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    The "One" You Never Got Over

    in Romance

    Remember that one person you dated... the one person who stole your heart, broke it and disappeared? We sure do! How do you move on without closer? How do you deal when you see them? It's definitely a bitter taste in your mouth, but you have carried on thus far with those feelings buried deep down inside you. Is it a light switch you can turn on and off? Is it a place of rage within you? Let's talk about what we all never want to talk about...

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    Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression

    in Spirituality

    As we journey through this class we call life, we encounter many obstacles. These obstacles can be fears, relationships, unfounded phobias, health, and more. It is how we overcome that brings us healing while strengthening our soul. There are many ways on the path to healing. Karen chose past life regression which awakened her to so much more.

    Karen believes that life is just another class. Upon remembering several past lives through regressions, she learned that we chose if and when to go into a new life. We chose this life, our bodies, the people in our lives and what to experience. The bonus being that we are not alone – our angels, spirit guides and passed over loved ones are always here for us.

    Karen Kubicko is a past life regressionist passionate about teaching and helping others heal through their own past lives. Karen completed the Past Life Therapy Professional Training course with Dr. Brian Weiss. She has personally remembered over 50 past lives and has helped many others remember their own past lives. She is the author of, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, an account of 16 of her past lives. Her book can be found on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.


    Devoted to creating, she is an avid writer, blogger, speaker, and artist. She enjoys mixing science and metaphysics. Karen loves being the mother of her two beautiful children in Pennsylvania.

    Karen, supporting her daughter, can also be seen on the LMN television show Ghost Inside My Child (S2 E1, 2014).

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    Ghost Inside My Child LMN Producers!

    in Paranormal

    Join Teal as she finds out the latest information on the hit series "Ghost Inside My Child" on Lifetime Movie Network.

    With Producer Suzanne Stratford-Colburn ( The Co-Creator of the Series) and Producer Sandra Alvarez.

    The show is still casting - Email: Mychildstory@yahoo.com

    One of my favorite shows on reincarnation. Very professionally filmed and researched.

    Don't miss it!




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    Ghost Inside My Child - Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

    in Spirituality

    Does your child recall memories of being on the Titantic or can they describe in detail places and events that they've never experienced before? Does your child act like an adult? They may be experiencing a memory of their previous life. On a very special edition of the "Outer Limits Of Inner Truth" we will explore this aspect of reincarnation.

    Guests include: 

    Lisa Tatum-Roehrig is Sr. Story Producer of Lifetime Movie Network's “Ghost Inside My Child”- they tell the stories of  families who have a child who is dealing with (or already dealt with) a  past life memory.  The second season airdate for “the Ghost Inside My Child” begins  aturday, August 16th at 9pm on LMN.


    Cerridwen Fallingstar is an American Wiccan Priestess, Shamanic Witch, and author. Since the late 1970s she has written, taught, and lectured about magic, ritual, and metaphysics, and is considered a leading authority on pagan Witchcraft. She is also the author of three historical novels, which she refers to as "posthumous autobiographies" — memories from previous lives. She also works as a professional psychic, offering readings and trance journeys (hypnotherapy in a shamanic context.) 


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    Is There An Afterlife?

    in Health

    My guest on Monday is Sunny Dawn Johnston, Spiritual Teacher and Author. An internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium, Sunny will join me to discuss Life and the Afterlife and to provide readings for our listeners. We will also provide insight for you on near death, as I will share my own near death experience. Sunny recently launched her Television Pilot on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN), called A Seance With... featuring Sunny Dawn Johnston. In the Nationally syndicated pilot Sunny provided readings to actress Lisa Rinna and two of her friends who wanted to connect with loved ones that had passed on. Join us to learn more about The Magic & Mystery of Life and Afterlife and get your spot reading!


    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.”
    - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life


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    Bhakti Fest with guest form this years Event and The Awsome Sunny Dawn Johnston

    in Spirituality

    June 10: 7-8 pm CT  Bhakti Fest Midwest-June 20-22 in Madison, Wisconsin! Kirtan, Yoga and Conscious Community! Bhakti Fest is a heart opening experience. Sridhar Silberfein, Founder of Bhakti Fest,  The Householders Band-heavy electronic music with traditional Indian chanting, and GuruGanesha Singh from the GuruGanesha Band will all be part of this heartwarming interview. 
    June 10: 8:00-9:00 pm CT.  Sunny Dawn Johnston is a Psychic Medium with a gift for connecting with souls on the other side.  She has a featured role on “A Séance With. . .” The pilot will air on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) on Saturday, June 14th. 

    Sunny will be offering FREE Mini-Readings during the Live Interview!   

    Intuitive Life Coach, Publisher of Spirit Seeker Magazine, and Feng Shui Consultant, Cynde Loves helping people Soar! Join Cynde Meyer every Tuesday  as she help you become your own Spirit Seeker. She will guild you as you journey into the unknown and strengthening your own spirit to travel this life more fully. Let her find ways for you all to heal both in the body, mind, and spirit. As a Feng Shui expert she can also help your home as well as your heart. Cynde will bring oyu the best guests to help you transform your life to one that is whole and complete. See you all then...

