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    Lily Marotta- Ep 8

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    Lily Marotta is an actress and writer. Her most recent project is Monica The Miniseries check it out at monicatheminiseries.nyc. Please tell everyone you know about this show. We love you.

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    Cosmic Awakening Show: Hyper-acceleration with Goz Stone and Lily Earthling

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    Host Michelle Walling welcomes back Lily Earthling and Goz Stone to expand on more ideas regarding the Earth Organic Timeline. In particular, we have hit a hyper-acceleration point on the planet where humanity is making the possibilities from the futre shift to the now with faster than light speed! There is also information that needs to be shared about the possibility that the Draco leader has "left the building". Tune in to this and SO MUCH MORE as Michelle shares how the pieces of the puzzle that Lily and Goz bring into her awareness unlocks some amazing realizations of how this transformation is unfolding at this time. We will discuss the number one thing you can do at this time in our opinion!

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    Conecta la psicologa Lily Moreno y la personalidad de los Ninos-comentario

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    Gracias por su preferencia,

    Bienvenidos a Conexión Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinámico.

    Lunes,Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 8:00 de la noche.

    - Efemérides

    La Personalidad de los niños de la leccion de Child Care Resources, para conocer mas acerca de esto nos acompaña la psico-terapeuta Lily Moreno para poder identificar los rasgos de personalidad

    -  Comentarios y mas.


       Gracias por su sintonia


    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora


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    Taking One on the Chin

    in Business

    Having been in the recruiting field for as long as he has, he has owned agencies and worked for agencies.

    On this show, Jeff speaks about the importance of taking one on the chin for your clients

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a professional recruiter for more than 40 years. The American Headhunter podcast is one in which he will talk about his career as a recruiter, challenges he faces, his experience as an agency owner and much more.

    In addition to his work as a recruiter, Jeff creates content for job hunters, HR professionals, small business owners, hiring managers and now recruiters to help you do your job better.

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    Ow! Let's get it poets! This is another episode of Black Satin Radio presents...KILEY'S WORLD! With your hosts Kiley Brown and Bob Chin. Life is always exciting and poetic in Kiley's World. Bring your best words and share it with the listening audience. Tell us where we can find, follow and support you. Tell us what you got going on. Are you writing a book? Are you performing on stage? Are you looking for other writers to collaborate with? Here is where you can find them. Join us, we'll leave the light on!

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode 8 with guest Amber Lily)

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    Thank you for tunning into Web Camming with Sammy & Sage!

    We talk all about the ins and outs of web camming and how to make it a lucrative business for you.

    We make sure you know the do's and dont's, how to increase your earnings and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

    So if you are interested in becoming a successful cam model we are here to help.

    Today our special guest is the sexy Miss Amber Lily she is so fun you will love her and her cam shows, and she is a huge Star Wars fan!

    Follow us all on twitter: @sammybrooks69, @sagemontana1, & @Amberlily

    We are live every Thursday 7pmEST only on Dollhouse Radio!

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    Cosmic Awakening Show: Lily speaks: Organic Earth and the Reptilian Manipulation

    in Spirituality

    Join host Michelle Walling and special cohost Jeff Gates as we interview "Lily" about planetary history, reptilian manipulation, the "harvest",and the current state of affairs. Find out about the planetary timeline and what that means for planetary ascension. We will also discuss the importance of grounding and centering at this time, plus much more! We will be taking calls in the second hour.

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    Peter Chin debuts Blindsided by God

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    Peter Chin is FAMOUS. He pastors a church that is several tens of millions of people strong.  All the best and most famous pastors proudly give him ringing endorsements, including that guy in Colorado, and the other one in Minnesota.  His Twitter followers outnumber the stars in the sky.”


    Today on Life Lessons we talk about his latest book Blindsided by God. 

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and Sermon Note Journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for special discounts associated with this show.


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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After: The Adventures of Lily Duke

    in Writing

    In the first weeks after Katrina, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast lay in ruins.  The infrastructure of the entire area had been literally eliminated.

    Lily Duke an independent film producer had moved to the New Orleans about 5 weeks prior to Katrina.  When the storm came she evacuated to Mobile, AL.  From the time of her evacuation she had a calling from destiny and knew she could make a difference.

    A couple days after Katrina, she returned to New Orleans but was told by Louisiana State Police border guards, that to be allowed through, she needed documentation that she was a First Responder in some official capacity.   Through her military connections, she learned of the Church of Christ and became an official First Responder.

    Through her resourcefulness, Lily ended up running a food and supply camp on Algiers Point the Mardi Gras World complex.

    Lily has been on the show before and is coming back to give her perspective on the changes since Katrina and the impact her experiences have had on her live since the storm and after.

    Please join us for an inspirational 2 hours on Thursday evening, February 5th at 8:00 pm EST, 7:00 pm CST, 6:00 pm MST, and 5:00 pm PST, for what should be an inspirational and amazing show.

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    (SImply Put Psychic Medium Rev. Greg Kehn is one of the top Psychic Mediums in the world! I have had the honor of having Greg on my show every week for almost 5 years! Week in, week out, he simply does not disapoiint, what you ask for he is head on and he is dead on with the things you did not even ask for! Tonight spend a evening with Rev. Greg Kehn, who has impressed the people at HBO & Oprah Network & he is so good, Lily Dale (The TOP Spiritual Center in America!) for almost 40 years!) Our Evenings with Greg Kehn is a chance were each on air reading will get up to 15 Min time with Greg Kehn! So number of callers we can take will be "very limited". You can reserve your spot by buying a reading at our website of Journeyintothelight.org..After we tried this on our Valentines Show, each caller was so touched by having this long period to speak to Greg, as besides amazing reading, Greg understanding and care with the caller really came across & each caller was so touched! Rev. Kehn, was featured in the HBO Documentary, "Nobody dies in Lilly Dale" & should be scheduled in Oprah Network new Series Called "Beyond Beleive" Tuesday 10pm ET!! (Link Below) as Rev. Kehn is one of the featured readers on the grounds in Lilly Dale, NY for the last 30+ years! Rev. Kehn readers are not just dead on with your question but also with things you did not ask. Reverend Kehn was born in Warren, Ohio and raised in Niles, Ohio. He was ordained in 1980 by the IGAS, Ashtabula, Ohio. He Charter Faculty Member of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy.When Gregory was Eleven he became extremely ill with a temperature of 106. He lost 26 pounds during this illness and had Three Near-Death Experiences in one week where he went through the Light all three times. 

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    JOIN KILEY AND BOB as they delve deep into the creativity of each caller. As lovers of words, Kiley's World is dedicated to all listeners as you share your talent. Kiley and Bob Chin are both performers, poets and writers so your work will be respected when you are handed the mic. With Kiley's bubbly personality and Bob's emcee abilities you can't help to have a great time. Join in the laughter and entertainment of Black Satin Radio Presents, Kiley's World.

    Black Satin Radio, (646) 478-4196, is an internet-based station devoted to the art of words in the forms of poetry, music, and books. The station is dedicated to the creative works within the scope of these genres. Black Satin Radio aspires to introduce the listening audience to the inspiration behind the works while providing networking opportunities for each guest. Finally, Black Satin Radio will maintain a certain responsibility to philanthropic causes within and outside of its core demographic.

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