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    Living Astrology - Exploring Human Design: Astrology for a New Paradigm

    in Spirituality

     Exploring Human Design:  Astrology for a New Paradigm

    Human Design is a fascinating science and spiritual guide that helps you explore and discover your Life Purpose through the use of an individually created "Life Map."  Often called the "new astrology," Human Design is the intersection of science and spirituality.  It is a decision-making tool, a guide to our specific future potential, regardless of past life decisions.

    Based on 6 methods of divination - Western Astrology, Eastern Astrology, the I-Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system and Quantum Physics, Human Design can take us to the depths of the Truth of who we are.  Living Astrology's Janet Hickox will be doing mini-Human Design readings.  If you would like one, please send your birth time, birth place and birth date to janethickox@hotmail.com before 3:00 pm on July 3, 2014.

    To tune into the show and get your reading, please call 1-347-205-9869. 



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    Year in Review & What's Coming Up? - on Living Astrology Radio

    in Spirituality

    Hosted by: India Irie Sanatana Dharma ?and Kami Be

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    Solstice Astrology: The Summer of Jupiter & Venus

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    June 18, 2015 - Solstice Astrology:  The Summer of Jupiter & Venus

    4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern

    Today on Living Astrology:  Let's take a look at the upcoming astrology transits for Summer 2015.  

    The Summer begins with Sun & Mars (vitality & action) in a conjunction, and from there the dance becomes all about Jupiter and Venus (growth/expansion & love, money & relationships).  These two benefic planets conjunct each other three times between July 1 and October 24, offering us the opportunity to connect with creativity, passion and healthy relationships.  There is one small catch, however... Venus will retrograde in the middle of the Summer...Oh No!  What does the Venus Retrograde mean for us?  Tune in and find out ...

    Do you want to hear about how the these transits effect you?  I will be doing readings, as time permits.   If you would like a reading, please email me your birth information (time, place & date) to janet@living-astrology.com by 3:00 pm Pacific on Thurs., June 18.

    Call into the show for questions or for your reading at 347-205-9869.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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    Living Astrology: The Sun in Virgo and the Upcoming New Moon in Virgo

    in Spirituality

    This week on Living Astrology ....The Summer energy begins its shift toward Fall as the Sun moves into Virgo and entertains the New Moon at 2 Virgo on the 25th.  This is a time of new beginnings and getting back to the work of our lives - many schools around the country have already started their year, and the rest will be coming along here before too long.  From our many years of being conditioned to look at August/September as a new beginning of sorts, we are all looking for what is "right" for us as we approach the new season.  Taking a look at your personal astro-chart can help you align with the universal energies, as well as your personal energies.  If you would like a mini-astrology reading during the show, please email me your birth date, time and place to janet@living-astrology.com, or to janethickox@hotmail.com.

    And, speaking of being conditioned or "conditioning," part of our discussion today will include how we look at conditioning in Human Design Astrology.

    Here is the number to call into the show for your reading or to ask questions:  1-347-205-9869.


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    Living Astrology: Full "Super" Moon in Aquarius Across from a Leo Stellium

    in Spirituality

    This Week on Living Astrology:  

    Full "Super" Moon in Aquarius Across from a Leo Stellium of Planets - Wow!

    Today we're going to be taking a look at this upcoming Full "super" Moon in Aquarius and how it is going to be effecting all of us - especially since right across from the full moon is a host of planets in Leo.  To me it feels like we are really going to be in the energy of letting go of anything that doesn't resonate with our Purpose, Passion or Life Path.  Even though this may feel a little crazy to some of us, it's really the Universe helping guide us to our right destinies!!  

    We will be doing Full Moon readings for people.  Please email me by 3:00 pm Pacific the day of the show with your birth date, birth time and birth place:  janet@living-astrology.com or janethickox@hotmail.com.  

    Call into the show at 1-347-205-9869 for your reading or to ask questions.  

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    Living Astrology at Anacortes Center for Happiness: New Moon in Leo & More

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    Today on Living Astrology Radio: New Moon in Leo & More About Human Design

    There is so much already going on in Leo, and now we have an opportunity to direct our creative efforts in the world through the Leo New Moon!  The new moon creates a manifesting gateway and is always a time for us to connect ourselves with something new.  What would you like to manifest in your life using the passionate, fiery, and extravagant energy of Leo?  Tune in to today's show for a mini-reading and find out!

