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    Revelation 1: 12-17

    in Spirituality

    I am going to try to get to Revelation 1:17 today.  What does Jesus look like today?  What is the sword in his mouth?  What is the sword of the spirit?  Is the sword of the spirit in our mouth?   

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    Revelation part 1 redo

    in Spirituality

    this will be a bible study of the book of Reveltion .we will be studying the eight churchs.  we will try to go though chapters 1-3 tonight.

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    Revelation part1

    in Spirituality

    This is the begnning of a series on revlation.  This only book that a blessing if read it.so let's get bless and in all thing get understanding! host and teacher Kenneth Locklin

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    Ekphrastia Gone Wild Virtual Publication Party

    in Poetry

    Listen to the online publication reading for Ekphrastia Gone Wild emceed by Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert and including readings by poets from all over the world reading their poems from the recently releases collection Ekphrastia Gone Wild - Poems Inspired by Art (Ain't Got No press, August 2013) featuring work from Nobel Prize winning poet Wislawa Szymborska as well as Brendan Constantine, Suzanne Lummis, Laurel Ann Bogen, Gerald Locklin and many more.
    Check out Ekphrastia Gone Wild here: http://www.poetrysuperhighway.com/egw

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    The Nebraska Girls Present John Yamrus

    in Poetry

    Since 1970 he has published 2 novels,20 volumes of poetry and more than 1400 poems in hundreds of magazines around the world. His poetry has been taught at both the high school and university level as well as having been translated into several languages including Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, French and Romanian. His latest volume of poetry (_Bark_) is currently available on Amazon. More information on John and his work (including reviews, videos and critical essays)can be found on his website, johnyamrus.com Selections of his poetry have been translated into several languages including Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese and (most recently) Romanian. His newest books are available on amazon.com Recent reviews of his poetry have elicited comments like the following: “No word is unnecessary or out of place; the timing is impeccable…” Gerald Locklin, Professor Emeritus of English, California State University “Yamrus writes with such a fluent and intimate style…” From a review of his work by Larry Jordan “John Yamrus is a spy” Internationally renowned UK poet, Milner Place

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    Prose & Cons hosted by Alicia Adams & Justine Middleton

    in Poetry

    Join Alicia Aams & Justine Middleton as they talk to Gerald Locklin

    Gerald Locklin has taught English since 1965 at California State
    University, Long Beach and is the author of over 125 books
    and chapbooks or poetry, fiction, and criticism, with over 3000 poems, stories, articles, reviews, and interviews published in periodicals. His full-length books from Water Row Press include Candy Bars: Selected Stories; The Life Force Poems; Go West, Young Toad:
    Selected Writings; The Pocket Book: A Novella and Nineteen Short Fictions; and Charles Bukowski: A Sure Bet. An Italian edition of his novel Down and Out (Event Horizon Press) has recently been
    published by Leconte Publishersin Rome as Piu Morto che Vivo, and other titles from EH include The Firebird Poems; Three Mid-Century Tales; Hemingway Colloquium: The Poet Goes to Cuba; and The First Time He Saw Paris (in Two Novellas, with Donna Hilbert). A series
    of dos-a-dos jazz chapbooks, with Mark Weber, are available from Zerx Press (Albuquerque, NM). His writings are archived and indexed by the Special Collections of the CSULB library. Many early and rare works are available from Water Row Books, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com.He is listed in the usual literary directories. He publishes regularly in 5 AM, Ambit (London), Tears in the Fence (Dorset), Poetry International, New York Quarterly, Nerve Cowboy, Slipstream, Freefall, Coagula Art Journal, and many other periodicals. He is available for readings, workshops, festivals, residencies (fees negotiable).

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    the ashtray poetry show

    in Entertainment

    join host American poet Rob Plath with guest Gerald Locklin.

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    Patricia Cherin

    in Poetry



    Journey in Flagrante. San Diego: Level 4 Press, 2009 (Pub date April 1)


    Park Quest. Long Beach, Cal.: Doom Ah Press, 2003
    Familiarities. San Pedro: Lummox Press, 2001 (with Gerald Locklin)

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    Myself in Mickle Street Review, Rutgers University, summer, 2002

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    Moe Green Poetry Hour, July, 2007

    “Patricia Cherin: The Chiron Interview” in Chiron Review, #70, autumn, 2002

    “Tricia Cherin by Maura Gage,” Louisiana State University, to be included in anthology

    Real Living: Poets in Unusual Places

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    Between The Sheets with Stacey Mangiaracina

    in Poetry

    Join Stacey Mangiaracina as she talks to the publisher of WORLD PARADE BOOKS:

    Paul Kareem Tayyar's books of poetry include Postmark Atlantis (Level 4 Press) and Scenes From A Good Life (Tebot Bach). He is the Founding Director of can independent press which has published work by Edward Field, Gerald Locklin, Rafael Zepeda, and Lyn Lifshin

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    Tree Killer Ink - contributor show

    in Entertainment

    Tree Killer Ink is a monthly print lit magazine issued by Epic Rites Press. Monthly issues alternate between showcasing the work of one author and featuring the work of many authors. Authors whose work has been showcased so far are John Yamrus, Rob Plath and William Taylor Jr. Authors whose work has been featured in contributor issues include Rob Plath, John Yamrus, William Taylor Jr., John Dorsey, Jason Hardung, Dan Fante, Gerald Locklin, A.D. Winans, Catfish McDaris, Karl Koweski, Pablo Vision, Jack Henry, Lyn Lifshin, David Smith, M.J. Taylor, Frankie Metro, Marie Lecrivain, Wolfgang Carstens and many, many more. Join your hosts Rob Plath and Wolfgang Carstens as they open the phone lines and welcome Tree Killer Ink authors and readers. Authors whose work has appeared in any issue are welcome to phone in and read their work. Readers of Tree Killer Ink are welcome to phone in and read their favorite piece from any issue.