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    The Night Time Fiasco welcomes Lipstick!

    in Rock Music

    Lipstick is a glam rock band based in Nashville, TN. Originally a studio project led by vocalist Greg Troyan, Lipstick began performing live in the fall of 2012. The band released their debut album in 2014, which featured Billy Morris (Warrant/Quiet Riot/Tuff) on guitar. In 2015, Lipstick released a special edition of their debut album along with four bonus tracks as they began work on their second full-length album, due for a spring 2016 release.

    Unlike most hair metal bands, Lipstick doesn't sing songs about getting messed up on drugs or promiscuity. They're all about positive vibes; with songs about rock n roll, time travel and following your dreams! So be sure to tune in when they join us as our guests!

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    Get Ready for the Lipstick Reader - Anita Miranda

    in Women


    What does the shape of your LIPS reveal about you?

    Entrepreneur and empathically intuitive Anita Miranda shares her unique lip print reading service for women AND the fellas too with KISS N Tell's Official Lipstick Readings.

    The kiss, a human act which defies time, space, culture and even recoded history itself, channels those unique properties in a manner not unlike the leaving of fingerprints, though far more intimate and poetic in nature.

    More than a fortune teller, Miranda's readings offer fulfillment rather than destiny; a change in outlook rather than a foregone conclusion. Taking the reins of one's own fate begins, in this case, with what the lips reveal.

    Miranda is committed to both truth and kindness...to say nothing for her engaging sense of humor! Get a sneak peek!  Book your event here! 

    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your FREE copy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within".

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    Paranormal Ex; The Ex-Files Paranormal Sex

    in Spirituality

    There are those things that go bump in the night, taunt from the shadows, breath in your ear. The gentle caress of the cheek, or your hair. This weeks episode the Paranormal Ex's explore another side of the paranormal. The Paranormal and sex. Does the succubus or the incubus stalk our dreams to seduce us. Can the Ouija summon the sex crazed spirits to play a game of dark desires? Are there amorous spirits out there? Lonely and searching for the comfort or connection that the encounter can bring? Do aliens walk amoungst us, or steal us away to experiment sexualy with human kind? Join us to hear the tales, the ledgends, and the stories, of Paranormal Sex. 

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    I Love '80s Wrestling Podcast

    in Wrestling

    On this weeks episode of i love `80s wrestling podcast we will be discussing the greatest talkers in the business. And try to come up with the top 5 greatest talkers of all-time. Fans can call into or email the show with there opinions of who they think are greatest talkers in the business. The number to call is (855)-voc-radio "(855)-862-7234 or email ilove80swrestling@gmail.com and like always make sure to check out www.vocnation.com for all the great podcasts they have. And don`t forget to follow i love `80s wrestling on twitter @IL80sWPodcast  or go and like i love `80s wrestling and i love `80s wrestling podcast facebook pages. Please leave a comment about the show.


    in Entrepreneur

    Kimberly Parker, founder of KP Femininity, shares how her entrepreneurial spirit transforemed a $75 loan into a sustainable venture.

    Ecomedy Reporthosts this interview to be featured on our flagship podcast.

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    The Down Low - Classic cheaters mistakes

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra Devi And Lola Lane Friday at 11-pm est for The Down Low on Dollhouse Radio 

    To join the conversation live dial 646-595-4038 and press 1 or login in to the chat room below. 

    This Friday's topic is 

    Classic Cheaters Mistakes 

    Lipstick on the collar, smelling like perfume, or leaving your phone un locked an notifications on are just one of the most common ways people are caught. We will discuss some of the crazy ways people are caught cheating.

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    Interview with Sakoya Russell CEO of Sibelle Cosmetics

    in Entertainment

    MDR RADIO will be interviewing Ms. Sakoya Russell Owner of Sibelle Cosmetics, she'll be speaking about her passion in the cosmetic industry and why she loves to formulate and create amazing lipsticks for us everyday women. So listen today at 2:30pm CST/ 3:30 pm EST?. You don't want to miss this. If you would like to order please contact Sakoya at 1-920-415-0837 or www.facebook.com/sibellecosmetics. You can also view her vibrant lipsticks on her website sakoyar.wix.com/sibellecosmetics

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    Episode 3010 - Putting Lipstick on a Pig - Part 3 - John Goguen

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3010 - Putting Lipstick on a Pig - Part 3 
    Pastor John Goguen www.agapebible.org
    Recorded 11-18-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.comom

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes Bahja Rodriguez. debut EP “It Gets Better"

    in Music

    Sweet melodies, soft backgrounds and powerful leads would be the only way to describe the unique but soulful sound of R&B singer Bahja Rodriguez.  Bahja is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Atlanta Georgia. From an early age Bahja has always enjoyed singing and had a passion for music. 

    Bahja’s professional career began at the age of 12 years old as “Miss Beauty” with the popular and colorful girl group the “OMG Girlz.” The group is most known for their songs “Gucci This(Gucci That),” “Where The Boys At,” “Baddie” and “Boy It’s Over.” The group performed on several major tours and had much success however, in March 2015 the group disbanded.

    Not letting the group’s abrupt ending stop her from pursuing her dreams, Bahja sought out the perfect creative team to help develop and bring her vision as a solo artist to life.  In April 2015, Bahja released her first song as a solo artist titled “Jealous Type” which has gained over one million sound cloud plays to date. She went on to release two more songs titled “Lipstick” and “Next One” each currently having more than 300,000 plays on sound cloud. 

    With such an overwhelming and amazing response to her music, Bahja Rodriguez definitely seems to be Atlanta’s “next big thing” and just what the music industry is missing. Her debut EP titled “It Gets Better” will be available for purchase everywhere music is sold online November 20, 2015.

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    Episode 2950 - Putting Lipstick on a Pig - Part 2 - John Goguen

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2950 - Putting Lipstick on a Pig - Part 2 
    Pastor John Goguen www.agapebible.org
    Recorded 11-4-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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