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    PART 4 OF 1-2-3 Manipulate Me
    The Art of Manipulation Part 4 
    The Metaphysics of Manipulation Part 4

    Finally, MASTER MANIPULATORS like to appeal to readers/listeners through the art of logic or a sense of logos. This is commonly called the logical appeal, and you can use two different types of logic. You can use inductive logic by giving your readers a bunch of similar examples and then drawing from them a general proposition. This logic is pretty simple given this, that, and the other thing-poof, there you go, a conclusion. Or, you can use the deductive enthymeme by giving your readers a few general propositions and then drawing from them a specific truth. Like, "because such-'n-such is true and such-'n-such is true and such-'n-such is true and everybody agrees on this other thing, then-poof, stands to reason, a new truth.


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    The Representin' (Greatest Logos of All-The-Times)

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    The hosts with the most come back to blow your sweet little minds with the greatest logos we've ever seen. Nothing says "beast mode" like a great looking logo that smashes your face and grabs your attention. Call into the FATLine and let us know what you think are the best and if we disagree we will let you know about it. It is just what we do. Enter at your own risk and always keep in mind we are not to be taken seriously. So come one come all to the greatest SHOW on the interwebz

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    How God can take our weakness and make them strengths

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    Logos of Now

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    Logos is an ancient word that means ground or reason or simply word. It goes all the way back to Aristotle who realized that logos is what differentiates a human being from animals or the natural ability to perceive, understand and discern, but the logos of now reveals the primary ethos of your own direct discovery of the living happiness that you are and always be. What is ethos and how can it serve as a guide to a deeper abidance in the realization of yourself as Freedom?

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    Trusting God in Tough Times

    in Christianity

    Trusting God in Tough Times

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    My life is available to you

    in Christianity

    God doesn't call the qualified, God qualifies the called.

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    The living word

    in Christianity

    Jesus is the love of God expressed in the earth.

    (Please Note: Message cuts out a few seconds too early, however I still wanted to make it available and I hope that you are blessed by it. Regards: Michael Campbell)

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    The name ChristoSophia includes both the masculine and feminine image of the divine. Sophia is the Greek name for the feminine figure of divine Wisdom in ancient Judaism. Many early Christians viewed the Christ as both the Word (Logos) and Wisdom (Sophia) of God. Including both Christ and Sophia in the name Christ-Sophia restores the Divine Feminine in Christianity. The Sophia that has always been acknowledged by esoteric Christianity is the key to unlock the Christian wisdom that is needed for our time. Recognizing the Sacred Feminine within Christian tradition leads to a renewed vision of the sacredness of the natural world and the value of mystical experience.

    We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries through our own spiritual capabilities; through our enhanced capacity to feel, share and circulate genuine heart based love as human beings. As we circulate and know the feeling of the Love of God in our heart, we develop increasingly higher sensory perception abilities. As we develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly "feel", we sense way beyond this material reality, way beyond what our physical eyes see. As we listen to these inner subtle heart vibrations, we gain access to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge through direct and personal cognition. As we consciously choose to fill our inner heart chambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are flooded with the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God's Holy Spirit.


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    TRANSFORM your LIFE w/Coach Tamarra: Facebook and Logos and Websites… OH My!

    in Social Networking

    Lions and Tigers and Bears… OH My! Remember that line in the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy was mustering up all of the fears that were going through her mind as she started on her trek to see the Wizard. That’s no different than how we, as small business owners, feel when thinking about all the details necessary to establish ourselves in our businesses.

    Creating Websites, writing copy, marketing, branding, logos, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the things we get hung up on and where we need the most help. Everyone else who is already established in their businesses seem to have it all together and we should too. My special guest, Bridget Baker, your Web Presence Sherpa has the answers to many of these business-related dilemmas!  Listen in on how Bridget works her magic for her clients while also sharing the latest and greatest tools that you can utilize on your own to be more efficient in managing your business.

    Bridget Baker is a Web Presence Sherpa. She guides clients through their web presence journey from websites, to email marketing, to social media, to ebooks, and more! 

    Streamlining, clutter-clearing, organizing, and productivity is her fuel to supporting her clients you in getting their to-do’s done, and celebrating their life. More juicy details about Bridge can be found HERE! http://www.webpresencesherpa.com/who-i-am-in-greater-detail/

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a life and career transitions coach who serves as a lighthouse to her clients as they clients navigate the conditions of change, assisting their journey towards rediscovering a more authentic life and career experience, achieved ONE DARE at a TIME. For more on Tamarra, visit www.dare2doitnow.com

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    Yahushua - The "Logos" of God / Yahushua - O "Logos" de Deus

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    Pois a palavra (Logos) de Deus é viva e eficaz, e mais afiada que qualquer espada de dois gumes; ela penetra ao ponto de dividir alma e espírito, juntas e medulas, e julga os pensamentos e intenções do coração. Hebreus 4:12

    Na teologia cristã o conceito filosófico do Logos viria a ser adaptado no Evangelho de João, o evangelista se refere a Jesus Cristo como o Logos, isto é, a Palavra: "No princípio era a Palavra, e a Palavra estava com Deus, e a Palavra é Deus" João 1:1 
    (Há traduções do Evangelho em que Logos é o "Verbo"). O Logos também pode ser visto como o "Motivo" de todas as coisas, sendo a causa que explica o anseio existencial humano tão discutido pela filosofia.
    Domingo, 7 de Dezembro, 21h Portugal (17h Brasília)

    For the word (Logos) of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword; it penetrates to the division of soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

    In Christian theology the philosophical concept of the Logos would be adapted in the Gospel of John, the evangelist refers to Jesus Christ as the Logos, that is, the Word: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word is God "John 1: 1 
    (There are translations of the Gospel in that Logos is the "Word"). The Logos can also be seen as the "reason" of all things, the cause that explains human existential longing as discussed in philosophy.
    Sunday, December 7th, 4pm EST\3pm CST\2pm MST\1pm PST - USA

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    The Freedom In Forgiveness

    in Christianity

    Freedom from past hurts; freedom to move on with your life.

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