    We are also broadcasting our show LIVE from the Anacortes Center for Happiness - if you are in the area, please consider stopping by and enjoying the show and then staying for the "Exploring Human Design" class at 7:00 pm Pacific.

    If you would like to have a mini-reading during the show, please send me your birth date, time, and place to janethickox@hotmail.com

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    Living Astrology: The Astrology of 2014

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    Living Astrology:  The Powerful Super New Moon in Capricorn and The Astrology of 2014

    Join astrologer, Janet Hickox, this week to find out what the planets have in store for you in 2014.  We begin the year with a very powerful Super New Moon in Capricorn and a complex configuration of planets setting the stage for the coming months.  If you want to find out how the planetary aspects will effect you, call in to the show for a mini-reading.  Please email your birth information to janethickox@hotmail.com, I need your birth time, birth place, birthday.  Call in to 1-347-205-9869.  


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    Living Astrology: Astrology of the Autumn 2014

    in Spirituality

    This week on Living Astrology:  Astrology of the Autumn Equinox

    We're moving into another astrologically busy time!  The Autumn swings into high gear in early October with Mercury Retrograde, a Total Lunar Eclipse and a partial Solar Eclipse.  Mercury will be retrograding from Scorpio back to Libra, the eclipses are in Libra/Aries and Scorpio/Taurus.  Today we'll be discussing what each of these configurations mean for us as individuals and then we'll be doing astrology readings as well.

    If you would like an astrology reading, please email your birth information (date, time, place) to me by 2:00 pm Pacific time on Thursday, Sept. 18th.  Email to janet@living-astrology.com or janethickox@hotmail.com.  Then call into the show for your reading.  1-347-205-9869.



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    New Paradigms in Astrology - Interview with Bryn Morgaine

    in Spirituality

    The esoteric study of Astrology is over 4,000 years old and perhaps it is time for an upgrade!  That is what our conversation with guest astrologer, Bryn Morgaine centers around today.  According to Bryn, "Our understanding of our solar system, the Galaxy and Universe beyond has grown exponentially in the last 30 years...This has produced a number of new areas in Astrology where the observations of our solar system require that our understanding of Astrology be upgraded."  

    In Bryn's work, there are up to 6 specific areas that revisions in astrology may be taking place: 

    1.  Dwarf Planets in the Solar System

    2.  Pluto as a dwarf planet in a binary planetary system

    3.  Asteroids in Astrology

    4.  New understanding of Virgo & Libra

    5.  Deep Sky Phenomena

    6.  Shift in location of the constellations since the Zodiac quadrants were orginally defined. 

    Tune in today to hear about these exciting changes that are upon us in the astrology world.  We will be doing readings, as well, on how these new phenomena effect your astrology charts.  If you would like a reading, please email me your birth information (time, place & date) to janet@living-astrology.com by 3:00 pm Pacific on Thurs., June 11.  

    Call into the show for questions or for your readings at 347-205-9869.  We look forward to hearing from you!  

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    Living Astrology - The Astrology of the Spring Equinox

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    Living Astrology:  The Astrology of the Spring Equinox - The Next 3 months

    Today we're going to take a look at the next 3 astrological months to see what the energetic dynamic will be for us.  We begin the process by pulling a chart for the actual Spring Equinox where we can see what the themes, challenges and opportunities will be for us on a Conscious level.  

    If you would like your individual chart pulled to see what the Spring may hold for you, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to janethickox@hotmail.com .  Please send me your information by 3 p.m. PDT.  

    Here's the number to call into the show:  1-347-205-9869.  

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    Living Astrology: Astrology of the Summer Solstice and the Summer Transits

    in Spirituality

    This week on Living Astrology we're going to be looking at the Astrology of the Summer Solstice and Summer Transits - some of which is a continuation from last week. We're going to take a deeper look at the Solstice chart to see what direction we are going to move in. Mars - which has been in Libra for the last 7 months - will be moving into Scorpio, where Saturn has been for the last 2 years - and what will this mean for everyone? And, so much happening in the sign of Leo - what will that mean for everyone?

    If you would like a mini-astrology chart reading, please send me your birth time, birth date, and birth place to janethickox@hotmail.com by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday the 19th. Then, call into the show at 1-347-205-9869 to listen to the show and to get your reading.