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    Kp Radio Hawaii 2-5-16... “Openings of the Boxes"

    in Education

    Lots of passion in this one, as the “unveilings”, aka, “Openings of the Boxes”, are happening all around us (and within us) now.

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/02/05/kp-radio-hawaii-2-5-16-openings-of-the-boxes

    Talked about (among other things):

    Boxes being opened… Cosmic, planetary, political, personal.
    Lada Ray, Earth Shift Report 4 (ESR4), ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS.
    Kingdom of Hawai’i and takeover thereof… unveilings.
    Link to US Navy dispatches describing advantages of annexing Kingdom of Hawai’i.
    Louis Buzzy Agard video, where he describes how he decoded an 1892 Navy message to people in Hawaii describing recommended steps to take over the islands..
    How this VT article applies directly to the Kingdom of Hawai’i and it’s people.
    Encouraged all to be open and receptive to their own “boxes” being opened.

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    Living a Fulfilled Life

    in Lifestyle

    What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? Many will say look at the material items accumulated, others look to the number of friends, while others yet, contend it is simply how happy your family is at any given time.

    There are certain actions one can take to insure that no matter the algorithm used you will end up on the happier side of life. Join me as we look at five tips for living a more fulfilled life. 

    BONUS INTERVIEW:  Eleze "Lisa" Thomas-McMillan author of Living Fulfilled The Infectious Joy of Serving Others

    SHOW SPONSOR:  Inspirational Productions

    MUSIC SPONSOR:   Triumph by JaneliaSoul  also available on Amazon

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-25-16... “X (-Files) Marks the Spot"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/25/kp-radio-hawaii-1-25-16-x-files-marks-the-spot

    Talked about (among other things):

    Disclosure from the new X-Files.
    Other disclosure from VT articles.
    Energetically feeling flattened.

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    [Pre-show notes: “Disclosure from X-files, and other things.”]

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-19-16... “Upward Movement and Expansion"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/19/kp-radio-hawaii-1-19-16-upward-movement-and-expansion

    Talked about (among other things):

    Examples of upward movement and expansion.
    January 17 (1-17-16) was the 123rd anniversary of the usurping of the Kingdom of Hawai’i government by a group of businessmen.
    Find more about the news of that time at NuPepa-Hawaii.com.
    More about history, facts, about the 1-17-1893 usurping process available at HawaiianKingdom.org.
    A summary of Kingdom of Hawai’i usurping is also in this flyer (full page, half page).
    Talked quite a bit about the Kingdom, and events of that time period (from my perspective).
    Role of Russia and BRICS in the potential reinstatement of sovereignty for countries that were “usurped” by foreign governments/entities.
    Darn… I used the word “usurp” 4 times (now it’s 5) in this post!!

    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “Talking about Upward Movement and Expansion.”]

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-6-16... “Energies of the 2016" (and other stuff)

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/07/kp-radio-hawaii-1-6-16-energies-of-the-2016-and-other-stuff

    Talked about (among other things):

    Coming up on next two shows: Interview of Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 11-22-15, by Africa Live Radio, 1-7-16 (11 PM HST) and 1-8-16 (1 AM HST) (2 hours apart).
    Issues involving TMT possibly trying to stay, and who’s wanting them to stay, via Free Hawaii TV.
    Taking a deep breath before next steps.
    Increasing awareness of all levels of BEingness.
    Heaven means expansion.
    Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings.
    Changing paths.
    Occurring this year are major unveilings and major releases of old paradigms and setting out on next paths.
    Staying stuck in old paradigms that are “asking” for release is the worst.


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    [Pre-show notes: “We Shall See What We Shall See what this shall be


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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-1-16... “First Show" (of the 2016)

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/01/kp-radio-hawaii-1-1-16-first-show-of-the-2016

    Talked about (among other things):

    Survived the 12 midnight noise(s).
    Not being “into” the loud holiday celebrations.
    The “9” of the 2016 message… We’re at starting point of completion of lots of things.
    The Sputnik article and Preston James article… old paradigms and “things” are “closing out”..
    Being at peace, in solitude, during turbulent times will be helpful to many.
    Indigenous prophecies article, how it relates to the Mauna Kea protectors..
    Discussed the latest GaiaPortal… standing in one’s strength..


