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    #1504 Live Your Life with Passion

    in Nutrition

    Do you feel like there should be something more to life? Would you like to live life with passion and purpose? Heather Visca, business owner & creator of “Love Your Life Day,” has an amazing story. She adopted a healthy lifestyle to help her recover from a life-threatening injury and it transformed her life. Heater gives you her tips for transforming your own life and living with passion every day! 

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Seek, Do, Become

    in Self Help

    Are you an 'A' person?  Do others descrive you as an 'A' person? We will examine the 'A' words that dominate our life. As we go through life we must constanty review and examine our self talk.  Expecially as it relatesto our dreams, passions, and goals.  

    Being responsible for our thougts is first decision we must make.  And one we make that decision it is ours. We own it. From that point on, the result of our thought is yours and yours alone.  And most of us live in fear that we will make a mistake, or suffer a setback, our it just won't quite work out.  At this point it is clear. Our fears of the possible undesired results outways our passion for desired result.

    Seek, Do, Become.

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    Monetizing Your Passion

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    In this episode find out ways to monetizing your gifts and talents.  Pat Council's special guest Michael Chrosniak will share his story about how he followed his dream and used his gifts to earn an income while living out his passion.  This is a great show to tune in to for those who are looking for insight as to how to live your passion and how to get the courage to go for your dreams in 2015.

    Read a free copy of a chapter from Pat's newest book.  Click to download, now.

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Seek, Do, Become. What Does the 'C' word mean to you?

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    The 'C' word makes your life work.  It is not something we say, but rather, it is something we think and do. Courage, confidence, committment are all examples of a 'C' word that we must repeat over and over.  We must also act in accordance with out confidence and courage.  Of all the human virtures, courage is the the most important.  Without it, all the other virtures fail.  

    None of us are born with confidence or courage. We are all born insecure and needing others to sustain us.  But that time passes. We eventually become being that are able to sustain ourselves.  And from here our confidence and courage to act will determine our destiny.  

    As a parent or grandparent, knowing that confidence and courage are learned behaviors, we must do everythiing in our power to continually enhance and grow our own confidence and to help others achieve thiers.   

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Don't fear the "F" word. Use it freely.

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    The "F" word should be shunned.  The four letter word that we must reject is fear!  Far to many people allow thier fear of something dictate their actions. And when we do, it becomes a habit. And all habits are learned.   And when we choose to make decision out of fear we become less than we could. However, the good news is that since fear is learned, it can be unlearned.  Or in otherwords, we can learn to take and act in confident manners. And when we do, we will learn new habits that will change our thinking and change our behavior. Because fear is a choice.  We can either approach things from a place or fear or a place of confidence.

    If you always ask yourself, "What is the absolutely best result I could achieve if I take this action.?" Start your thinking with the end in mind.  Be bold and be more.


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    Find and Live Your Passion

    in Self Help

    Knowing what you want is the first step to finding and living your passion. Our guest this month is JAD Communications CEO Yvonne Brown. 

    An international author and speaker, Yvonne has coached hundereds of people to find their passion and live the life they dream of.

    Join us for an enlightening session to start the year off on the right foot.

    You can learn more about Yvonne at her website http://www.YvonneFBrown.com

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    Ignite Your Passion: Live Authentically

    in Spirituality

    Embrace your passions and live the life you were meant to live.  

    Join me every Tuesday at 10:00 am PT on Energy Upstream Radio.  This is the place to be for discussions on personal development, abundance, creation, energetic health, and so much more.  

    Be a part of the conversation by calling (347) 826-9337.  



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    Passport 2 Your Passion: Seek, Do, Become: Are you a 'B' person?

    in Self Help

    Seek your passion.  Do acts daily that will move you in the direction.  You become the very thing that you think about and take action toward.  "You will be known by the fruit you bear."  No matter what you think of yourself, your world around you reflects those accumulated thoughts and actions.  The quest then becomes, this is where I am now, what thoughts and actions to do I need to hold and do to take me to that place where I want to be.  

    Too many people allow fear to limit their actions. They then use their thoughts to reconcile their lot in life. At the end of the day, we either the have results we claim we desire, or we do not. All people get results. Period.  Some people get results consistant with their desires, while others get different results.  The question is: Why?  The answer is that those that achieve their results truly believe in their passions.  And their life reflects their committment to their dreams.

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    How to Find Your Passion & Live a Life of Purpose: Barrie Davenport

    in Self Help

    Barrie Davenport, founder of BarrieDavenport.com and creator of the top-ranked personal development blog with over 30K subscribers; Live Bold and Bloom. She is a certified life passion coach, helping others find and live their inner passions in a way that creates a fuller, happier, and more purpose-filled life.

    Barrie's work has been featured in: The Huffington Post, Finer Minds, Tiny Buddha,  Think Traffic, Zen Habits, Problogger,  Write to Done, Pick the Brain, and many more.  Her personal development books have been consistent top ranked best-sellers on Amazon.

    Barrie spent over 20 years as a successful public relations executive, helping her clients realize their own passions by positioning them for success. 

    Over time, Barrie realized she wasn’t 100% fulfilled with her own career. After years of feeling stuck, she took a leap of faith and left her successful PR career in order to begin a process of self-discovery for her true calling. At the time, she thought she was merely on a personal search. But over the decades of helping other people with their dreams, she had been unknowingly honing an incredibly powerful skill–How to uncover passion and bring it to life.

    Barrie teaches the same strategies she learned through her personal journey in her coaching practice. It is the same formula she has taught thousands of clients and readers who are now living lives of passion and purpose.

    ?http://www.barriedavenport.com/  http://www.LiveBoldAndBloom.com

    Connect with Deb at www.DebScott.com

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    Passport 2 your Passion: Seek, Do, Become. Let's deal with the 'D' word!

    in Self Help

    As we go about our day, we often give little thought to our thoughts. We, for the most, are either functioning on auto pilot or we are reacting to events or the actions of others. Our habits have developmented routines which drive our action.  This is not bad, it is generally good.  We rise, we shower, we brush, comb, wipe, swipe, dress and get about our day. We get to where we are going and have similar routines.  This is normal and necessary.  But all the time our body is functioning on auto pilot, our brain is also churning out thoughts.  And our thoughts will decide our destiny. And once we discover that our destiny is dominated by our thoughts, we must give deference and discretion to what is driving these thoughts.  Are they moving us toward our dreams?  Are we devoted to these desires?  Or are we just deluding ourselfs and not really motivated in doing anything except getting through the day.

    The 'D' words in your vocabulary will either be dynamic and daring, and lead you to your destiny, or they will defuse your desires with thoughts that dampen your determination and ultimately crush your spirit. I know it sounds dramitice, but it is a choice. You decide. And as you do, your destiny will be pre-determined. 

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    Circle of Life Finding Your Passion

    in Family

    For today’s aspiring entrepreneur, exploring avenues of creativity to find your passion is likely the quickest route to increase your chances of launching a successful business. So, Where to start? Join me Voice by Stephanie Circle of Life Finding Your Passion as we try to discover YOU and your journey in life.



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