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    Here, Dad, and Present

    in Dads and Family

    Tough parenting or being a father?  Tired of worrying about your kids?  Concerned about being there just enough as a Dad?  Are you good enough?
    Listen to our show to learn a few things about being a dad in today's world:
    You are not alone Beind Dad is the biggest  and best job you will ever have Mom may drive the minivan, but you lead the family How do you deal with stress and anxiety? What does it mean to be a man with no farm? Ever wonder just how green the other side of the fence could have been? They no longer need me?  
    Join us as we explore these topics and many more.  
    "Dad, can I be like you some day... and not get yelled at by mom for leaving the toilet seat up?" Luis (8years old)

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    Davd's show

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    talking about anything baby