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    A Visit with Author LM BLAKELY

    in Entertainment

    We will be interviewing author LM Blakely on her new release, 'WIKKED', published through PHE INK Publishing Company. Come learn about her life, her passions and projects, as she gives us a taste of what her life is like, as well as reading us an excerpt from her new novel. This interview is sure to be a JOY! SEE YOU THERE....

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    Birthing While Black - Bold Doula and Midwife Jennie Joseph!

    in Women

    Please join Denise Bolds - Bold Doula and her special guest Jennie Joseph, Executive Director at Commonsense Childbirth, a 501(c)(3) as our discussion of birthing while black continues. Jennie is a midwife and initiator of the National Perinatal Task Force. Denise Bolds, a certified birth doula in New York and MSW is the producer and host of Black Motherhood Empowerment.  Denise is also a National Perinatal Task Force Ambassador.

    Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM – Executive Director, Clinical Director, Master Midwife, Founder of The JJ Way® 

    Jennie believes in women! Her personal mission is to be the NEW approach to women’s wellness by providing inspiration, education, empowerment and support as a means to optimal health and by ensuring that all women have healthcare answers that they can understand. Jennie's work  reflects her years of experience in the field of midwifery, maternal child health, social justice and public health spanning two continents and three decades.  

    Jennie Joseph can be reached on Facebook and at: http://Jennie@thebirthplace.org                  Denise Bolds can be reached on Blog Talk Radio - Follow Black Mother Empowerment. She is also on Facebook as Bold Doula and at: http://www.BoldDoula.com



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    Thanksgiving Dinner At Our House

    in Family

    Join My Rays of Light Radio, with hosts LM Young and Leslie Wright (Nadiyah)

    Tuesday at 10pm est



    We will be getting together to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for this year...

    Let's sit around the table together

    Good Food...

    Good Drink

    And GREAT company...

    What are you grateful for this year?

    Let's Talk!!

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    UN Slavery Dr. Sidney Davis, Queen Mother Dr. Delores Blakely and Stella Antley

    in Education

    Dr. Sidney Davis, Queen Mother Dr. Delores Blakely, Queen Quet of the Gullah Geechee Nation and Stella Antley,"Reparations Advocate" for The Slave Holding Me on FB will be discussing the March 25th, 2015 unveiling of the United Nation's Slavery Memorial and why there was a notable absence of African-Americans representing our ancestors who were enslaved here, due to not being invited to that event August 13th at 8pm ET, please call in 347.324.5552 ~The Gist of Freedom ~www.blackhistoryblog.com

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    in Politics

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  • How Far is Too Far

    in Family

    Join Nine Tribe Friday at 6pm est, with LM Young and Essence of Inanna (Leslie Wright)...when we discuss the video seen all around Facebook.

    How Far is Too Far?


    or listen in online at 


    The video taken in a South Carolina High School; where a 16 year old girl is acosted by a police officer, during a class.

    Was he out of line?

    Did her unwillingness to cooperate with the RSO justify his actions?

    Is there sxomething the school could have done differently?

    How do you feel about the video and the information that followed?

    What if she had been your daughter?

    Let's talk about it

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    Speak No Evil

    in Relationships

    Join My Rays of Light Radio and its hosts Authors LM Young and Leslie Wright (Essence of Inanna) Friday at 6pm est

    You can call in to speak to our hosts at 646-564-9708 and press 1

    or listen online at


    October is Domestic Violenece Awareness Month and the debut of the Powerful book

    Speak No Evil, a collectively written and organized book about how Domestic Violence touches , so many people.

    We have found many discussions in social media about this very serious issue.

    In discussing such an important issue...it is vital that we hear all aspects of this vile condition.

    Why does she stay?

    Where could she go?

    Are the police a help or hindrance?

    Did she ask for it?

    Are there always warning signs?

    Is this a one size fits all situation?

    We hope that you will join us and several of the co-authors of this book, as we delve into the world of Domestic Violence.

