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    Get Moxie, The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Motivation

    Discussing topics of Personal Growth, Initmacy, Relationships, Spirituality, Wellness, & Sexuality that will enhance your overall sense of self & relationships causing you to live your best life NOW!

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    Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Motivation

    Tune in as your lovely sexpert & life coach Nelly with Moxie Gent Eli Isabell deliver invigorating, energetic & solution-focused candid conversation. Discussing topics of Personal Growth, Intimacy, Relationships, Spirituality, Wellness & Sexuality that will enhance your overall sense of self & relationships causing you to have your best life NOW!

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    Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle

    in Spirituality

    Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle. David Sherman will explore the world of health and natural methods to heal the body. On his show he will bring humor, science and simplicity to convey how the body has incredible healing powers and with the right tools you can have a long and healthy lifestyle.  Not sure how to find the right modality, then this show is for you!

    Topic: Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, how it accelerates your body’s own natural healing process, treating chronic conditions and more with a special guest! Call in to ask questions about the proper direction for you to stay healthy. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Be Forever Young- Lifestyle choices

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    Special Guest: Louise Harisson, The Beatles's Legend, George Harisson's Big Sister, THE FOREVER YOUNG PRINCESS

    What is  the relationship between people and plants? What is the relationship between you and the planet?

    is your ecological footprint a result of your behaviour as a consumer?

    Scientific studies show that as a parent, you can influence your baby at very early stages in their life ( ages 0-3 year old) to a healthy lifestyle, and the chances are that your baby will become 27% healthier and, later in life, make better lifestyle choices, mirroring the same lifestyle as their parents.

    As a parent, the level of your income determines what foods you put on the table, the time you allocate for outdoor activities and exercise, the living environment you provide for your children. Your children have no choice but to be part of your lifestyle choices. When you involve yourself in unhealthy,poverty-related stress release activities, like smoking, drinking or depression, you are the part of your child learning process.

    Are your beliefs affecting your lifestyle? Do you engage in " green" consumptions of energy, organic foods, outdoor activities, farming activities, to consume fewer resources and produce less harmful waste? Are your lifestyle choices deriving a sense of self from making choices that can protect the environment, even in a small way? Is our modern society able to create healthy lifestyle options to further help individuals to choose "green" products ? What is your lifestyle saying about you? 

    Radio Presenters 

    Serah Lister and Marina Nani, Founder, the Academy of Significance


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    How Do I Love ME? ...Stopping war

    in Motivation

    What is it going to take for the angry, hurt little boys and girls who run governments to stop fighting each other and spending tax dollars on war?  How can we individually set a new paradigm focused on self-love that can flip the switch on war?  What if it's up to us - not the politicians? 

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    Show #90- Fashion, Lifestyle, and Motivation with Ainura K

    in Motivation

    Travelled the world and lived in many countries exploring people, culture, traditions and languages.  A keen learner with high academic record. Very versatile and passionate about creating motivational, fashion & lifestyle videos for her YouTube channel, which has more than 8 million views from all around the world. 

    Ainura K. has her own YouTube channel specially designed for teenage girls from all around the world all sharing the same interests including fashion, lifestyle, motivation and much more.


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    How to adjust to the sudden changes in life.

    in Self Help

    Learning how to "go with the flow" can be one of the hardest things as people we can do, yet it can be one of the most satifying ways to make a happy life.  So why do we fight life changes so very much?

    Join me on Building Blocks of Recovery Radio as we unpack the concept of loving life as it is, not as we wish.

    Want to know more? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook!

    Every Monday 8 PM PST join Building Blocks of Recovery on Blogtalkradio.com

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    Breadwinners. Incremental Improvements In Lifestyle = Lifestyle UPGRADE Now.

    in Finance

    No matter your paycheck, everyone dreams of their better life.  Waiting for that day to arrive, that day when you feel life is good, is so painful - that many simply swipe the credit card one more time and have that thing NOW!  This is for me the core reason for the massive debt in society.  Instant gratification! As I see it, you are not in debt because you have a criminal intent to take stuff you have no intention of paying for.  Instead, credit and debt seems like a welcome friend that says, "go ahead, and have it now - you can always pay later".  To much of that, and later becomes MUCH later, maybe even never.

    The goal is that upgrade, that thing that will bring you joy or an improved quality of life experience - NOW!  For some, that is moving from a 21 inch TV, to a 45 inch flat screen.  For some it means traveling first class instead of coach.  For some it means moving to a nicer neighborhood.  Lifestyle upgrade is a a term I coined to represent anything that improves your quality of life experience.

    We desire and deserve lifestyle upgrades, however, to enjoy those the debt-free wealth way, is the better way to go.  The debt-free wealth way as I teach it, delayed gratification is simply a strategy NOT a lifestyle!  When delayed gratification is no longer your general way of living, but simply a short term srategy to your lifestyle upgrade, life gets more interesting.  Let me show you how to have the lifestyle upgrades you desire and deserve, the debt-free wealth way.

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    A Wellness Coach-Lifestyle Coach.. Could You Use one?

    in Entertainment

    Lisa Berrios, was born in Ohio, and has been living in Atlanta Ga since 1982. She became a Wellness Coach because she wanted to work with individuals or groups who wanted to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health and wellbeing.Lisa uses tools such as guided meditation, affirmations, Vision boards, and positive thinking to help others elevate to live their dreams without being co-dependent, on anyone.   No matter what your past or present may have been, we all have the power to transform our lives.     A professional  wellness coach  provides the drive and guidance their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives.  Tune in to get the facts

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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Craving Success in School and at the Dinner Table

    in Family

    Kids take center stage for the month of August on Small Changes Big Shifts with host Dr. Michelle Robin. Joining Dr, Robin is Sasha Martin. She is a photographer, food blogger and National Geographic author.

    Her work has been featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, Women's Day, and on NPR.  She is the founder of GlobalTableAdventure.com, a blog where she shares more than 650 recipes from 195 countries. Sasha's mission is to help people bring the world into their kitchens, one recipe at a time.

    Also on the show is Linda Buchner, mentor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the co-founder of MINDDRIVE.  MINDDRIVE works with high school students struggling to meet their full potential. Through project-based learning and heavy mentor involvement, kid’s futures become brighter, their self-confidence is realized and opportunities abound. KC Magazine named Linda one of the 2015 Influential Women of Kansas City Business. and 2014 - 100 People Who Make Kansas City A Great Place To Live.

    To learn more about the host Dr. Michelle Robin go online: http://www.drmichellerobin.com/

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    Small changes Big Shifts: Battling hunger in K.C. with Dr. Bridget McCandless

    in Health

    This week on Small Changes Big Shifts, discover what's being done to feed the children in Kansas City. Find out how programs such as KC Community Gardens, Giving Grove, and KC Healthy Kids among others are making a difference in our urban food desert, and learn how you can help.

    Joining Dr. Michelle Robin this week is Dr. Bridget McCandless, President and CEO of Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City. Before heading up the foundation, she spent her career working to provide medical care to low-income, uninsured individuals as medical director of the Shared Care Free Clinic of Jackson County (formerly the Jackson County Free Health Clinic). McCandless says her position at the foundation has married her love of medicine and policy and she works tirelessly on building a structure around the two.

    To learn more about the host Dr. Michelle Robin go online to http://www.drmichellerobin.com/

    for more information about Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City visit: http://hcfgkc.org/