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    Author James W. Ziskin visits Authors on the Air for a LIVE chat about writing

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes author James Ziskin.  

    A linguist by training, James Ziskin studied Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. After completing his graduate degree, he worked in New York as a photo-news producer and writer, and then as Director of NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò. He has since spent fifteen years in the Hollywood post production industry, running large international operations in the subtitling/localization and visual effects fields. His international experience includes two years working and studying in France, extensive time in Italy, and more than three years in India. He speaks Italian and French.

    James grew up in Amsterdam, New York. He now lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife, Lakshmi, and cats Bobbie and Tinker.  http://jameswziskin.com/.  This live broadcast can be heard at 9pm ET / 6pm PT at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheair/2016/01/23/author-james-w-ziskin-visits-authors-on-the-air-for-a-live-chat-about-writing.  To speak to the author call 347-633-9609.

    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Our thanks to sponsors including author D.D.Corbitt, Poised Pen Productions Inc., Robert Gregory Brown, and the following authors:  Regan Black, Key Kendall, LA Fiore, Kindle Alexander, Gennita Low, Clara Grace Walker, Toni McGee Causey, Will Graham, JCarson Black, Deborah Coonts, Tracy Weber, Bette Lee Crosby and Shane Gericke.

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    Adam Kokesh Author of "FREEDOM!"

    in Politics

    Adam Kokesh joined the US Marines at age 17 and volunteered for combat duty in Iraq in 2004. This critical experience showed him that war is a racket and led him to deeply question his most cherished statist beliefs. He first rose to fame as an anti-war activist before branching out into other areas, often taking action too risky
    for other activists.

    In 2010, he became an independent journalist as ADAM VS THE MAN. He has been arrested and gone to jail
    dozens of times standing up for his convictions. He began writing FREEDOM! while caged in Washington, DC. While he has inspired millions with his speeches, videos, and civil disobedience, his greatest contribution to the cause of freedom is the concept of localization as a way to overcome statism and achieving a free world.
    To find out more about Adam and his book go to: AdamvsTheMan.com.

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    Charles Hugh Smith--The Localization Trend Is Accelerating 02.Apr.14

    in Finance

    Charles Hugh Smith stands out on the internet. A prolific writer and blogger, he's been a big proponent of the localization movement. Keeping your money and investments close to home. Now that movement is going global. We're seeing it in places like Greece, Japan and all over. As the prevailing financial order continues its implosion, the trend is going to go critical on fronts. That's what Charles and I are counting on. 

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    How Local Internet and Localization will Change Your Business

    in Social Networking

    Location aware apps are growing in popularity daily, and everyone with a cell phone can now find out more about potential business relationships without going to a computer. How can a local business use this to market better, give better customer service, and improve their bottom line. Time saving tips and ideas for businesses, authors, and virtual entrepreneurs from authors of a new book on the localization of the web.

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    Taking Action with Catherine Mercer

    in Health

    Can you change the way that you see the world?

    What can you do right here, right now to make a difference?

    What is your way of being in the world?

    Catherine Mercer will explore ways of being in the world, in relation to others and within your community. As welll, she will share information on many aspects of creating a balanced life.

    Find out how you can make a conscious shift from globalisation to localisation, as it is up to each and everyone one of us to look at what steps we are taking to achieve this.

    As the the Editor and Publisher of The Art of Healing, a magazine that began in 2002 with the aim of informing and educating readers about health and healing alternatives, Catherine is well-versed and well-informed, and is sure to share valuable information with us.

    Join me, Lucinda Curran, as I explore these topics with Catherine Mercer.

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    10:00-11 LOCALIZATION for Business Growth & Meditation and it's advantages to Entrepreneurship

    in Business

    10:00 -11:00AM EST. HARLAND HENRY: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST. BUILDING AND GROWING YOUR BUSINESS Through LOCALIZATION. Learn from Harland Henry how LOCALIZATION can change the way you do business and to use it to increase your revenue.

    11:00-12:00 Noon EST: Devya The Gong Master and
    Meditation Mentor Devya, president of Devya & Associates, New York, NY, helps individuals eliminate stress, achieve inner peace, and develop mind power through a wide range of meditation programs. Her holistic firm established in 1987, offers stress management and meditation services that allow her to provide customized learning for her clients. Her programs include private sessions, seminars, silent retreats, Gong Energy Therapy, and Meditation Vacations. With a B.A. from Hunter College in education and music, she also received formal holistic training at The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in Honesdale, Pennsylvania and from Growth Effectiveness Management Systems in Minnesota, where she learned advanced meditation techniques. Devya has an extensive teaching background spanning the elementary school to the college level. She was the Director of Education at The College of Human Services (now known as Audrey Cohen College), where she developed educational policy and course curriculums.

