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    Inside the movies and more ep 22

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     We talk about movies and pop cultur

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    Fun For All

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    This show is for anyone. We are going to share tips, talk about celebrities, and talk about things that the audience wants to talk about, and more! This is not just some stupid radio station this will be a fun one. You will be able to interact with me and everyone else. I promise you will enjoy my new radio station.

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    Talking PIctures Host Paul Booth discuss TCM Film Festival 2015

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    Coming to Hollywood March 27-29th. TCM will screen your favorite classics on the big screen, with special guests in attendance. 

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    Focus Hollywood: "Have These Movies Gone To The Dogs"

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    Yes, you're right, these movies have gone to the dogs, literally! Each feature under discussion are all films with dogs as their main theme. We have movies with real as well as animated dogs. Surprisingly, many of film's primary genres apply; drama, horror, suspense, tragedy and comedy. A wealth of emotions abound in these worthwhile, cinematic finds. Join us, and our four-legged companions, for a night of conversation about "man's best friend". 

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    Movies to Love: Urban Cowboy

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    One of the best romantic cowboy films. Who could forget Bud and Sissys turbulent relationship. Why did this cowboy romantic film became so famous among us? This movie sent county music on an all time high. The movie produced a hit soundtrack creating memories of Debra Winger and John Travoltra. I love this film and it changed how I viewed some things. What did this film change for you? Tune in Saturday at 6 pm for Movies to Love to see why was this movie pinned so many times. Hey you can watch it now before the show at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001K38XNC?ref_=imdbref_tt_wbr_aiv&tag=imdbtag_tt_wbr_aiv-20


  • Talking Pictures w/Host Paul Booth the 9th Annual G.IF.F. in Tamapa

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    Paul discuss the 9th Annual Gasparilla Interntional Film Festival.

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    Life's Issues Radio with Lloyd Rosen

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    Life's Issues Radio with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Richard Smith & Dean Roberts:

    Richard H. Smith, Ph. D., is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Kentucky (Ph.D. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). His research is on social emotions such as awe, envy, and schadenfreude. He has edited a volume on envy, Envy: Theory and Research, Oxford University Press, 2008, and has a recent book on schadenfreude, The Joy of Pain: Schadenfreude and the Dark Side of Human Nature, Oxford University Press, 2013

    Dean Roberts -  I was born in 1939 got kicked out of school at age 16 Was given an early discharge for the Navy in 20 got married at 22 and had two children within three years. Some time in my late 20s I started to read and study Marcus Aurelius book meditations and think and grow Rich by Napoleon hill When my parents retired from the family steel rule die business in 1976 we were doing around $100,000 a year in sales. By 1981 my company had become the largest manufacturer of diecut dollhouse kits in the world we were doing about $4 billion in sales with over 40 employees. I had the good fortune to attract some really great people that took full responsibility for all the day-to-day operations. This enabled me to travel study meditate exercise and play way too much tournament poker. So now in the final stage of my life I would like to share with younger people some of the useful things that I've learned over the years. My daughter son and grandson are operating the business today it's Greenleafdollhouses.com

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    Pictures Say 1000 things

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    Oh boy....I have noticed in some areas of the church and the secular world that many do not know how to take professional pictures or handle business professional~. Not just in the church but in the secular world. The problem is that there are women and men decide to hurt others whether it is in the world or the church, with their behavior in the church and or the business areas by using illicit behavior to get what they want.... who does it actually AFFECT??? Let's talk about it!

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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Blind mountain

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    Mang shan: China in the 1990’s, women are forced to marry men, babies that are female to drown. This movie will have you guessing and not guessing what’s next. It is pure madness. What is so fascinating? It’s the Color Purple and Cold Mountain wrapped up in one. Now, watching this movie really hits home to how much abuse can one take in life and everything that could happen. This film will draw you in. Tune in at a new day- Sunday at 6pm for Movies to Love. Now find your neurosis. Think mine are bad?

    To watch the film go to this link:


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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Dallas Buyers Club

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    In 1985 Dallas, Ron Woodroof who works as an electrician, beats the system to help people get the medication they need who have contacted AIDS. This happens, after he is himself diagnosed with the disease. I have to tell you this is neurosis of helping others and you will find out why. This a great movie with awesome talented actors.  if you really are neurosis to helping people, then, tune in to watch and listen to the show Sunday at 6 pm. 

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