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    Intel Chip Chat - Live from Mobile World Congress 2015

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    This broadcast of the Intel Chip Chat Podcast will be live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where more than 80,000 attendees will get the latest news in the mobile and telecom space. We’ll have interviews with executives from Intel Security, Juniper Networks, ASOCS, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson and they’ll be chatting about everything from network functions virtualization to open source industry initiatives.

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    Intel Chip Chat - Live from Mobile World Congress 2015 - Day 2

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    On day two of livecasting from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Chip Chat will have interviews with executives from Intel, Openet, Procera Networks, Amartus, and Intel Security and they’ll be discussing everything from telecom network transformation to the state of mobile and IoT security. MWC is one of the largest shows in the mobile space with more than 80,000 attendees and many major announcements and product launches expected. Allyson will be live on the ground to discuss the latest trends and topics in the telecom industry.

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    Live Stage:The best Reggae Music on the #1 Reggae Station Crs Radio

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    Background: Reggae - Around 1960, in the slums of Kingston Jamaica, where the local bands were playing a musical mixture of American R&B, Caribbean, and pan-African sounds, drummers began to emphasize the afterbeat, the 2nd and 4th beats (4/4 time) in unison with the piano and guitar while the bass played walking quarter notes. The musicians called the sound "Upside-down R&B". It soon became known as "Ska". As time passed Ska slowed the beat, lost it's brass sound and morphed into "Rocksteady", performed with fewer musicians and using more harmony vocals. Around 1968 the influences of Rastafari and Africanism along with political and social unrest in Jamaica gave birth to "Reggae", with a slower, stripped-down, less "Pop-like" sound often with accents added on the 3rd beat. Today the term "Reggae" applies broadly to all the Jamaican born music that contains the original afterbeat rhythm.

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    Live Prayer and Chat with Sister Violet!

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    It's the New Year, but for some of us, we still carried over broken  hearts, disappointment, and feel lonely, confused.  What we allneed is help, encouragement, hope and love.  That's where I come in...I'm sister Violet, a friend who will listen, find out what's on your heart, pray with you and offer you personal testimony that I believe will uplift your wounded soul.  There is no preaching, no judgement here.  Come as you are...I know I will.  I'm flawed, but I love God and His people.  I let my light shine but I am not going to take down someone else and tell them what they are doing wrong - I just want to be a warm, welcoming voice to you, but I am real.  Just like you.  I carry my own scars, burdens and issues, but what do you say we chat, laugh, cry and just help one another through the rough times.  Call me tonight and let's get to know one another.  I am a Christian, and I will pray with you in the way that I know and practice, but whatever you believe in, wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.  

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    The Chat Room Morning Show... LIVE

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    Welcome to The Chat Room... with Tony Wolf Paw, The Paranormal "NEW" Talk Radio, that talks about everything under the Sun. Its not all about Haunted Places here, we like to keep things interesting for you, so topics here change all the time. You will listen to great interviews, and some occasional bloopers. Thank you for listening to our show, and making it one of your favorites. Join us by calling (347) 884-9592 Thank you for making us one of your favorite shows on blogtalkradio your friend Tony Wolf Paw.

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    Live: legendary Reggae Artist Keith Poppin & up & coming Machet Reggae Band

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    5th Annual Chesapeake Bay Reggae Fest also known as the Buckroe Beach Reggae Fest will be held May 16th and May 17th on the Chesapeake Bay. The venue is located at  Mill Point Park which the gem of Downtown Hampton with splendid views of the waterway. The festival has a whole array of craft and food vendors to send you on a trip to the islands. Lastly  the event also has many free parking lots that are designated for the event all weekend to make your entry and exit a breeze. Located at  100 Eaton Street, Hampton, Va 23664. info  visit www.cbreggaefest.com or www.facebook.com/ChesapeakeBayReggae 

    Growing up in Westmoreland, Keith Smith had dreams of becoming a star. His neighbors in this western Jamaican town included such future legends as Peter Tosh, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Ronnie Davis of the Itals. At the age of 17, like many aspiring artists, Keith headed to Kingston to find a vehicle for his talents. In 1968, he formed his own band, 'Rocking Horse,' and began playing at local clubs and festivals. After hit singles with Rocking Horse, Keith's wide vocal range  earned him the nickname 'poppin'. 'In 1973 released his first solo single 'Same Thing For Breakfast.' This roots classic marked the beginning of a long and successful recording career, topping the charts in England and Jamaica and selling over 50,000 records.

     MACHET is the creation of the Founding members of THE I-TERNALS, DC's original heavyweight dub specialists. This is Dub at its finest. Incorporating the original effects of Dub pioneers such as King Tubby and his protégé, The Scientist, Machet uses spring reverb, tape delay, and phasers to bring listeners back to the early forms of Dub reggae. caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com

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    Live Chat: Reggae Artist ...Do you know who own Your Publishing Rights

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     Music Publishing Rights?The broad bundle of rights that are associated with a musical copyright are known“music publishing rights.”These rights are not defined by statute but rather are terms recognized in the music industry. Similarly, the concept of the “writer’s share” versus the “publisher’s share” is based in practice, not law. 50% of the income derived from the exploitation of a composition is deemed to constitute the publisher’s share and 50% the writer’s share.Author assigns the copyright in the composition to the publisher, the publisher collects 100% of the income and, after deducting costs, balance for the author.Other typical types of arrangements between authors and music publishers include co-publishing agreements,under which the copyright ownership is shared author (heir) and publisher;administration agreements,under which the author (heir) retains copyright ownership and publisher administers the rights; and co-administration agreements  author (or heir) retains copyright ownership and co-administers rights with the publisher.Performing rights societies have subscribed to the distinction between writer and publisher shares and allocate monies accordingly, usually paying the writer’s share to the author or his/her heirs.1.Dramatic or “Grand” Rights 2.Non-dramatic or “Small” Performance Rights 3.Synchronization Rights 4.Mechanical Rights 5.Print Rights 6.Concert Rental Rights 7.New Media Rights . limited.661-467-2407.http://alterandkendrick.com/protecting-your-musical-copyrights/what-are-music-publishing-rights/

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    Live: The Best of Jamaican Reggae Artists who had one hit wonder

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    The term “One-hit wonder” is usually seen as insult; however that should not the case when it comes to these artists.  Many of the artists on this list paved the way for innovative changes to reggae and dancehall.  It is also best to have one big hit than no hits at all as that one hit can make a great impact.  The following are our reggae and dancehall top 10 “One-hit wonders”. Which songs do you think are missing from this list? We want to hear from you! Tell us by leaving a comment below.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicans.com/music/articles_reggae/top-10-reggae-dancehall-one-hit-wonders.shtml#ixzz3Rh3QaAtn

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      Relationships never too much to chat about...  Come chat it up with Dushi and learn or teach a thing or two. Domestic Violence Awareness.   Call in "Live" 347 9890067 Or hit the link and listen via your browser.. You know you are always welcomed an appreciated. 

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