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    RTR: The Liturgy - Order of Service

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    Today on RTR, we will be talking about the liturgy, or in other words, the "order of service".   Have you noticed that if you go to any church, you will more than likely see the same order of service? From prayer, to singing, to the sermon, to the offering, to the altar call.  With a few variations, thrown in here and there, they are all the same.  Have you ever thought about where the order of service came from?  Why do we have church the way we do, and do the things that we do in church?  Where did the order come from? How did it get started, and why do we continue to do them?  Is anything wrong with having an order or service?  Just how strong are our liturgical traditions? Join us on RTR this and every Sunday at 10am est as we break talk about The Order of Service.  Call 661 449 9951 to join the conversation or just listen live. 



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    The Orphic Hymns - Magick's Oldest Liturgy

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    On Thursday September 25th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a discussion of The Orphic Hymns which are the Western
    Esoteric Tradition's oldest liturgy. These hymns to the planets, the gods and goddesses, the stars and all aspects of ancient Greek mythology were used by the Orphic sect before the Golden Age of Greece, in the days of Pythagoras, to guide the dead souls on their spiritual journey up through the celestial spheres and into the realm of the zodiac and beyond. This was a special and separate aspect of Greek mysticism which had its influence on Pythagoras`, the Gnostics, the Mythraites, and the Italian Renaissance Hermetics. Most rectently Christopher Warnock has included the hymns in his "Planetary Magick." We will concentrate on the 18th century Thomas Taylor translation -- which we use -- and read a Robert Graves poem combining a number of Orphic memorials into a
    connected instruction which may have played some part in the Elusinian
    Mysteries. So. if you want to know what that strange stuff they sing to harp music accompaniment at the beginning of Seasonals, then tune in and we'll take you back three thousand years.


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    Sunday Morning Divine Service August 22 2015

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    9 am Sunday morning Divine Service for Sunday 8/23/15. Traditional liturgy and law gospel sermon. Pastor Houser’s sermon from the gospel of Mark 7: 1-13. First reading - Isaiah 29: 11-19.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    In the gospel reading, the scribes question Jesus as to the disciples not washing their hands. Jesus agrees cleanliness is important but he is at opposite ends as to how it is achieved. He quotes Isaiah, “the people honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me”.

    For the scribes, it’s all about what they do and yet, they are not clean/righteous before God. As Isaiah says in the first reading, “you turn things upside down”. It became what they were doing for God, not what God was doing for them.

    The good news of the gospel is what God does for us. He saves the polluted and dirty; He saves us. We have been made clean by our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


    Lamb of God Lutheran Church 
    1010 W Lincoln St Papillion, NE 68046
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    Why do we worship on Sunday?

    in Religion

    Why do we worship on Sunday?

    Is there a biblical warrant for Sunday Worship?

    Did the Catholic Church change Christian worship from Saturday to Sunday?

    What was the worship of the Ancient Church like?

    How does our worship differ today?

    Why do we used words like Liturgy, Mass, Communion, Divine Liturgy and etc to describe our Worship?

    Does God hear written prayers or extemporaneous prayers only?

    Is Sunday the First day or the Eight Day?

    Wasn't Pentecost on a Sunday?

    Is Sunday worship the Mark of the Beast?

    For more information about the COAAB Congress or to make a donation go to www.coaab.org If these programs are blessing you take the time to show Bishop Henry by making a donation to the work of COAAB.

    Look for our books online on Amazon and Kindle.  Episcopal Formation: The Making of a Bishop, COAAB 2014 Syllabus, COAAB 2015 Syllabus, Liturgy: The Work of the People.

    We have some books in development: Presbyterial Formation: The Making of an Elder, The Clergy handbook and etc.,




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    Sunday Morning Divine Service August 8 2015

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    9 am Sunday morning Divine Service for Sunday 8/9/15. Traditional liturgy and law gospel sermon. Pastor Houser’s sermon from the gospel of John 6 : 35 - 51

    The 10 commandments (the law) indicts you. It’s about you. In today’s gospel, it’s all about Jesus and your salvation is the result.

    The law is about you. The gospel is about your Lord, Jesus Christ. In today’s gospel reading, Jesus preaches about who He is and what it means for you. Jesus sets us free. By faith, we receive Him.

    Lamb of God Lutheran Church
    1010 W Lincoln St, Papillion, NE 68046
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    Holy Communion: The Meal that Heals Pt 2

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    What is Holy Communion?

