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    Hanging out with Indie Music Rock Artist Starkett Levee

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    What's up diamonds!

    Time for a new episode of the LJDN show moving forward I thank you for your support of the show  for lending me your ears. Did you know you can have a banner ad on the LJDNShow's website? They're affordable too its simple all you have to do is goto the LJDNShow.com website once your in click the Diamond advertisement link there you'll see all the different size banner ads we offer. Don't worry about exposure is you'll get plenty of that.

    My guest this week is Starkettlevee my two DiamondDelight rock stars from NYC who are in a class all by themselves. Their music is different it's made to get you to listen to the words they are speaking. they sing about things like "That Rock Up A Hill" and "Gun Control". I am looking forward to asking them how they choose the lyrics if you are a fan of Starkett Levee now is your time to speak to them live studio lines will be open at 347 – 237 – 4697 I'm sure they would love to hear from from you.  Join me on Monday at 6:00 PM EST as I hang out with Starkett Levee.

    Have you checked out the updated About Lina Jones page on the shows website? Read my comments about April's guest there is also a comment box where you can leave your comments about the show.

    Remember June 1, 15th, and 22nd I will be playing podcasts of some of my favorite episodes here on the show. June 8 will be a live show the other dates will be on holiday. Please don't stop listening because I'm not here I know you will enjoy these episodes is much as I did and I will be returning back to you Mon. June 29th hopefully well rested with new music and new guest plus you can always reach me via email I will be checking mine.

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    Exploring natural skin care with Biomed Engineer Candice Frederick

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    What's Up #Diamonds!

    Last week was schedule was crazy for me with having to leave town so suddenly and still playing catch-up! I thank you all for your continued support of this show, the guest and the #IndieArtist music we play and listening to Crystal's amazing story of survival.

    Monday show is about engineering biomedical and chemical engineering to be exact Thomas A. Edison once said “we are all aware that necessity is the mother of invention” and this enterprising young women has captured the soul of just that! Miss. Candice Frederick is the CEO and Lead Formulator of her company OMG “Oh My Gosh” which is an alternative medicine, aromatherapy and spa/salon formulations company. She has reinvented products to assist in cell renewals, anti-aging product improvements and much more. I can try to explain it to you but I think she can do that better listen to my interview with her on Monday show starting at 6 PM where you’ll will hear about Miss. Candice who is a Biomedical Engineer and Chemical Engineer experienced in working with different types of chemicals all in preparation for her company “Oh My Gosh”. Phone lines will be open so you can ask Candice questions about your skincare our studio line is: 347–237–4697.

    Talent in 10 is just a couple weeks away if you would like to submit your talent please attach an mp3 audio to this email ljdnshow@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out our website for May at LJDNShow.com

    Disclaimer: The Lina Jones Diamond Network Show does not personally endorse any products talked about on this show. If you choose to purchase products from any of the business owners interviewed on this show it is done at your own risk. Our job is merely to offer a platform for free advertising for their business via an interview guest.

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    Kick Back & Relax

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    Come join me for a soulful Sunday of Kick Back & Relax. Neo Soul Sunday

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    Keeping It Real with DiamondDelights Gospel Hip Hop #IndieArtist TJ Praise

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    What's Up #Diamonds!

    Well March is finally over along with its unpredictable weather and April is finally yes! I hope everyone is planning a #super Easter weekend. April is a month of sacrifice it falls right in line with the sacrifice my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ made for all of us. And I appreciate the sacrifice you all make it by listening to my show every Monday thank you so much please continue to #support the show and the guest.

    Monday's guests is Gospel #IndieArtist TJ Praise who lives here in Virginia so I have had the opportunity to meet with him several times. TJ is a young man full of life and loving his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounded around gospel hip-hop music for some reason it seems like it's an oxymoron, that gospel and hip-hop should be in the same sentence. As a Gospel Hip-Hop artists TJ definitely has something to say about that like most artists he defends his music and his style vigorously and am here let folks know that you can mix gospel with hip hop. We'll find out about his journey and the obstacles he has come across as a Gospel Hip-Hop artist and maybe even shed some light on this very controversial music mixture. Join us at 6pm call-in or Skype in the phone lines will be open I would love to hear from you call-in at #347-237-4697. Find out what inspired him to mix the two together sounds like an interesting interview don't you think?

    For all talents participating in "Talent In 10" for the last Monday of the month please make sure you email in your audio or trailer links, and write up by April 20th. Don't forget to check out the new updates on the shows website LJDNShow.com for April see guest pics, new pillow of the month, updates on the #DiamondDelights page and updates on the About Lina page plus we've added some more guest to the #DiamondGuest page check it all out.

