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  • 02:05

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Wacky Wednesday

    in LGBT

    It's Hump Day! Celebrate with Vince and guest co-host Shm00p from Rustle League!
    Shm00p joins Vince to talk about the latest pwning of Anonymous by Rustle League. Earlier tonight a major Anon twitter account (Anon_Central) was compromized by the RL. We'll cover this and other Internet drama.
    Also, the war on bacon and kittens rages onward. It was revealed today that a LOLCATS exhibition was just completed in the UK. This is hot on the heals of Twitter rolling out a LOLCATS theme. The madness must stop! Tonight Vince will discuss ways to combat LOLCATS and stem the widespread hysteria.
    Plus, Vince will unload on Twitchy, Buzzfeed, Mitch McConnell and Breitbart.com. Other topics are fair game as long as you call in. Open lines. Call in!

  • 01:02

    Barbara North, Director of Product At FORA.tv

    in Business

    Soft Touch Product Management for Small Teams Or Managing through LOLcats   On small teams, the product manager often functions as product manager, project manager, scrum master, product owner, QA manager, analytics department, and coffee guy. How do you keep all the stakeholders happy? How do you avoid meltdowns and temper tantrums (including your own)? A sense of humor and a good GIF collection can help.    Barbara says, "As a product team of one I always love tuning in to Global Product Management Talk as a chance to check in with "my people." I've been a pretty passive voice in the community to date, so I'm looking forward to diving in the deep end!"   Barbara North, Director of Product at FORA.tv has worked on a wide variety of projects, including a website that allows you to customize letterpress stationery, mobile friendly social games, music driven photo slide shows, and a mobile social network. She currently serves as the Director of Product at FORA.tv helping conference and event organizers produce, distribute, and monitize their video content.    Barbara attended the first and is registered for the next Startup Product Summit SF2! Register today to network with Barbara and be shoulder to shoulder with the best and the brightest product leaders sharing their experience so you can stand on their shoulders to forward your product, startup and career! http://bit.ly/16qfEKp  

  • 02:15

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday

    in Dreams

    TGIFBF! Join Vince and special guests tonight Elvira Montana and Adrian Lamo! Tonight we will talk about life in Obama's National Security State, the NSA surveillance program, the continuing saga of Edward Snowden, the current state and future of online security, journalism, hacking, Barrett Brown, LOLcats, bacon, unicorns and Jay Z's new metadata collecting program. Plus music curated by Elvira and Adrian! Your calls are welcome.

  • 02:59

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - This Week On The Internet

    in Current Events

    Tonight a week in review of the Internet. From the rise of the #TeamDorner hashtag to the implementation of the new LOLCATS Twitter theme, it has been another wild week on the web. Of course, new drama involving "He whose name we shall not say" and "She whose name we shall not say" has developed. Join Vince and guest co-host Rachel P as they explore the inner bowels of the Internet together. Open lines. Call in!

  • 01:00

    New February 2009 Show

    in Blogs

    It's February, you know what that means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 01:00

    Cynthia & Lauren Present the Best Radio Show Yet!

    in Blogs

    We will talk about all the things we've been caught up with since our last segment in 1895! Tune in, or ELSE.

  • 01:00

    CaLBlog... Circus Edition!

    in Music

    Tune in for a sneak peek of the new Circus album with a side of entertainment provided by C & L