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    Lingraphica at ASHA 2013 Chicago

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    Listen in as Kevin Self, Manager of Marketing at Lingraphica, tells us what's going on at ASHA 2013 in Chicago. This is the biggest show of the year for Speech Language Pathologists and, therefore, for Lingraphica as well.
    Stop by booth #1333 at ASHA.
    Lingraphica's theme this year is Transformation:
    The industry is transforming Lingraphica is transforming People with aphasia can transform their lives If you're at ASHA, don't miss our presentations and posters. The schedule is at this link.
    If you can't make it to ASHA, please keep checking back here for our next live update from the floor of ASHA 2013.
    On Twitter, follow us with #Transformation or #ASHA2013

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    Lingraphica Debuts TalkPath Speech Therapy Apps.

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    Listen in live as the Lingraphica team introduces 4 new iPad apps from Booth #1340 at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in Atlanta.

    This will be the official unveiling of Lingraphica’s TalkPath Suite of Speech Therapy Apps. These new apps lead people with aphasia through graduated Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening exercises.
    Lingraphica TalkPath Reading
    With three types of exercises, the TalkPath Reading app is designed to help rebuild and improve reading skills for adults with aphasia or apraxia. This app provides you with basic word, letter, and phrase identification, and word and picture matching exercises, all designed to be of help with language challenges. Lingraphica TalkPath Writing
    Designed to improve basic spelling and letter-to-sound recognition, the TalkPath Writing app works on fundamental skills helpful for communication as it moves you through three levels of activities in two sets of exercises. Lingraphica TalkPath Speaking
    The six types of exercises in the TalkPath Speaking app are designed to help rebuild your memory, word retrieval, and spontaneous speech through naming exercises, repetition activities, and flash card naming activities. Lingraphica TalkPath Listening
    Through activities such as common pair matching, opposites identification, object identification, and questions, the TalkPath Listening app helps with word discrimination, word association, short-term memory, and other skills useful to help rebuild speech.Speech Therapy Apps can help extend Speech-Language Pathology efforts to a patient's home and allow people with aphasia to practice their speech recovery exercises whenever and wherever they feel most comfortable.

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    Lingraphica ASHA 2012 Day 2 Wrap-up

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    We're reporting from booth #1340 at ASHA 2012 in Atlanta. 
    Here's a brief list of what we'll cover - 
    The feedback so far on Lingraphica's demonstrations of the new TalkPath Suite of Speech Therapy Apps for the iPad - Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Thoughts about the presentations by Dr. Richard Steele. More information about Lingraphica's development process on these apps for people with aphasia. If you're at ASHA, please stop by booth #1340 to learn more. If you couldn't make it this year, please visit our website - www.Aphasia.com to learn more.

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    Lingraphica Presentation at ASHA 2013

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    Join Lingraphica live from the show floor of ASHA 2013 as we preview the poster sessions and presentations scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 16th.

    Our guests will be Lisa Haynes, MS, CCC-SLP and Clinical Consultant at Lingraphica as well as Kevin Self, Lingraphica's Manager of Marketing.

    8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Modality Choice & Practice Behaviors in Word-Level Repetition for Aphasia & Apraxia of Speech Presented by Dr. Angel Ball & Dr. Richard Steele
    Poster Board 267

    8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Aphasia, the Internet, & Social Media: Powerful Tools for Advocacy, Education, & Community-Building Presented by Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, Denise McCall, & Andrew Gomory
    Session # 1632

    12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    Redefining the Team: SLPs From Across Settings Help Maximize Therapeutic Benefit for Adults With Aphasia Presented by Lisa Haynes M.S., CCC-SLP
    Poster Board 529

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    Research and Innovation in Support of People with Aphasia

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    In the care and support of people with aphasia and apraxia, technology is advancing rapidly. Join us a two leaders in the field discuss where we are now and where we’re going.

    In this quick session, Andrew Gomory, Chief Executive Officer of Lingraphica and Dr. Audrey Holland chat about:

    where we are today.
    the most significant advances they’ve seen recently.
    the elements of today’s research which offer the most promise for advancements in the field.
    the technology that has them most excited.

