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    Freed From $103,000 in Student Loan Debt

    in Motivation

    Tim Otis and his wife are doing their debt free Happy Dance because they've sent off the final payment of $103,000 in student loans. Tim join us on the Midday Money Show to talk about the reason behind the dance moves. He really opened up and let us behind the scenes of a very personal journey that inlcuded ups and downs, tensions, and job loss. Who ever said the journey out of debt was a straight shot?

    Debt freedom is, however, doable.

    Just ask Tim and his wife. Better yet, tune into his story and be inspired! You can find the show notes with all links mentioned at www.debtfreedivas.org.

    "Why are people so okay with debt?" ~Tim Otis

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    The Dr Marilyn Joyce Show - What's Healthy? What's Not?

    in Self Help

    Natural Products Expo West - Exciting New Healthy & Natural Foods, Personal Products & Trends (encore)


    The countdown is on! Only 4 days to go before The Anaheim Convention Center will be packed to capacity with thousands of booths and 100,000+ exhibitors, product developers, wholesalers, retailers, speakers, authors, and the list goes on...

    So in preparation for the largest tradeshow and conference for the natural, organic and healthy lifetyle marketplace, I wanted to introduce you to some of last year's industry trendsetters!

    Get the scoop on what's truly healthy and what's not?

    Learn more about the dangers of GMO's and why you should shop for organic vs commercial products?

    Get yourself armed with really healthy snacks and foods for your kids (and yourself) as I walk you past the myriad of choices available to only the best choices?

    Get inspired by the people just like you and me who have risked everything to get their product out into the world - and as a result, are making a huge difference in our health today!

    These are just a few of the insights I had during 3 days at a recent past Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA.

    Okay, now it's your turn! Drop by our dedicated Dr Marilyn Joyce facebook page, and share your first step on your own journey to making healthier choices. And thanks in advance for LIKING the page - and then sharing it with everyone you love.

    Need more guidance. Check out our affordable and simple solution at: www.20MinuteLaserCoach.com

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    more making your llfestyle lower your premiums

    in Health

    This show is a folooeup to my first show, how to save money on premiums by altering your lifetyle. How a healthy lifestyle is closer in reach than you may think

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    Tummy Tucks: What You Need To Know

    in Health

    Tummy Tucks are popular and one of the most common surgeries.  A tummy tuck will help to flatten sagging and excess abdominal skin.

    It is major surgery and it's important to understand the procedure, as well as the difference between liposuction only and a tummy tuck. Today there are many different types of Tummy Tucks being preformed especially in LA.

    Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of a tummy tuck with Board Certfied Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Joel Beck.

    Dr. Beck's extensive training includes research and clinical experience in burn surgery, a fellowship in craniofacial surgery and intense plastic surgery and reconstructive training.  He is the medical director of  Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery which is almost exclusively dedicated to aesthetic procedures, Dr. Beck’s background in micro surgery and reconstructive surgery bring valuable insight to understanding anatomy, spatial relationships and healing—all critical in achieving outstanding results. Dr. Beck's practice also includes Transgender Surgery.


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    LAR presents Love Story Living w/Marshay-Vanessa w/Pink Boss

    in Self Help

    Living Aligned Radio presents... Love Story Living with Marshay (Episode #17, Oct. 17, 2013) Inviting you to Love the Story you Live; Live the Story you Love! All with a bite of Cookietude!
    Tonight's special guest is the founder of The Pink Boss Business Boutique, Vanessa Parker ( www.thepinkboss.com) ! Vanessa is living her passion encouraging women to create their own thriving businesses, doing what they enjoy; providing them with resources, classes, and coaching to further their success. Come hear about her journey as an entrepreneur and how she encorporates family, motherhood, sisterhood, and more into the lifetyle equation. Bring your pen and paper. This is a show you will want to tune into.
    Marshay Mitchell is keeping us inspired about Love, Passions, and Living our Dreams. She shares true stories of love and living a fulfilled life; giving us tips and tools for enhancing the love life with yourself and others. Marshay, previously the host of the "Have a Cookietude with Marshay" show is still bringing her bubbly personality along with her beautiful voice of poetry and spoken word, moments of Cookietude, and manifestation techniques to experience your desires. Come rise in Love with Marshay!
    Go with the flow and grow with Marshay! Thursdays at 10:30 PM EST/ 7:30 PM PST!! 818-688-6700
    If you or someone you know has a great love story to share or is living their passion write to marshay@lovestoryliving.com or on facebook at facebook.com/lovestoryliving
    For more infomation and details about the Living Aligned Network, Please visit http://www.livingaligned.net

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    Healthy Trends for 2013

    in Family

    Join our program as Kimberly Wechsler, Family Fitness Specialist and Health Activist, discusses the newest trends, foods and activities that can support your family in living a healthy lifetyle in 2013. 

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    Reality Life: Living an Authentic Lifestye

    in Religion

    We often like to watch reality shows. They give us a glimps into the home life of people both famous or not. We like to see people behind the scenes. But, in reality, reality T.V is really not true reality. It's all entertainment and you really are getting a staged show to a certain degree. Ask anyone who has been on one of them and they will tell you. True reality is really from the thoughts of our hearts. If we good get a glimps there, then we can truly say we say a reality show. Let's talk a little about living the authentic lifetyle.

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    Happy Thanksgiving Day Week to you & yours....I thank you wholeheartedly for your love & support so don't miss yet another live broadcast of *MotivatingMonday:KultureShokEntReportz" as we talk bout Thanksgiving & importance of being Thankful... plus awesome entertainment/lifestyle/music news stories...focusing like always on MotivatingMonday:KultureShokEntReportz....Healthy Lifetyle advice & tips...GODbless..Xo-BETH- http://www.mymarkstore.com/BethanyWilliams http://www.pinterest.com/kultureshokbeth

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    no 3 second delay

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    The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles' Radio Mix May Recap...

    in Spirituality

    Diamonds are beautiful, but they go through a a little something before they shine. Tonight, I'm going to recap the month, share life gems, upcoming events, & hear from you. Also my friend, colleague, & business guru, Vicki Irvin of SuperWoman Lifestyle, is stopping by to give us the run down on her upcoming Extreme Women Entrepreneur Event, July 9-11 in DC. If you want to take your business to the next level, listen in for the details & reserve your seat. As usual I'll play good music, laugh a lot, & warm your heart with plenty of love, all 4 Y O U right here on The Diamonaire Living Lifestyles' Radio Mix.