    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “It’s the first show (of 2016).”]

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 12-30-15... “The Latest" (whatever THAT might be)

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/12/30/kp-radio-hawaii-12-30-15-the-latest-whatever-that-might-be

    Talked about (among other things):

    Thanks for 26,000,000.
    Massive transformations right now. Energetic, physical, emotional, mental, transition.
    Confrontations all over the planet of old energies.
    Moving out of / closing out old paradigms.
    2016 coming up… 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Completion.
    Confrontation of old paradigms followed by dissolving of old paradigms.

    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “Who knows…”]

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    Hidden Hunger Global Has Launched in Hawaii! You Can Do Well by Doing Good!

    in Social Networking

    Sandy C and J Michael will be sharing this new movement about Hidden Hunger Global and how their mission is to save the lives of children and  also impact  families here in  Hawaii and beyond!

    J Michael Smith had a very successful career in the restaurant industry having managed, owned and operated restaurants on Oahu and Maui from the mid 70's through 2007 . He lived on this beautiful island for 17 years, and  currently resides in the state of Texas.  He is going to share his experience about being a previous business  owner here in the state and also the realization of how expensive it is to live in paradise. From his experience working with the people of the island and seeing first hand the struggle that people have financially here in this state, you can understand why he is on a mission to help the families of Hawaii make a better life for themselves.  He is also very passionate about saving children and has lived in Ethiopia when he was a child. Africa is very dear to his heart and you can understand his passion to help those who are in desperate need. He has seen this with his own eyes and lived among those less fortunate. He is very aware of the current conditions around the world and will be sharing his knowledge on the show. 

    Sandy Conway has lived on Maui for the last 15 years and loves the culture of this great state of Hawaii! She is the Co-Founder of Maui Women Live Out Loud whose mission is to share, care, and pray for the women of Maui. When she learned of Hidden Hunger Global, she was so inspired by the movement of this organization. She has been searching for a cause-based organization to join forces with to save the lives of children, but also to make a better life for herself. Her mission is share the news with the world about Hidden Hunger Global and the difference it can make for everyone.

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 11-7-15... "We're Back, Baby!", so "What's Going On Out There?"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/11/07/kp-radio-hawaii-11-7-15-were-back-baby-so-whats-going-on-out-there

    Talked about (among other things):

    Journey to Turtle Island, Mississippi headwaters, etc.
    In Minnesota, snow was part of a “crystalline experience”.
    The Mike Harris interview by Alexandra Meadors (video link).

    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “A bit about the Turtle Island journey, and what’s going on around here (and the planet).”]

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-13-16... “InTENSities" (and a few items from the blog)

    in Education

    Very high energy/vibration show (in my view).

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/13/kp-radio-hawaii-1-13-16-intensities-and-a-few-items-from-the-blog

    Talked about (among other things):

    Intense energies happening right now.
    Releasing the old ideas.
    Releasing the old paradigms.
    Releasing the old ideas and paradigms about the “Return of the Kingdom of Hawai’i”.
    REALizing sovereignty within oneself is the prime thing going on now… all else is secondary.
    Illustrations of those first five things in the latest blog posts.


    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “Intense energies and awakenings are discussed…”]

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-8-16... “Edmund K Silva Jr on Africa Live Radio 11-22-15 pt 2"

    in Education

    Show links: Part 1 Part 2

    MP3 download links: Part 1 Part 2:

    The conference in Moscow links:

    Part 1 of 3 (Conference description)
    Part 2 of 3 (Conference Report)
    Part 3 of 3 (Presentation by Lanny Sinkin)
    Kingdom presentation

    [Pre-show notes: “Interview of Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 11-22-15, by Africa Live radio, on the Kingdom of Hawai’i.”]