aware of her abilities at the tender age of two when she astral projected for the first time and can still recall the vivid details of her experience. Gypsy also experienced spirit activity but it was not until the age of five, that she saw solid apparitions of Native Americans who shot arrows at her feet. Not afraid, she searched for them after they faded away, leading to her first informal investigation, paving the way for her future. Gypsy was raised in total support of her gifts by her mother who guided her and taught her of an enlightened view of the world.  Later after moving to a haunted farm house in Wisconsin, Gypsy became acquainted with the ghosts that inhabited the property, calling them "Good Spirits" Her interaction with these spirits honed Gypsy's ability to be a spiritual medium. Today Gypsy travels around the country assisting in paranormal investigations. At one time,Gypsy worked at the geratric unit and assisted many in crossing over with love and compassion. Gypsy is a positive and amazing presence in this world, living life fully, spreading love and joy to those around her.Join us we lift the veil, find our third eye and expand our minds.

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    Intelligent minds with intelligent thoughts holding intelligent conversation with intelligent people, coming up with intelligent solutions! The show for the conscious, pro-black, forward thinking individuals. Join us! Call us! INTERACT WITH US....TONIGHT! COME IN AND ENJOY THIS FORUM WITH YOUR HOST....LONE WOLF!

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    The Lone Blogger: Mike Gullickson

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    Mike Gullickson joins Sammi to discuss his new book The Northern Star: The Beginning.

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    Truth Serum with LONE WOLF

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    Tonight’s Topics “The Price Of A Black Life.” Chicago cop indicted over murder of “The Fear Game.” The goals of the media following the attacks in Paris. “Shit Just Got Real.” Turkey shoots down Russian jet. Putin vows consequences. “The Bigger The Lie.” Why every time Trump lie, his poll numbers go up? “Your ASS IS BLACK.” How desperate whites are trying to redefine blackness. “My Conversation With A Knee-grow.” “The Hypocrisy Runs Deep.” Betrayal of the so-called spiritual leaders. “What Is White Privilege, U Ask?” How white’s exercise white privilege everyday and dont even know it. “The French Connection.” How America and France are inextricably joined at the ideology. “Ending On A Positive Note.”

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    The Lone Writer presents Chaplain Batman's Whizbang Radio

    in Books

    Chaplain Batman's Whizbang Radio is a potpourri of pop-culture. Every show will have something different to share and enjoy

    In our first LIVE RADIO SHOW we will discuss James Bond in all his myriad facets.

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    The Lone Blogger: Saving NJROTC

    in Entertainment

    In a special edition episode of The Lone Blogger, TVGrapevine's Sammi-T talks about the Brewster NJROTC program with fellow alumni in an attempt to save the program from being shut down.