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    Featured Replay: Urban Homesteading with Rachel Kaplan

    in Psychology

    Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. The urban homesteading movement is spreading rapidly across the nation. Urban Homesteading is the perfect “back-to-the- land” guide for urbanites who want to reduce their impact on the environment. Full of practical information, as well as inspiring stories from people already living the urban homesteading life, this colorful guide gives a clear understanding of the lifestyle to any reader. It embraces the core concepts of localization (providing our basic needs close to where we live), self-reliance (re-learning that food comes from the ground, not the grocery store), and sustainability (giving back at least as much as we take). Full of beautiful full-color photographs and illustrations and plenty of step-by-step instructions, this is a must-have handbook for city folk with a passion for the simple life. Visit http://urban-homesteading.org/ for more information.

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    Episode #10: Demystifying Sonar - The Use of Sound for Detection, Classification and Localization

    in Military

    Capt Jeffrey Currer, head of the US Navy's Undersea Surveillance Branch, will discuss sonar technology; how the Navy uses underwater sound for navigation, detection, classification, and localization; and the difference between passive and active sonar.The appearance of advertising on this Web site, does not constitute endorsement by the (Department of Defense), of the products or services advertised on this site.Navy Ocean Stewardship ProgramUnderstanding SONARMarine Mammal Research Read transcript(pdf)

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    Rise Of The Patient #ROTPt Health Language & Interpretation

    in Health

    This episode is part of a larger program that will run for 3 months: The Rise Of The Patient.  (#ROTPt) Click this link for more details on the program 
    There is a movement happening. It is a quiet one however a critical one. Patients are finding their voice and are driving conversations in various arenas that are not necessarily in your traditional healthcare space. The movement has grown significantly since the advent of the social web. 
    They are driving change.Deborah Lockhart is the director of operations of The Language Shop, a full service language solutions provider offering translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading, transcription, desktop publishing and voiceover recording and dubbing in all languages and all areas of specialization including legal, financial, entertainment, film and media, online games, medical, website localization and more. Since childhood, she excelled in languages with English as her native language. She works to preserve the standard in all languages and dialects and the respective cultures with which they are associated.
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    Preparing for Online Holiday Shopping

    in Internet

    Now we know you've gone to the store recently and seen holiday decorations everywhere. No we're not talking about Halloween decorations but Christmas decorations. Seems to come earlier and earlier every year. As get closer to the holiday season many of us are more likely to be part of Cyber Monday than Black Friday.

    Our topic this week looks forward to the shopping we will be doing both in store and online. We'll look at strategies that smart retailers will use to lure in the social and mobile savvy as well as tips we can use to keep our information safe.
    Magnus Hyttsten is Chief Technology Officer of DigitalRoute which provides next-generation mediation technology to the communications market. Digital Route analyzes the amounts of data from mobile users or retail shoppers, which is still a major challenge for many service providers, to apply real-time decision-making and increased sales and customer loyalty.
    Martha Ferro Geller is Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Translations.com.  Martha speaks about how large retailers are strategically entering new consumer markets around the globe using language translation and localization that appeals to international customers.
    Jeffrey Lyon is the president of Black Lotus, a leading distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation provider.. He talks about the evolution of DDoS attacks and how they work, as well as what Internet retailers can do to keep their websites available and secure during the business shopping time of the year, when uptime is paramount.

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    Social Media & SmallBusiness Leader, Deborah Lockhart #OOTSE

    in Business

    This episode will invite you into the world of a small business owner (Deborah Lockhart, Director Operations).
    We will explore why business owners need to be social. This episode will bring you into their world of social business networking, opportunities and challenges.  
    Deborah Lockhart, Director of Operations at The Language Shop. Since 2006: Owner, The Language Shop, provider of translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading, transcription, desktop publishing, voiceover recording and dubbing in all languages and all specialty areas: legal, financial, entertainment, film and media, online games, medical, website localization, etc.
    Directs project managers in all time zones to provide language support to worldwide clientele.  1994-2006: Obtained Certificates in Translation and in Court Interpreting at NYU SCPS. Freelance translator:1985-1994: Obtained BA (Honors) in History with Languages
    Launched out as translator and interpreter for Antigua and Barbuda Elections Office, Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, High and Magistrates Courts, Venezuelan and US Embassies, law firms, medical practitioners, media, advertising and commercial entities.
    Website: www.thelanguageshop.org
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