    Why is it called by different names?

    What does it mean?

    Is it an ordinance or a sacrament?

    Who presides over the Eucharist?

    Is it common cup or multiple cup?

    Leaven Bread or Unleavened Bread?

    How should we celebrate it and why?

    Is it really the Meal that Heals?

    We discuss this and more at the COAAB congress this year.

    as always we have more information on this in our book on the Liturgy and COAAB Syllabuses..www.coaab.org


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    Inside look at COAAB 2015 Syllabus

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    Highlighting the material cover in the 2015 Syllabus

    The Four Fold ministry - governmental teaching ministries and support ministries

    How did the various ministries begin

    Women in Ministry

    homiletics and preaching

    ceremonial of the bishops

    mid-wives in ministry

    General Synod

    breakout sessions
    canon law, liturgy, church structure and legal, episcopal assistants



    tithing and finances

    For more information contact us at www.coaab.org

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    Sunday Morning Divine Service - July 19 2015

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    9 am Sunday morning Divine Service for Sunday 7/19/15. Traditional liturgy and law gospel sermon. Pastor Houser’s sermon from the gospel of Mark 6:30 - 34. (First reading Jeremiah 22: 1-6.)

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Logical fallacy as it relates to cause and effect. (e.g. the rooster crows when the sun rises, therefore the rooster cause the sun to rise.)

    Human reasoning is faulty and when we apply it to God - it’s not helpful. God told Adam and Eve not to touch the fruit of the tree, otherwise they would die. God’s cause and effect is not post hoc ergo propter hoc. In Jeremiah He says He will raise up a righteous branch to reign as king. The effect is we are the chosen people and are saved. In the gospel, Jesus said a blessing and the crowd of 5000 had food to eat. The means of grace (word and sacraments) bring us comfort and salvation.

    Lamb of God Lutheran Church
    1010 W Lincoln St, Papillion, NE 68046
    (402) 934-9045

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    Holy Communion: The Meal that Heals

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    There are about Five different views on Holy Communion - Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, Mystery, Spiritually Presence and Symbolic.

    Grape Juice or Wine?

    1 Corinthians 10 and 11

    Who should receive Holy Communion?

    Common Cup and Individual Cup

    How Often should it be done?

    For more information on this and more check out my ebook on Amazon.com called "Liturgy: the Work of the People" for $5.99 

    Episcopal Formation: The Making of a Bishop ebook is available for $9.99 on Amazon.com

    check out the CONGRESS website for other products as well as... www.coaab.org

    The Annual COAAB CONGRESS is September 16 - 19, 2015..register today


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    Sunday Bible Study and Worship--United States Old Catholic Church

    in Christianity

    Come and worship with the USOCC! We will have the Liturgy of the Word together, along with hymns, prayers, scripture, Gospel, psalms, a homily/sermon, and praise of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. After the Liturgy, we will end with a guided meditation in which we have an encounter with the Risen Lord. Join Deacon Kristina Rake for our long-distance Sunday Worship Liturgy here on My Old Catholic Radio. 

    The United States Catholic Church is an Independent Catholic Church with full Apostolic Authority. Our Archbishop is +James Long, D.Min. The USOCC welcomes all people to all seven scriptural sacraments, regardless of race, culture, language, gender identification, sexual orientation or marital status. God loves everyone. Period. No exceptions. 

    For more information about the USOCC, including how to join our seminary or attend our demonoloy courses, visit: www.usocc.org. For more information about My Old Catholic Radio, go to: www.myoldcatholic.com. Follow us on twitter: @myoldcatholic. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/myoldcatholic. Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyOldCatholicRadio

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    Grace and Love Bilingual Songs for Liturgy

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    Grace and Love Bilingual Songs for Liturgy new CD release by OCP featuring Eleazar Cortés, Jaime Cortez and Bob Hurd. Celebrate rich cultural tapestry through music Their songs live in our hearts and on our lips... from "Gather Your People" and "Rain Down" to "Our Paschal Sacrifice/El Cordero Pascual." In this incredible collaboration, Bob Hurd, Jaime Cortez, and Eleazar Cortés deliver 12 bilingual titles that celebrate the rich cultures of our diverse Church through the power of music.
    Enjoy a unique blend of styles and language The same artists who brought you Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ join with Eleazar to offer a unique blend of both language and musical styles—from folk and rock to mariachi and salsa. Each song captures the voices of all three composers, united in song, and transitions seamlessly between English and Spanish.

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