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    Anniversary Returns and the Ultimate Reveal!

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    This week on Littany, we are covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. A lot has happened on both shows and we can't wait to chat with fellow fans about what's working and what isn't.

    In Days news, many fans were excited to learn that some longitme veterans will be returning to the show for the show's 50th Anniversary. Many wonder if the returns of these characters will breathe new life into a show which continues to focus on elephant statues and JJ and Paige's reconciliation (which continues to feel like one of the longest in Days' history). 

    On The Bold and the Beautiful we had a historic reveal that we will be dicussing more in-depth on Littany. Let's just say that The Bold and the Beautiful threw us all a major curve ball and we are excited to see where this particular story goes. 

    It's going to be a great show with non-stop discussion. Join the live chat or call-in during the show!

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    Daydreams and Farewells - A full hour of Days!

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    This week on Littany we are back and chatting a full hour of Days. When we chat Days, we chat the good and the bad and felt we could do a full hour due to some stories starting to pick up steam or at least give us a hint what direction they are heading.

    This week, fans said goodbye to Jordan- a character many feel was not fully developed or given a chance. We want to discuss our thoughts on seeing fan favorite Chrishell depart with many gaps still in Jordan's story. Did Jordan's story get any closure and did her departure leave the door open for a possible return?

    We also saw the Jen/Eve/JJ scandal explode this past week. While many are not on board for the story, it did showcase some great scenes between some very talented actors. We also saw the Sonny/Will and Paul story pick-up speed with the truth coming out about Paul and Will's affair and Paul's link to Sonny's past. At this point, are you rooting for Paul or Will?

    Finally, we will also be discussing fan favorite Nicole Walker who can't seem to catch a break. With new writers taking over, will we finally see Nicole get the story she deserves? Could Eric and Nicole find their way back to one another or do you want to see the writers take Nicole in a different direction?

    This and MUCH more will be discussed this week on Littany. We will be back next show covering both Days and The Bold and the Beautiful! 

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    Facades and Extreme Ultimatums

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    This week on Littany we will be discussing Day of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. A lot has happened this November and we can't wait to chat about it!

    During the Days segement we will be chatting about all things Salem...including Paul's facade and his connection to Sonny. How will his arrival impact the already fragile Wilson? Speaking of arrivals, fans were thrilled to see Melanie Jonas return to the canvas this week however, it became apparent that like Paul, she isn't being upfront about exactly what landed her back in Salem. Where would you like to see her story go and with who? We will also be discussing Chad's descent into all things Dimera, the pieces of Jordan's secerets slowly coming together and Kate growing closer to Clyde despite the obvious red flags. 

    On The Bold and the Beautiful we saw Liam and Ivy take a big step in their relationship and Hope's not-so-subtle reaction to it. We also saw a major shift in Bill and Katie's relationship and a major twist in the Rick/Caroline/Maya and Ridge saga. Both Maya and Rick have gone through major character transformations and many fans have been sounding off on it. Love it or hate it, these shifts in character motives make for a great saga.

    Join us during the show in our online chat or call-in. We can't wait to chat all things Salem and Forrester and look forward to hearing what fellow fans have to say about how things are shaping up on both shows.

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    New Leads and Emerging Preogatives - Chatting Sweeps Week!

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    This week on Littany we will be covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and The Beautiful. Both shows had action packed sweeps weeks and we are excited to chat about comings and goings, exits and emerging stories.

    A lot has happened the past two weeks on Days of Our Lives: Sami Brady left for Hollywood, JJ and Eve's commiserating lead to something much more, Jordan's secret was revealed, Chad got the best of Ben and Kristen exited with a big bang that no one saw coming. We want to get fan thoughts on these departures and discuss the arrival of some new and familiar faces in the upcoming weeks. With Sami, Kristen and eventually Jordan leaving, what characters and stories will Days focus on? Also, how will these changes impact current stories and characters?

    The Bold and the Beautiful has also been action packed with Ridge and Caroline's feelings being revealed in a ver public way. Many fans have opinions on how Ric, Maya, Ridge and others have responded in the aftermath of this scandal. We also see Liam and  Ivy getting closer and Hope and Wyatt try to focus on their baby despite Quinn's constant meddling. With the news that Kim Matula has stopepd filming, we wonder if Hope will be leaving or the character will be recast. What does this mean for the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle?

    Join us for an hour of soap chat. We can't wait to discuss all things sweeps and as always will have a live chat for fans while we are live. We will also be taking fan calls. We look forward to chatting with you all!

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    Sweeps Chat!

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    We all know that February is a big month for our Daytime soap operas. Join us this week as we chat both Days our Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. What stories are working and what stories need to be swept under the rug? Which characters need more time on the canvas and which ones are on too much? Where would you like to see certain stories head and which character returns are you most excited about?

    Join us for a candid discussion on both shows. Fans can call or in or join the live chat!

