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    in this episode I talk about how eminem in 8mile links to an important counter intuitive method to make change a reality...for the positive,.ofcourse

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    Are You Still Wearing the Grave Clothes of the Old Life?

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    It's time to get serious about eternal life in Jesus.  No more cosmic values, or cosmic attitudes.  The things of this world have no place in the lives of believing ones.  If we are truly being transformed from glory, to glory then we are becoming more like Jesus.  This process of Christlikeness is to be our greatest desire.  It must become our singular purpose.  When Jesus was here during his public ministry he never lost focus of his mission.  He was tempted by the enemy to abandon the will of God, but he did not. Many of the saints today are still wearing the grave clothes of the old life because they will not give up the destructive idolatries of the past. 

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    A Powerful New Self-Understanding is Received Through Knowing Jesus

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    There are many therapies today that promise particular results.  We have, however, found that for the most part therapies do not lead to genuine self-awareness.  Genuine self-awareness must be based upon truth, and not a convenient fiction.  A fantasy self is not the real self that struggles with ultimate concerns such as the meaning of life.  A life that is meaningful is found in the Jesus.  He is God's answer to the human condition.  One may dismiss the cross of Jeus, but the cross does not dismiss you.  The cross demands response!

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    Will You Take Up the Divine Mandate to Live by Resurrection Power Alone?

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    God raised Jesus out from among the dead(adj.) by the power of the Spirit the Holy.  It it only by the power of the Spirit that one can experience newness of life in the cosmos system.  God's work of calling out a group of persons who have been born again is still going on despite the constructive apostasy in today's local churches.  Historic beliefs have been replaced by "What is, is right."  Persons in today's church also practice doublethink, and think nothing about it.  It is an amazing state of affairs. 

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    A Kick In The Teeth

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    "All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." –Walt Disney  

    Whether it's a wake-up call to make an important change or an opportunity to put the wisdom and skills you've gained up until now into practice, adversity can be useful if you know how to take advantage of it when it happens.  In this episode, we’ll talk about lessons learned from adversity, but get ready to go a little deeper because this episode is about more than just turning lemons into lemonade (or limes into margaritas!).

    The 3 Rs: http://beradiantsquared.com/a-mind-mastery-tool

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    Police and Public Safety Complex Trauma

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    Dr. Daniel C.  Rudofossi (NYPD) “is the real deal: street cop, sergeant, and commanding officer who patrolled urban war zones and effected over 200 arrests without a complaint when New York was known as the murder capital of the United States. That experience and credibility helped him, as Uniform Psychologist/Police Sergeant, NYPD, in relating to police officers and in working through assessment, crisis, and therapy with hundreds of officers. What he offers in this book is the combined result of more than a decade of experience, from street cop to licensed psychologist who conducted extensive clinical treatment and research. Dr. Rudofossi is certified in the following psychotherapies: Fellow in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Albert Ellis Institute (formally, Institute of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy); Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society; and Clinician Diplomate in Logotherapy, The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.
    Dr. Daniel C.  Rudofossi is Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University and Clinical Supervisor at Yeshiva University Albert Einstein School of Medicine. He continues in his private practice to work with traumatized police officers and is on the Board of Advisors, Saybrook University Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program in Police and Public Safety. He is a recent appointee as Police Cop Doc to the New York and New Jersey Crime Clinic Detectives Association, and his recent appointment as Administrative Clinical Psychologist for the HHSG includes supervising and monitoring the US DOJ DEA EAP Nationwide.” Dr. Daniel C.  Rudofossi is the author ofWorking With Traumatized Police-officer Patients: A Clinician’s Guide to Complex Ptsd Syndromes in Public Safety Professionals and A Cop Doc's Guide to Public Safety Complex Trauma Syndrome: Using Five Police Personality Styles.