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    G.O.A.L.S: Going Outrageous, Ambitious and Limitless™

    in Goals

    Ever wonder why it seems some people waltz through life with an ease that allows for them to receive all they desire?  Ever hear someone say they are going to be, do, achieve something and shortly thereafter, it becomes reality?  Would you like to know the secrets to making this all occur within YOUR life?

    Then join host Kelly Galea and guest Caryn FitzGerald for this episode of Power Up Living where we're going Outrageous, Ambitious & Limitless!


    About our Guest

    Caryn FitzGerald is known as “The Manifesting Queen” because of her ability to create an intention, focus upon it and use a very specific set of techniques to bring that intention to life in a very short period of time.

    Her program is called, “GOALs:  Going Outrageous, Ambitious and Limitless” ™ and in this program she covers the steps to making this all a reality in your life.  Become a manifesting king or queen in your own right.  Design your life, improve your relationships, balance your health and monetize your passions.

    To work with Caryn requires a strong desire, personal responsibility, self-discipline, motivation and an interest in having FUN while writing your own script, with the outcomes you desire.  Live a life full of excitement, enjoyment and most importantly, loving relationships of fun and happiness.

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    The Real "Limitless"

    in Health

    Join me to discuss the real Limitless "Drug" available right now. No prescription. The future will never be the same because of one man!  We have to take what he has done and apply it on a local and national level to "save" future generations.

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    Becoming Limitless

    in Entertainment

    Get ready to break down walls & EXPAND Your Horizons in our "Becoming Limitles" show!

    We'll talk about redefining obstacles & opportunities, and how YOU can, WITHOUT a DOUBT, breathe New Possibilities into Your Life. With all the "no's" in the world, get inspired to say "YES!"

    Of course we'll play the best in Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B and take calls! 

    Call-In to Speak On It at (714) 816-4702

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    Chasing Limitless- Secrets to Success with Ian Wynne

    in Entertainment

    What is Limitless? Well Meriam-Webster's Dictionary defines it as an adjective;

    "being or seeming to be without limits limitless nature of the universe is awe-inspiring"

    If you have been searching for Success that is fathomless, unbounded & unlimited... today might just be your lucky day. You having been praying asking God to give you direction, send you a clue or a sign and I don't have to tell you it's not a coincidence you are reading this right here, right now!

    So Tune in , Tap in and Turn on to listen to what our guest Ian Wynne returns to share with us his secret's to success in Chasing Limitless. One thing is guaranteed, it's going to be an energetic, fun filled, awe inspiring hour all wrapped up with the aroma of truth and at the core, you will get the bottom line.

    What IF? Today you hear THEE ONE THING, THE MESSAGE that was uniquely meant for you, that will propel you to take the next step towards action in the direction of your goals and dreams? Join us and tell a friend! 

    To Contact Ian: Ian@ChasingLimitless.com


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    Computer America - Limitless Computing ; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Limitless Computing.  With Augmented Reality capabilities, users can walk through digitally created spaces superimposed on the real world. View models prior to construction, furniture before placement, or see any work in reality!

    Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Adaptive Sports: Limitless Opportunities

    in Health

    January 29, 2015: Conversations around physical disabilities often focus on what a person can't do. Adaptive sports turn that line of thought around by celebrating and exploring what people with disabilities can do.

    These days, adaptive sports combine a no-limits mindset with rapidly improving technology, resulting in people without legs skiing down a mountain, and people with spinal cord injuries swimming, and people with severe arm impairments participating in archery, and so much in between and beyond.

    In this episode, a physical therapist discusses landscape and benefits of adpative sports.

    To learn more about physical therapy, visit MoveForwardPT.com.

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    Van Leeuwen Is Limitless on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hotwordz has been keeping an eye on this young man Chase who has grown in the independent industry of music. Our first shout out to him  stated, "He was a diamond in the ruff"~ (Spoken). As he rolls through the ranks and crank out song after song through the years, he has hit another HOT one with his latest mix CD, 'Limitless'. The track, which totally caught the Hotwordz ear was "Fake Friends". Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre fires up the mic  once again to share with you  a great talent in the independent music biz. He started around the age of 13 and today, now of drinking age, Van Leeuween has grown to be an dynamic artist in his own right.  Tune in to Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre as we spin Van Leeuween's musical mastermind and spend some time with a lyrical genius. The mic mic mic is open.

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    Limitless Energy: Soulful Living

    in Spirituality

    Join Life Coach Ade on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio for “Limitless Energy: Soulful Living.”

    Life is doing what Life does. It is assisting you in breaking open to your true essence. Instead of tripping about it, utilize your spiritual muscles. Soulful Living is an invitation to unearth erroneous thoughts, ideas and beliefs. 
    Soulful living is a commitment walk in alignment with your Soul's mission.  
    Are you prepared to live in alignment with your soul’s call? Then, join Life Coach Ade to learn how. 

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Also, don't miss Celestial Moment with Celeste Morgan. She offers the energy of the day!
    This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.

    For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Limitless Corruption

    in Politics Conservative

    Official who wrote "limitless risk" memo was the same Tony Trenkle who refused to certify healthcare.gov as secure, and was then either fired by the Regime or fled before they could liquidate him; "Incompetent, bureaucratic, and cumbersome" are GOOD things - Godbama says so; O makes Bernie Madoff look like Tiny Tim; ObamaCare's worst case scenarios; As Republicans and the rest of non-Obamunist America wander in the wilderness, it's dawning on Democrats that that's where they're headed - permanently; The New York Times REALLY hates Israel, doesn't it?; And is Chris Christie the Abraham Lincoln of our time?

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    in Lifestyle

    .LIMITLESS - Start your year off empowered, motivated and inspired to live a life with no limits!  We can only acheive as much as our minds can believe.  Take the restraints off your life and GO FORTH with your dreams, your goals and your plans. SPECIAL GUEST will be Ashley Trevino (Public Speaker and Personal Stylist).

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    Women Warriors - Limitless Living

    in Women

    This week on Women Warriors, Wed at Jun 12 at Noon ET, our special guest is trailblazer, transformer, and visionary life success coach, Nicole Roberts Jones.  Nicole will be discussing the topic of “Limitless Living” and how to take positive control of your life.
    As a life success coach, executive mentor, trainer and empowered speaker, Nicole's energized and thought provoking workshops are one's that will push you into your highest self.  Nicole has an exhilarating presence that compels people to stop allowing limits placed on them to hinder their progression toward becoming all they were destined to be.
    As a Non-Profit Strategist, Nicole has worked with Heads of State, business leaders and foundation executives to develop programs in school-based, faith-based, community & agency settings.  As a Life Success Guru, Nicole has worked with women of all ages for the last 20 years to help others own and grow their greatness!  Nicole is a Director of the Personal Development Division of Motivating the Masses (a Lisa Nichols company) working with women & entrepreneurs all over the country to live limitlessly.
    Nicole received her Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California and has been an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California School of Social Work and the Boston University School of Social Work. In 2007, Jones was a recipient of the Best of You Award from Glamour Magazine and in March of 2011, she was named as one of ten finalists for the National Black Books Festival New Author Award for her 2010 released book Define Your Own Way.  To find out more about Nicole, please visit her website at http://www.nicolerobertsjones.com/.

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