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- LIFE DESIRES

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    The Don S. McClure Show Live- LIFE DESIRES

    Our Topic for tonight:  Life Desires:

    George Eliot, the well-known novelist quoted, “It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”  As they say, it is never too late to make wishes! So, never stop making wishes! As humans, we understand and appreciate things better than the other beings and whenever we see something beautiful and captivating, we desire to possess it. It is a natural feeling of want, which is what we call a ‘wish’. From children to adults, everyone has wishes. Kids are taught to ‘make a wish’.

     It is a very positive feeling that they get when they make a wish. It’s like elation if your wish comes true.

    Wishes may be small or enormous, one that lasts for a few minutes or one that we want with us forever; they may be realistic or they may be far-fetched fantasies! Whatever it is, wishes and aspirations are the ones that keeps humans going! For instance, you work because you wish to earn for a better living. Everyone has aspirations in life. They give the meaning and purpose to our life. Achieving what we wish for, and getting ultimate happiness therein, is what life is all about.

    Featured Music Artist: Angie Stone - Life Story- & Author Prysock I shall Wish for you. Marian Hill, Got It and Leela James, Say That, Must be love, Brian McKnight, Win,  Mariah Carey, We belong together. New release by Lina, entitled DIP

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    Celebrating Life the Crystal Bialas

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    What's Up Diamonds!

    I hope your week has been going well so far and I thank you for supporting this show and my guest. Last weeks Talent In 10 show went off without a hitch Nicole's book reading went very good as well as all the trailers that were played. If you would like to participate in Talent In 10 email us at ljdntalent@gmail.com.

    This week the show is taking a different turn although show's main focus is about entrepreneurs, talents and all types of businesses, every so often I like to mix things up a little! In celebration of the Relay For Life's American Cancer Society ceremony in Chesapeake on Saturday. I thought I'd do a show about a very charming young women I met during my video tapping of cancer survival stories. Crystal Bialas has been through things at such a young age that the majority of us can't even imagine, yet through it all she has been resilient! She has accomplished so much in her life time especially being she was not expected to still be here. I won't give you details I will save that for her to talk about on Monday's show don't miss this one show starts at 6:00pm US EST, join us and feel free to call in and ask Crystal some questions about her story that might you inspire someone that might be going through a similar situation.

    May is a new month with new guest make sure you stop by and check out the shows website for new pics. information and videos. My new #DiamondDelight #IndieArtist Michael Cohen will also be doing his thang in our music promo's for this week along with Cold Cash and Steve Hester of Dejavoodoo on the show Monday.

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    The Premier of Talent In 10 Project

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    What's up #Diamonds,

    It's hard to believe the last Monday in April is here already! Wow time sure is flying by before you know it New Years will be here I'll still be around (God willing) and hopefully you will too. Thank you for taking the time to listen and support the show every week I give you much gratitude and humble appreciation.

    Monday makes for an exciting show it is finally the premier of the long-awaited “Talent In 10” show! I am so excited to show off some talent I did get one book reading and the promise of more to come for next month show so make sure you stay tuned. “Talent In 10” is all about showing what you know this gives participants the opportunity to have other people hear their talent or book or listen to a movie trailer that they’ve produced, music, poem’s and more. How it works is upon playing the audio the link will be posted so that you can have a visual view if any of that particular talent. You have the option to click on the link to watch the video or read Tweet, purchase the book, etc if you liked what you heard, share it, favorite, or like it in your Facebook and/or Twitter account. It’s something new and something different, I told you I’m always thinking outside the box so sit back and enjoy the show okay.

    If you would like to participate in any of the Talent in 10 show they will be airing every last Monday of each month until further notice you can inquire at ljdntalent@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out the shows website for new updates also be given away a DVD to the film by Jay Burton Pandora and introducing a new #IndieArtist Steve Cohen it’s gonna be a fun time!


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    Its All About Care Total Care Givers Owner and CEO Shayla Nicole

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    What's up #Diamonds!

    Here we are for another week of entrepreneurial guest! I thank you you listening to the show,  following us in social media and #supporting our guest and the #IndieArtist music we playI asked for your continued support and thank you in advance for it.

    Monday's guest doesn't fall short on her entrepreneurial role Owner and CEO Shayla Nicole of Total Caregivers has a lot of responsibility. My guest Shayla has a special type of concierge service the differenc is her services specialize in care childcare, Senior care, pet care, I just some of the services that she provides. I'll be talking with this unique multitasker finding out how she's able to handle this type of service as well as work with the team to help build a company with these ever so needed services. Please join us as we talk one-on-one on the show Monday.

