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    Christine Benedict talks about the Albany County Legislature

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    Albany County Chairwoman Christine Benedict talks about what is going on with the Albany County Legislature

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    "Snohomish County Soap Opera Daily"

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    Today we'll be discussing the hijinx of the city of Everett v Snohomish County in the never ending courthouse battle. We are also going to talk about yet ANOTHER Lake Stevens Cop getting away scott free (as usual). Oh & Lovick & the spineless county council strike again, this time Koster is their victim but is he?

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    "Snohomish County Soap Opera Daily"

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    It's always something... seriously. This county could be a really bad reality show but no one would believe it. We will focus on all the shennanigans that are a daily occurance all over the county. Our stories come from the news, local people, & public records. It will never be boring, unbelievable yes, but never boring

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    union county football sports scores

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    union county football playoff scores and reviews

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    The daily shame "Snohomish County" at it's finest

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    Snohomish county is a modern day Sodom & Gamorrah.. The headlines & debauchery NEVER cease, & these people have gotten so used to acting this way they don't even try to hide it as evidenced by some of the public records I have received. Why should they care, the morons of Snohomish county keep voting them BACK in & even though I have been giving them evidence for almost 4 years the Feds are still sitting in a corner with their collective thumbs up their butts & doing nothing. So we are going to just do sytories about them, even if it doesn't help it'll atleast make you laugh out loud.

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    Who Wants to be a City? Dekalb Young Dems Discuss Cityhood in Dekalb County

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    Cityhood in Dekalb County will be a hot button issue in Georgia's 2015 Legislative Session.  Who decides and how is it determined where these boundaries lie?  Join Tamara For Georgia "LIVE" at the Dekalb County Young Democrats December Meeting and hear from those involved in the most controversial cityhood initiatives of them all, Tucker and LaVista Hills!  

    Be sure to listen to "Tamara For Georgia" every Tuesday, 8pm est - 10pm est, to find out what is happening every week right here in Georgia!  Just click "Listen" at www.PoliticsBeauty.org!

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    union county high school football playoffs

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    we will be covering union county high school playoffs around union county 

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    Record Talk Radio: consolidating Bergen County law enforcement

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    Efforts to consolidate Bergen County law enforcement will be our topic on the next broadcast of Record Talk Radio at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 4 when our guests will be Freeholder Tracy Zur and my Record colleague Jean Rimbach.

    Zur, the chair of a shared services committee, will talk about how this year's election has affected the board's plan to combine the County Police into the Sheriff's Office.

    County Executive-elect and Democratic Freeholder James Tedesco has declared that police consolidation will be one of his top priorities during the first 100 days of his administration, which begins Jan. 1

    Rimbach, who covers county law enforcement, will talk about the impact of County Police Chief Brian Higgins' decision to retire at the end of this year. 

    We'll also discuss Sheriff Michael Saudino's decision to abandon his request for a mine-resistant military surplus vehicle.

    Have a question for either of our guests? Send your suggestions at: johnensslin@gmail.com.

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    Bigfoot in trimble County KY,

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    Ill be talking with Tom Shey and Rodney Adams of Northern Kentucky Bigfoot research group trimble county and Indiana Bigfoot Rangers.On whats been going on in there areas and alowing guest to call in and talk with us .

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    Dr Morris Leis , the Superintendent and Lisa Hodges, Assistant Superintendent  will be with us to talk about true STEM success at a very unique school. Thanks to Pitsco for helping me find them.


    www.pitsco.com @pitscoed  www.coffee.k12.ga.us

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    Close-Up spotlights Angela Grillo CFP® of South County Financial Planning

    in Finance

    San Juan Capistrano, CA – Whether your retirement is just around the corner or 30 years away, a sound investment strategy can get you moving in the right direction toward a bright financial future. But retirement is about more than just your investments.

    While most certified financial planners focus on the big picture, according to Angela Grillo, it’s the details that are what’s most important. Angela is the founder of South County Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm. Since 2008, Angela has helped thousands of clients from all income levels coordinate their finances with their life goals.

    “Everyone should have a financial plan done at least once in their lifetime, even for people who don’t have a lot of assets,” says Angela. “Even one conversation is enough to get them to start thinking about what will work out for them best.”

    Before embarking on a career in financial planning, Angela had been a computer programmer. Today, Angela’s clients tend to be engineers, whom many financial planners consider to be the most difficult and demanding clients.

    “If I can’t explain how the software arrived at certain figures, they won’t believe me,” says Angela. “I don’t have any difficulty with that because I’m the same way.”

    Angela also works with a number of families who have children with special needs. As the mother of a 19-year-old autistic son, Angela can better assist these families, who often struggle with greater living expenses from the fees and costs for different therapies when the child is younger.

    “It takes someone with personal experience to understand what the family of a disabled child is going through,” says Angela. “You spend a lot of money in their early years. I can help them head in the right direction."

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