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    Stand Up for Girls

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    This year, LitWorld is leading a full scale Stand Up for Girls worldwide campaign. They are rallying their network of literacy champions around the world to advocate for every girl’s right to a quality education. The campaign will culminate on October 11, 2012 with Stand Up for Girls events and online rallies sparked by their corps of champions, working together so that girls everywhere can be Fierce, Fearless and Free.     Stand Up for Girls will shine a spotlight on the adversity that girls around the world face as they seek to fulfill their ideal learning lives. Please join us this week as we host members of the Litworld Organization to learn more about the Stand up for girls campaign and the steps necessary  to cultivate literacy leaders worldwide through transformational literacy experiences that build connection, understanding, resilience and strength. LitWorld's Stand Up for Girls campaign advocates for every girl's right to a quality education. By learning to read and write, all girls in the world can protect themselves against poverty, poor health outcomes and lifelong struggle. Literacy is a skill that once learned, is hers forever.     The Stand Up for Girls Pledge   'I pledge to add my voice to those championing the rights of girls around the world. I believe in each girl’s right to a quality education and in the power of lifelong learning. I will work to spread the word, create positive change in my own community, and provide opportunities for girls to recognize their potential to be co-creators of universal equality. I vow to speak out and stand up so that women and girls everywhere will be Fierce, Fearless, and Free.'   Join the cause on 10.11.12.     AV is on board! Are you?

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    Book Dads Episode #6 - Ruby Veridiano, Lit World

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    Ruby Veridiano works for the non-profit Lit World. LitWorld joins together with teachers, parents, community members, and children to support the development of sustainable literacy practices across the world. LitWorld educates community members to become literacy leaders through easy-to-use programs and resources and creates access to print materials that will help all children learn to read and write. We believe that literate children will grow to be empowered, healthy and productive citizens. Their goal is universal literacy.

    We'll be talking about plans for next week's World Read Aloud Day as well as some of the work they do with girls around the world.

    To learn more: http://www.litworld.org/worldreadaloudday/

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    Youth and Better Literacy

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    Co-hosts speak with Pam Allyn on working with kids for better literacy. She is the Executive Director of LitLife and LitWorld, organizations that bring quality literacy education to children and communities worldwide, and also the author of What to Read When (Penguin), a book for parents, teachers and caregivers, as well as the teachers' guide The Complete 4 for Literacy, and its accompanying suite, The Complete Year Series (Scholastic).