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    Help, I think I am going through an identity crisis!

    in Self Help

    Host: Toresa M. Blakely

    Topic of Discussion: Help, I think I am going through an identity crisis!

    In this podcast Coach TMB shares some insight about going through an identity crisis from her book "Pressing Towards The Mark-It's Not What You Think. What happens when you are just trying to be you and people won't let you or accept you. What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you become? Listen up close as the coach give you some tools to help you determine and clarify who you are!

    Coach TMB's Bio

    Hello! My name is Toresa M. Blakely and I am known to the world as Coach TMB; a lady who is passionate about seeing people learning how to "live their best life in life now." I am the founder and successful CEO of In Life Now Enterprises, a personal development & coaching media company.

    I was once homeless, hopeless, and full of despair. I know firsthand what life can be like as a single mom on welfare, overcoming domestic violence, and struggling to overcome low self esteem but always believed I was destined to do something great with my life.

    My life and business motto is “live your best life in life now” and strongly believe that “each person currently walking the earth has a definite purpose!”

    For Your Personal Autographed Copy of

    Pressing Towards The Mark-It's Not What You Think

    Email Coach TMB @


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    Help, I think my mate doesn't understand me!

    in Family

    Host: Coach TMB

    Topic of Discussion: Help, I think my mate doesn't understand me!

    In this episode Coach TMB shares some insight with you from her book Pressing Towards The Mark-It's Not What You Think. This podcast covers content out of the accompaning workbook to the book for chapter two entitled "When Your Mate Doesn't Understand." Most marriages are failing due to the lack of communication. What do you think? Listen attentively as Coach TMB engages you in conversation about this topic from her book.

    To Get Your Personal Autographed Copy

    Email Coach TMB @


    Purchase Online @




  • Nine Tribe

    in Family

    This Friday at 7pm est; My Rays of Light Radio, with its hosts LM Young and The Essence of Inanna (Leslie Wright), will be celebrating the beautifully intriguing women of Nine Tribe and our book "Speak No Evil".
    Nine Tribe is a collaborative effort to shine light on Domestic Violence.
    What started out as an optimistic hope for what could be...
    Has turned into an overwhelming surge of energy.
    This all started as a tribute to a very special woman from our tribe...
    What could she do to make her stand out? 
    She took a stand against abuse. ..specifically child abuse ; and it cost her greatly. ..yet to date...she still wages against this war.
    What most people don't realize is that personally, she has also been fighting a war against illness. She makes it all look so effortless. It is an honor to know her...and a true privilege to love her.
    Who wouldn't be inspired by this? 
    So what followed was nothing short of miraculous. 
    While we were hoping for at least 9 women, who would be willing to not only write about abuse, but support one another. ..in a most unique way. 
    While we hoped for Nine heroines...
    We were gifted with

    And Nine Tribe was born...
    Not only have we created a great book, which will hopefully give people in violent situations hope...
    But we came together As Women...
    From different backgrounds, locations and experiences. ..
    All for the purpose of being the Light at the end of one another's tunnel.
    And as if all of that wasn't great enough-
    It has inspired our first ever...online book writing club- where new authors become active by blogging and entrepreneurs by creating and marketing their own books. 
    We hope you will join us



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    The Randy O. Show with Tamara Gooch and Coach TMB

    in Entertainment

    Host: Randy Otterbridge

    Guests: Randy Otterbridge, Tamara Gooch, & Toresa M. Blakely

    Topic of Discussion: Why a TEAM beats a ME everytime!

    Just when YOU think you've got it all figured out--along comes a TEAM. Today's conversation surrounds the power of TEAM--and how it beats doing things alone everytime. Randy, Tamara, and Toresa share with you why their three voices carries one melody along The In Life Now Radio platform to help you in your life and business.

    Gain some insight from Team In Life Now on how to better cohabitat with your team so that in turn you can be more effective in life and in business.