    Listen LIVE and Ask Questions: Call in  347-884-9914 from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm CST Every Tuesday!


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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ The Strange Familar x K-Slick

    in Music

    Who hasn’t indulged the childhood fantasy of playing in a band with your best friend and promising to stay together forever (and ever)? Only in the case of Kira Leyden and Jeff Andrea—co-leads of the Akron Ohio based The Strange Familiar. The pair met and played in their first band together as pre-teens at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

    Lead vocalist & keyboardist Leyden and guitarist Andrea parlayed their musical partnership into a bond of matrimony. The couple recently had their first child, daughter Rayne. Alongside talented band-mates and fellow Ohio-bred musicians Nicholas Sainato on drums and Frank Freeman on bass, The Strange Familiar has certainly earned its namesake. In 2008, they made their recorded debut with the indie EP release You Can't Go Back and followed up it up with two indie album releases This Is Gravity (2009) and Chasing Shadows in 2012.

    Their songs have been prominently featured on popular shows such as Pretty Little Liars, NBC’s The Biggest Loser and The Vampire Diaries, “Switched at Birth,” ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters,” Teen Nick’s “Degrassi” and LMN’s “The 19th Wife.” Their song “Courage" was used for the series premier of “Secret Life of an American Teenager” and became the un-official theme song by the show’s fans. With all this growing exposure, the band was nominated and won MTVu’s Freshman Challenge.

    Signed to Krian Music Group, their new album The Day The Light Went Out, will be released April 2014.The first single  “Rain” is now available on iTunes

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    Personal Empowerment with Karyn Finley Thompson and Paul Amirault

    in Spirituality

    Thursday April 3rd, 2014, 1pm EDT, Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to be celebrating our one year anniversary with Karyn Finley Thompson and Paul Amirault.  Karyn has been an actress, ballerina, hang glider pilot, TV producer and editor. She's worked on Good Morning America, The Aquarius Theater, Nickelodeon and has worked with Seth McFarlane on "Family Guy". Karyn's spiritual journey landed her in McCaysville, Ga at Delphi University where she received a Masters degree in Metaphysics.   A lifelong spiritual journey has seasoned her life in many ways and currently focuses on color and sound healing along with the Tarot.  Karyn is a producer and editor for TLC's "Sister Wives."

    Paul is a television producer by trade and a spiritualist and energy healer by vocation.  TV shows he’s produced include “The Amazing Race,” “Guinness World Records: Primetime,” “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” and the long-running HGTV home makeover series “Over Your Head.”  His latest project is “Deadly Wives” for the LMN network.

    Paul’s interest in spirituality came about as a result of his TV work.   In the mid-90s, he underwent a past-life regression and experienced a life aboard the ill-fated RMS Titanic.  His book about the experience, entitled “The Man Who Sent the SOS,” is in final stages of editing and is expected to be published later this year.  

    In 2008, while developing a reality show centered around mediumship development, Paul enrolled at Delphi University in McCaysville, GA, where it’s safe to say that his mind was completely blown!  At Delphi’s picturesque campus Paul discovered a gift for energy healing, and has since been attempting to incorporate his new passion with his work-a-day world. 


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    Stop Guesstimating Once and For All!

    in Business

    Our special guest this week Is Mike Lysecki, director of the Landscape Management Newtwork (LMN) based in Toronto Canada. Mike is going to discuss how you to develop a pricing system that covers labor, materials, overhead and profit accuratelty so that once and for all you can finally stop guesstimating and start estimating.
    You know what else?
    You'll have confidence in your numbers because they'll be based on reality and not guess work. After tonights interview you will understand what it really takes to price any job and to price it profitably.
    So listen in. You've got nothing to lose except your business.

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    Chyna Layne

    in Entertainment

    Chyna Layne joins us to talk about her TV Movie "Five" that premiered on the Lifetime network on October 10th that showcases the struggle of Breast Cancer among all different types of people.

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    This is NOT "Feminine Tosh": Writing Meaningful Fiction

    in Writing

    Three SheWrites novelists--Meg Waite Clayton, Carleen Brice, and Ellen Sussman--discuss writing and publishing fiction of substance
    Meg Waite Clayton is the bestselling author of The Four Mrs Bradwells, The Wednesday Sisters, and The Language of Light, a finalist for the Bellwether Prize. Her shorter work has appeared in national magazines and on public radio.
    Carleen Brice authored the novels Orange Mint and Honey, a Target "Bookmarked Breakout Book," and Children of the Waters. Orange Mint and Honey became the Lifetime Movie Network film Sins of the Mother, the second-highest rated original movie ever on LMN. It received two 2011 NAACP Image Awards. Brice won the 2009 First Novelist Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association along with other awards.
    Ellen Sussman is the author of the novels French Lessons and On a Night Like This, a San Francisco Chronicle Best-Seller. She has edited two anthologies, Dirty Words: A Literary Encyclopedia Of Sex and Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbehave, a New York Times Editors Choice and a San Francisco Chronicle Best-Seller

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