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    What Is The New Lifestyle?

    in Christianity

    Tune In On Thursday, September 12th as we discuss What Is The New Lifestyle!

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    Feminist Groups Good Or Bad

    in Entertainment

    Not to say that at some point feminist groups were not needed but now in this day and times they are doing more harm than good. Tonight we will explore some of the things that have changed so much because of the feminist movement. They don't just attack men they attack women as well. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm central time special guest host Alex Young will be on the mic 

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    The 30/20/50 Income Distribution Plan to Lifestyle UPGRADES and Debt-Free Wealth

    in Finance

    How you spend what you earn determines your quality of life, and burden of stress.  The Debt-Free Wealth Way is about enjoying a lifestyle you desire and deserve, debt-free.  This is an ideal, a goal worthy of pursuing, and along the journey, I discourage depravity and depression.  The focus is on what you have and want, rather than what you don't have or don't want.

    To create a life of ultimate financial freedom will take time, sacrifice and focus.  Living within and below your means is an absolute requirement for financial freedom to happen for you - however, since living within and below your means, for most is leads to a lifestyle of lack, we take the short-term approach to sacrifice with a long term view to expanding wealth.

    Listen in as I give an overview of my signature 30/50/20 income distribution strategy to lifestyle upgrades and debt-free wealth.

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    Lisa Tanker-Potts: Fitness & Lifestyle Expert LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Get ready to energize your January!   Leading Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Coach, Lisa Tanker-Potts joins the show to talk about getting in shape and making your 2015 the best it can be!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Lisa a question!

    Follow Lisa on Twitter by clicking here!

    Check out Lisa on YouTube by clicking here!

    Check out Lisa's website by clicking here!

    Boutique Body Fitness owner Lisa Tanker-Potts is considered the guru of fitness and lifestyle for women looking to change or enhance their lives through fitness. Lisa has been able to help thousands of women achieve healthy lifestyles with the "Bikiniology" Fitness Program she designed.  

    Lisa’s trademark is her positive attitude, warm energy, willingness to help others and her expertise in helping women of all ages get into the shape of their dreams. Lisa’s clients call her the “Glam Girl of Fitness" as she not only helps them get physically fit but also teaches them beauty tips to compliment their gorgeous physique. Lisa’s upbeat spirit and ability to make every client feel exclusive has quickly propelled her to be a top sought after fitness trainer and lifestyle expert. 

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    Living with Heart - the Lifestyle

    in Self Help

    Have a cup of tea, or your favorite beverage, (we call it "MEE Time") with Music 4 Life® Radio show hosts Judith Pinkerton and Amy Frost as they focus on the lifestyle of living with heart with special guest Jennifer Main, who loves having the freedom to use her imagination and emotions to create something out of nothing and to have the freedom to express myself however she wishes. As a figurative abstract painter known for her vibrant  bold use of color, she paints from the heart and is inspired by the Spirit to express the deeper meaning behind life's beautiful journey. Jennifer bravely began her career as an artist in Las Vegas at age 17 and now 15 years later her work is collected worldwide with her own gallery in Los Angeles.

    This week's topic of Living with Heart - the Lifestyle mirrors Oprah Winfrey's declaration (in What I know for Sure), “Never again will I do anything for anyone that I do not feel directly from my heart. I will not attend a meeting, make a phone call, write a letter, sponsor or participate in any activity in which every fiber of my being does not resound yes. I will act with the intent to be true to myself.”

    Download the free topic handout at Amy's blog at AmyFrost.com. Build your emotional resilience with music medicine. Learn how to apply music medicine in your life to manage more easily the ups and downs - take the 2-hour course, downloadable Music Medicine Boot Camp.

    Contact Jennifer Main at jennifermaingallery.com.

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    Episode 79: The Book of Philippians - Part XIII

    in Christianity

    Episode 79: The Book of Philippians - Part XIII

    This week we are continuing to study Paul's letter to the Philippians. There is a lot to unpack and you will not want to miss this walk through the book.

  • Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Romance

    Wednesdays 9pm, join your favorite Sexperts & Healthy Living Coaches, Neek & Nelly,  with Moxie Gents, moderator of the FaceBook Social Group "What Do Black Men Really Think?", Eli Isabell, as they delivering realistic, empowering solution-focused conversations  in the areas of personal growth, spirituality, intimacy and healthy lifestyle strategies. The new show, Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show, offers a medley of intimate & energetic  approaches to enhance your overall sense of individual and relationship well-being!

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    Lifestyle Makeover - Lifestyle Revolution

    in Dreams

    Is It Time For A Revolution?

    Well 2014 is here and it is staring you right in the face. Ready to play that annual game of chicken with your mindset? Now the question is...who will blink first?

    Are you ready for a revolution?

    Tune in January 2nd, 10:30 EDT to discover the 3 essential ingredients you need to win the 365 day battle that lay ahead. 

    This is the recipe that makes us 1.5 to 2 million dollars a year in sales.

    But hey, don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself.

    See you there!

    Matt and Chris
    The Lifestyle Trailblazers



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    Episode 78: The Book of Philippians - Part XII

    in Christianity

    Episode 78: The Book of Philippians - Part XII

    This week we are continuing to study Paul's letter to the Philippians. There is a lot to unpack and you will not want to miss this walk through the book.

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    How to stay motivated while transforming your lifestyle

    in Sports

    Listen as Lee Haney speaks with Certified IAFS Trainer Tracy Evans as they speak on motivation and Tracy's personal testimony to his transformation.

    Tracy Evans is a personal trainer located in West Memphis, Arkansas

    Specializing in weight, and life transformations.  I personally lost 200 lbs of my own.  I have walked in your shoes and will go the distance with you.

    Contact Tracy by email: mtmevansfitness@aol.com

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    Five Master Keys for Approaching a Victor's Lifestyle

    in Spirituality

    Deni Carruth, as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Deni’s clients achieve their best alignment and function, along with their personal goals of weight loss, strength, and sports conditioning. She challenges them to do their best so they can be their best, and sometimes, the other way around. This has been her personal experience, as she has overcome several physical handicaps.

    As a Longevity Wellness Specialist, her quality over quantity approach has delivered better quality of life to clients that have stayed with her for 12 years, and counting. Her goal is to have them live long, well. They choose to stay long…because they love what wellness feels like. At age 62, Deni says she personally feels better than she did 40 years ago!

    As a Lifestyle Transformation Strategist, Deni’s passion is to educate, inspire, and coach people in the importance of alignment for life, and the betterment of themselves as a completely whole person. Helping people discover who they are designed to be, achieve that, then create a lifestyle to support it, is one of the most exciting things she does. Deni has had to experience her own lifestyle transformation to become the best version of herself to help others.

    As a speaker, she facilitates interactive presentations to various groups and helps leaders grow. She believes we all should live and lead from a position of strength, and finds great joy when others can stand whole; physically, emotionally, spiritually. Deni believes that we are created for movement, and knowing how to do that in every area of our life, is called “living.” 

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