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    Be Who You Were Created To Be | Live Powerfully on Purpose

    in Self Help

    Do you feel overwhelmed at times with all the information out there?  How about knowing deep down inside that you have a message to share and you just don’t know where to get started or what to do?  Do you feel blocked in a way that has stopped you from moving forward?  

    In this Episode, I am going to share with you a very simple yet powerful way to quiet all the noise going on all around you so that you can step right into who you are authentically and get creative with your special gifts and talents.

    Thank you for tuning in to Live Powerfully on Purpose Radio.  I am your host, Fabiola Murphy. Creator of Live Powerfully on Purpose Coaching where I provide 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring.  If you are interested in coaching  or mentoring, connect with me at Fabiola@fabiolamurphy.com and at www.fabiolamurphy.com and www.facebook.com/fabiolamurphyfanpage. 

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    Go on and Live Powerfully on Purpose.

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    Finding Your Purpose -/Live sponsor Calls

    in Business

    Are you feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is. Well, You’re in good company — most people are in the same boat. It’s a search worth undergoing. I’m going to tell you a one-step method. However, that one step is a doozy!! Tune in this week to help find your purpose.

    My guest this week are most of my Sponsors who make this show possible and will talk to you about what they are offering! 


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    What does it mean to Live Powerfully on Purpose?

    in Self Help

    What does it mean to Live Powerfully on Purpose?  That is not a very easy question to answer because it is individual for everyone.  Yet, when you embrace this concept, you can begin to Live a Life you Love.  Every day.  

    In this episode, I will be sharing with you what it means to live powerfully and why some are successful at it while others are still wondering through life unfulfilled.  I will also be sharing simple steps to connect with your inner genius and begin to live your live powerfully and be on purpose with all you do.

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    Do You Have The Energy To Live Powerfully On Purpose?

    in Self Help

    Do you have the energy to Live Powerfully on Purpose?  To have a powerful life, you must feel powerful and have the energy to go after your dreams and truly live a life you love. 

    In this episode, my special guest Liz Cortes of Fitabolize, will share simple steps you can take to transform your life from the inside out.

    Liz Cortes’ passion for fitness began with her love for gymnastics and track. She completed two bachelors degrees from the University of New Mexico. First in Exercise Science and second in Nutrition & Dietetics. Liz is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, the owner of Fitabolize where she empowers people to create simple healthy habits through fitness and nutrition. 

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    Free Offer www.SimplyStrongWithLiz.com

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    Live Abundantly with Purpose with Carol Stanley, Ash Shukla & Tresa Leftenant

    in Entrepreneur

    You have an abundant life of purpose you were born to live!  On this special extended episode of Thriving Entrepreneur learn how to live your best life in all that you do

    Carol Stanley talks about embracing the life you were born to live and living full out.  Live a life that assures you do not leave any songs unsung in your life

    Ash Shukla shares that financial abundance comes from a holistic approach that allows money to be the vehicle to help you live your version of your best life

    Tresa Leftenant reminds us that abundance doesnt come because we SHOULD do something but rather from doing the right things for us that lead us to a better us

    We encourage you to join host Steve Kidd and is wonderful guests Carol Stanley, Ash Shukla & Tresa Leftenant as they share with you how to live abundantly with purpose in your life right now

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    When Passion Meets Purpose

    in Religion

    We are richer than we think, we are more blessed than we know and we have more than we realize. (R. Pritchard)

    Let's take a look at Psalm 103. Our God who is rich in mercy has made it such that our sins can never come back to haunt us.

    Join us as we discuss relevant topics that are sure to ignite your desire to persevere and pursue all that The Lord has ordained for your life. God's will is that your passion would intersect with your God-given purpose and cause you to experience life in ways that you never thought possible. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever as or think.

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    Living Prosperously ~ Simple Steps to Live Powerfully on Purpose

    in Self Help

    What is prosperity and why are some always striving for it while others are looking upon prosperity with envy?  Why do some people still view prosperity, in the sense of financial success, that if you’re successful financially, you’ve must’ve cheated someone or done something that has no integrity to it.  ( Just look at the view society has at this moment in time about wall street and corporations today.  They are viewing it as greed when that may not be the case at all ) Even better yet, if you’re wealthy, you must’ve won the lottery or just got lucky.  I don’t believe in luck.

    In this episode, I am going to share with you how you can shift into a prosperity mindset and begin to Live Powerfully on Purpose.

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    "Discovering Your Purpose" KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE on KLJN 107.7 Michelle Broadnax

    in Spirituality


    Host: Michelle Broadnax, The Community Restoration Specialist

    Guest: Shani Johnson, CEO, Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Author. Shani currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Orlando and their four beautiful children. Shani pursued her education against all odds. Her educational accomplishments include a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Louis University, a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Maryville University, and several doctoral hours in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University, where she plans to resume in the fall. Shani is also a certified life coach through Goal Imagery Institute. 

    Topic: The importance of discovering your purpose.

    CALL The Show (347) 237-5342

    Music Selections

    Tamela Mann - TRUST HIM

    Kim Rutherford - LAST SAY SO

    Stay tuned for gospel music right after KINDRED SPIRITS LIVE.

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    Purpose for Women Radio Show

    in Women

    This show is designed to provide insight inspiration and access to information for the community. It is sponsored by Purpose for Women International, a non-profit which supports the ecomnmic development of the community, women and encourages enterprise. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia

    TOPICS: Domestic Violence Prevention, Human Trafficking Awareness, Women in Leadership, #INSPIREiwd2015


    Purpose for Women International provides access to resources, funding, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and empowerment events supporting an increased awareness on local, national and international issues for women, children, families and the community. We partner with other business, non-profits and like- hearted individuals to affect change on a local, national and international level. www.PurposeforWomenInternational.org

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    Let's Have a Purpose Party!!!

    in Self Help

    Purpose is as purpose does!! The first half of the year is over and it's time to celebrate how far we've come and where we're going! Come and join me as I discuss some of the strides I've made this year, encourage you in your walk, and talk to guests about purpose and their journey. We're going to straight celebrate! Put the kids to bed and come join the party! 


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    Surviving to live your purpose

    in Culture

    Lois Powers with Current Event Poetry

    Valerie's Son with Talking Politics

    Interview with Candace Woodson,

    Her story of survival will amaze you. Her voice will captivate your ears down to your heart. Candace Woodson answers the call for those who love soulful r&b and talented unfiltered vocals.

    Born in Paducah, KY, she began singing at the age of five with her older sisters in a gospel group called the Parks Sisters. Although her roots are in gospel, after high school Candace began to explore other avenues in the music industry. She is the first graduate of the Commercial Music Program at Tennessee State University in Nashville and is a professional recording artist with a background in Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Pop.