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  • 01:01

    The Experience of Joining a New Direct Sales Business

    in Business

    We all hear if you want to make it in direct sales you have to get in on the ground floor.  Well I recently ran into Maria Guion with Lifemax.  She was selling a product called Mila which is an all organic health product.  She is very passionate about nutrition and health and wellness.  
    She has agreed to come on and share with us her experience of joining a new company.  Lifemax is only 4 years old.  Which in the age of businesses is very young.   I hope you can join us tonight feel free to call in with any questions.

  • 00:47

    The yin and yang of yoga, and un- meditation w/ Dax Parcells

    in Spirituality

    join us for this fun chat with Dax Parcells, who will be joining us from West Boynton Beach, near Palm Beach, for the Flagstaff Yoga Festival this year! We chat with Dax about his journeys in both the Ashtanga yoga and Sivananda yoga worlds, in addition to some really fun complimentary interests that he has. Dax talks about how he infuses yin yoga with vinyasa yoga in his workshops, and about his experiences teaching at Moksha Studio.

    you can find Dax online at is lifemax site, www.lifemax.net/conscious

  • 01:00

    Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    in Health

    Karen Gadol joins us today as we discuss the importance of omega 3 fatty acids and how it can boost health, memory, energy and more. Mila by Lifemax is touted as THE best source of omega 3's and contains a long list of other health promoting properties. Join us today and learn all about this exciting and life-changing product and what it can do for you!