    As you all are aware this is the last week to get your audio in for "Talent In 10" to be ready for the premier next Monday 4/27/15. In case you don't remember what you need here's the list I need an MP3 audio, 1 to 3 sentence write up about your talent, the link to where my audience can find out more about you send to ljdntalent@gmail.com. Not ready on time don't worry "Talent In 10" is an ongoing project the last Monday of each month if you know someone with a talent spread the word. Don't forget to check out the shows website at ljdnshow.com.

    Would you like to put a banner ad where it will be seen? Then you should consider using our banner ad slots!  They are just like the big boys but much much less expensive and they will be seen. By the way were running a special on banner ads check it out on the shows website.


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    Shop talk with Social Media Consultant John Lusher

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Welcoming March and looking forward to the spring! I'm hanging in there and you're right here with me thank you so much for your continued support! This month marks the first anniversary for the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork Show! I have a special promtion for the month of March I will be offfering a free banner 270 x 170 on the LJDNShow.com website a $32.00 value free for the month of March. If you want more information email us.

    This month is getting a #fabulous start with my first guest this month Social Media Consultant John Lusher so get ready to gain some new followers and likes in your social media networks cause this social buzz is going to be #haute! We talk about brand building in social networks all the time on this show and its nice to welcome other opinions in this field that can add some strategic insights on best practices in social networking. Listen in you don't want to miss this one and its live which means you can also call in to ask questions phone lines will be open at 347-237-4697.

    I will also be promoting a new band this week welcoming a band out of NYC called Oogee Wawa! I am excited to have them as a part of our #DiamondDelight family! Check out their page on the website and in Reverbnation. The LJDNShow is now downloadable on iTunes free!  Let's show both of them some #DiiamondLuv on Monday's show.

    Got skills? Find out how goot you are be a part of the "Talent In 10" project in April interested? Email us at ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    You to can be a guest it's easy and free send your email inquiries to guest@ljdnshow.com



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    Two Men Franchise Owner Kathleen White

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    What's Up Diamonds,

    Thank you for listening to the the show with much #gratitude please continue to listen and support the show, guest and musicians. Monday is back to buisness, I'll be talking to one of the local business owner KATHLEEN WHITE franchise owner.

    We get to find out the nitty-gritty of owning a franchise my guest Kathleen purchased into the "Two Men" moving company, a name most of you are familiar with or have knowledge of, in any case I'll be asking Kathleen more about it so you'll hear it again. For me owning a franchise would be scary, from my perspective, maybe a McDonalds or Burger King anything short of that I would worry about its success rate. But I must say Kathleen is doing it and doing it well! I will be asking her my usual line of questioning, her inspiration and drive to open a moving truck business. What are some of the struggles and achievements that occur especially when it comes to the big corporate companies like Harrison's. I was also wondering is social media a dominant advertisement tactic for this industry and has she been able to utilize it within her company. This is going to be a great business interview those of you thinking about buying into a franchise this is your opportunity to ask those informative questions and get the answer from someone who's been there and going far.

    "Talent in 10" is fast approaching have you sent have you sent in your audio yet? It's never too late even if you don't send it in time for our premiering show you can send it for next month's Talent in 10 show. Send your audio, 2 sentence write-up, and link at least one week prior to the last Monday of the month.

    Feel free to send in any questions to: ljdntalent@gmail.com

    Please continue to support #IndieArtists Music.


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    DiamondDelights Music Comedy BrandBuilding Tips

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Hello to you all! Thank you for tuning in on another episode of the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork show don't even think about clicking off  we need you to listen.  You know this is a Murphy's Law studio anything can happen you know the rest I appreciate you listening we are now available in iTunes =)

    Feb. is coming to a closet and March is right around the corner! 2015 is moving on March 17th will officially be the shows 1st anniversary! Yep I have been here for nearly 1 year starting out with 0 listeners and followers. Although my followers are coming along slowly my listeners up nearly 3,000 that's pretty good for one year's work! In celebration of the shows anniversary in March I will be giving away free advertisement on the shows website LJDNShow.com the advertisement will be a Free 270x175 clickable that's right clickable banner advertisement valued at $32.00 per month you'll pay nothing for the month of March check website for specifications and formats.

    Starting in April "Talent In 10" will begin airing every last Monday of the month if you want to know just how good your talent is in voice, film, music, even sales here's your chance to find out! Promotions will start in March with detailed information be sure to check the website for promo information beginning in March.

    Monday's show is all about the music! I will be playing music from my #DiamondDelights promotions make sure visit the website for updates & info. You will also here from our Comedian Brian T. Shirley and of course I'll have those brand building tips to help build your business and your name! Join me live and remember you are always welcome to call-in studio lines will be open #347-237-4697.