    This is number the fourth and final of our 4-part series featuring Dr. Holland and we’re very grateful she could spend so much time with us.


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    June is Aphasia Awareness Month

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    Join Lisa Haynes, Manager of Clinical Affairs at Lingraphica as she chats with Audrey Holland about Aphasia Awareness Month, which is just beginning this week.

    You can participate in Aphasia Awareness Month by using #FacesOfAphasia on Twitter and sharing your aphasia story on http://www.FacesOfAphasia.com

    Audrey Holland, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, BC/NCD, was the Regents’ Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Arizona. Now retired, she will never stop helping people with aphasia.

    Dr. Holland is an Advisory Council Member of the National Aphasia Association, she continues to promote public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and those who care for them.

    Dr. Holland has published over 145 research articles, book chapters, and reviews, in addition to editing three books and developing the test of functional communication known as CADL (recently revised as CADL-2 with Davida Fromm and Carol Frattalli).


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    Aphasia Awareness Month and the Caregiver

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    Being a caregiver is a marathon. It's frustrating and stressful. One day the one you love becomes someone very different; they have new personality and new physical challenges. One of the most important parts of a relationship is suddenly cut off - the ability to fully communicate.

    Listen is as Michele Hart-Henry, Vice President of Innovation, Sales and Marketing at Lingraphica, chats with Dr. Audrey Holland about the importance, challenges, victories, frustrations, and heroism of caregivers for those with aphasia.


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    The Life Participation Approach to Aphasia

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    Listen in as Lingraphica’s Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Steel interviews Dr. Audrey Holland.

    Dr. Holland is well known for her Life Participation Approach to Aphasia, which places priority on the life concerns of those affected by aphasia and assists them in their efforts to return to active life. You’ll learn the primary benefits to people with aphasia who join the programs that embrace the LPAA.

    Make sure you listen until near the end to hear the important discussion of how technology is benefitting those with aphasia. One example is international Skype groups. Another is the study which Dr. Steele and Lingraphica conducted with the SCALE Center in Baltimore.

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    ASHA 2015: Building a Functional Maintenance Program That Embraces the Life Part

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    We’re LIVE from ASHA with Lisa Haynes, Manager of Clinical Affairs at Lingraphica and Leland Wheeler, Clinical Operations Area Director at Genesis Rehab Services. We’ll be discussing their poster presentation entitled, “Building a Functional Maintenance Program That Embraces the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia Model.”

    If you’re attending ASHA, don’t miss the full poster presentation on Saturday, November 14th starting at 9:30am in Hall EF of the Colorado Convention Center!

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    ASHA 2015 Overview: New Research, Products & Services to help SLPs #BeUnlimited

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    Welcome to ASHA 2015! We’re live from the show floor in Denver Colorado with Michele Hart-Henry, Vice President, Innovation, Sales and Marketing and Kevin Self, Manager, Marketing Communications discussing all of the exciting things happening at ASHA this year.

    We’ll discuss Lingraphica’s exciting products that you can try at the show, including TalkPath News, an online news source for people with speech, language, and comprehension difficulties & the completely updated family of communication devices.

    We’ll also be going over Lingraphica’s research and presentations at ASHA this year. We have been discovering some really exciting things about language and communication disorders that we can’t wait to share with you!

    If you are in Denver for ASHA this year, come by booth #332 to meet with one of our Clinical Consultants, try all of our products and tell us what makes YOU unlimited in your practice!

    If you can’t make it to the show, follow our Blog Talk Radio channel, as well as all of our social media updates @Lingraphica on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates from the show floor!

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    LIVE from ASHA 2014 - Day #2 Recap

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    Join us again with Michele Hart-Henry, VP of Innovation, Sales and Marketing, to give us an overview of day 2 at ASHA 2014.

    We discuss Day 2's presentations, the reception of the NEW AllTalk with EyeGaze and the addition of Cognitive Exercises within TalkPath Therapy in the booth, and the trends Michele is seeing on the ASHA floor this year.

    Don't forget to follow @Lingraphica on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for ASHA updates and use #BeUnlimited to join the conversation at the show or at home!