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    Boiling Points

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    Join us this week as we cover all things Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. We'll be covering all the latest drama including bitter rivalries heating up in Salem to the latest showdowns at Forrester Creations. It's going to be a good one and we can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

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    Better off Friends?

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    If you've tuned in before, it won't come as a shock that we have a lot to say about Days of Our Lives. In fact, we have so much to say, we are designating the entire hour to Days chat this week...it just COULDN'T be helped.

    Last week, we touched on Nicole and where we would like to see her story go. Many are worried that Nicole's bad luck will continue into the new year and are frustrated with what has become of Ericole. That discussion got us thinking about other couples and right now, there are many that are falling apart while others start to take shape. From Will's shocking affair to Melanie and Brady agreeing their feelings might go deeper than they realized, we will be discussing all the latest storylines, shake-ups and couplings in Salem. We want fan thoughts on everything from Hope and Aiden to Dan and Nicole. All fans welcome to join the chat or call-in. It's going to be a good one with a lot of different characters and pairings covered. We hope you can join us!

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    This week on Lather Up With Littany, we are pleased to be catching up with the talented Thaao Penghlis! Many of you remember Thaao from his role on one of daytimes favorite soaps, Days Of Our Lives, as the villainous Tony DiMera.

    Not limited to daytime, Thaao has used his talent for film, primetime, theater and more!

    Join us as we chat with Thaao about his return to General Hospital and more!

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    Planning Ahead

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    We are ready to kick off our 2015 soap chat with a discussion on both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. Both shows ended 2014 with major shake-ups as key characters exited the show. The difference? One show seemed prepared to for their show's departures while another did not (hence the title of the show). If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the power of planning ahead and letting viewers know that big stories are ahead.

    On Days of Our Lives, many of us have wondered if the writers had a clear game plan after EJ and Sami were written off the show. While many stories still seem to be hanging in the air, we are starting to see hints of where the writers plan on taking certain characters and stories. If the past 2 weeks is any indication, this year will continue to focus on certain couples such as Dannifer and Jaige and also, introduce new ones as we see Serena and Eric start to rekindle their romance and Melanie and Brady grow closer. Dynamics also appear to be shifting as we see Will and Sonny grow farther apart and Rafe's world come crashing down around him. Fans have an opinion about one or all of these stories and we have a lot to say as well. Be sure to join us for a candid discussion about Days and feel free to call-in and voice your opinion.

    The Bold and the Beautiful has not disappointed these last few weeks. Many of us were sad to see Kim Matula exit the show and were curious how Hope's departure would impact the show. BB showed that they were prepared by setting the stage for a huge power struggle and shake-up over at Forrester. This story not only encompasses all that we love in our soaps but incorporates many characters that had previously been on the back burner. Again, many fans have different opinions on certain stories but most will agree, the show has set the stage for a great year ahead!





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    On this week’s episode of Littany we will be discussing both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

    On Days, we have been introduced to a newly recast and revamped Chad Dimera who did not waste any time letting the residents of Salem know he was back in town. Fans have been eager to see just how Days planned on revamping the youngest member of the Dimera family and social media was buzzing about Chad’s new look and attitude. We also saw that Clyde has big plans in Salem that include wining and dining a very uninterested and reluctant Kate. Will Clyde succeed and what are your thoughts about him becoming an integral part of Salem? We also saw things heat up with Ben and Abby, Kristen’s master plan and Sami and EJ begin to reconcile. Days fans always have strong opinions and we want to hear them as many stories begin to take shape.

    The Bold and the Beautiful has also been full of action these past few weeks. Quinn is back and more brazen than ever. Her latest scheme has had major consequences and fans have different opinions about where they would like to see the Hope/Wyatt/Liam triangle go. We will also be discussing Katie, Ridge, Caroline, Maya and more. Again, we want to hear from fellow fans what they are loving and what they could do without. All opinions welcome and fans can join the live chat or call-in during the show. 

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    The Ultimate Price

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    We are back this week with an hour of soap chat. As always, we encourage fans to call in or join our live chat (the chat link is always posted on our Twitter page prior to the show). We have a lot to discuss and will be covering both Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

    The past two weeks on Days have focused primarily on the fallout of Will's article. Some fans love this story twist while others find it hard to believe that Will would expose his family and good friend just to get his name out there. This also caused major tension between Wilson. Do you think the writers will take Will in a new direction or was this a one time thing? 

    Kristen's story has also gained steam and fans gained insight into how she will avoid jail time. Stefano has also joined the canvas and let Kami know this week that the games are offically over.

    The Bold and the Beautiful has focused primarily on Hope and Wyatt's wedding and the events (and miscommunications) leading up to it. Do you love this pairing or think the wedding never should have happened? Do you want to see Liam fight for Hope or would you like to see him paired with Ivy? Do you love that Quinn is back and more meddling than ever or wish she would focus on something other than Wyatt's love life? 

    We hope you can join us as we discuss all this and more this week on Littany. We can't wait!

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