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    Please join us this Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST or 7:00 p.m. EST with our host Denise Messenger.  Our special guest is Michael Gurian.  Michael Gurian is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty eight books published in twenty two languages. He provides counseling services at the Marycliff Center, in Spokane, Washington.  The Gurian Institute, which he co-founded, conducts research internationally, launches pilot programs and trains professionals. Michael has been called "the people's philosopher" for his ability to bring together people's ordinary lives and scientific ideas. He has pioneered efforts to bring neuro-biology and brain research into homes, schools, corporations, and public policy.  Today we will be talking about his newest book, "Lessons of Lifelong Intimacy" where Michael will share with our listeners the latest achievements in research concerning neuroscience.  We will learn how to achieve happy and balanced love in our lives!  You asked for it and we deliver!

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    Lifelong Learning at Stetson

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    Emily Richardson and Skip Diegel talk about Lifelong Learning programs and courses at Stetson University.
    This interview originally aired on AM 1230 and AM 1490 WSBB radio and is used here with permission.

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    Lifelong Learning and Experience

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    How does experience factor in to life long learning?  Is it one in the same? Is experience always the best teacher?  Dr. Rick Patterson continues to explore lifelong learning from the perspective of mentor and citizen. 

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    Learning Bird presents returning Guests Josephus Thompson III of The Poetry Project with NC Dept of Education's Faye Gore are our guests. 

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    Learning to be By Yourself & Free Psychic Readings!!!

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    Learning how to be by yourself is a challenge for many to overcome.  Many times people will end up in the exact same type of relationship that they just got out of which is toxic.  It's the same pattern but just a different person to fulfill the role. It is very important to be by yourself after a relationship has ended.  This is your time for soul searching and self reflection. This is your time to make friends with you.  You should be your best friend.

    Yes it seems like a need for humans to have companionship but that doesn't mean we have to be in a relationship. We can have friends short and long distance.  We can learn something new and do something we always wanted to do but were unable to.  Are you just going to brood?  Are you just going to be angry?  Being by yourself doesn't mean being lonely. You can be with a partner and very easily be lonely if they aren't the right ones.

    I will also take psychic questions and for a detailed reading by email or phone contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


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    Life Coaching as Lifelong Learning

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    Life coaching is a form of self-improvement in which more and more people are participating. What is it life coaching? Is it adult education? Is it therapy? How does life coaching work, and what could it do for me? How do I find a skilled and properly trained life coach? What should I expect from life coaching? Join me as I talk with Dr. Paula Dawidowicz, doctoral level faculty member at a major university and trained life coach. She will discuss all these topics as we explore life coaching – a new form of adult lifelong learning.
    For more information,  dr.paula@touchthestarscoaching.com, 812-369-4056, or  www.touchthestarscoaching.com
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    Does Learning Stop After You Leave School?

    in Education

    Does Learning Stop After You Leave School? - What about Lifelong Learning?

    Occasionally we may hear a few students who say "I can't wait to get out of school" Unfortunately, often times students are not able to realize how important it is to continue learning. Schooling is just one form of learning. As parents, teachers and other concerned adults, we can assist especially our young people in developing the mindset to be "lifelong learners". 

    Join Adult Host, Juanita Richburg Seon on Young Media Critics on Blogtalkradio.com, Thursday, June 25, 2015, 11 a.m.(PST) 2 p.m. (EST) and get some answers and suggestions about LifeLong Learning and ways to encourage people of all ages to continue to learn.

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    The Power of Nonstop Learning with Dr. Battinto Batts

    in Motivation

    It's America, and we mustn't forget the importance of learning and educating ourselves. Today, we discuss with Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications at HU just how and why it's important to continue education

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    Turning Buyers into Lifelong Clients

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    On September 30, my guest will be Benjamin Macklowe of Macklowe Gallery. Ben joined the Gallery in 1994, was appointed Managing Director in 2002 and became its President in 2012. Under his leadership Macklowe Gallery has become the world’s most respected dealer of Antique and Estate Jewelry, French Art Nouveau decorative arts and the entire oeuvre of Louis Comfort Tiffany, increasing yearly sales from $4,000,000 in 1995 to over $15,000,000 in 2013. He has brought a client-centered approach to a field that has traditionally viewed the customer merely as an ill-informed source of revenue, and has sought to educate the collecting public through one-on-one interactions, personal appearances and gallery publications. Ben is a sought-after expert in his field and has served as a lecturer for museum groups and scholarly organizations throughout the nation. He has appeared on television to discuss Tiffany lamps with Martha Stewart, lectured on the art glass of Emile Gallé at the Taft Museum of Art and has taught about Art Nouveau jewelry at Christie’s auction house on multiple occasions. University programs in art and design are regular visitors to the gallery, bringing graduate-level students and their professors to hear Mr. Macklowe talk about Art Nouveau and see the gallery’s collection.

    Ben is dedicated to upholding the highest integrity in his approach to business, and has established warm and mutually beneficial relationships with his peers in the field. He has helped expand the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Dallas Museum and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, selling important decorative works of art to each.

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    SED 584 Spring 2015 Module 5 - Physical Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning

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    Join us as we wrap up this term's subject, Physical Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning. Joining us will be guest Dr. Laura Good, of the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, who worked for several years in YMCA camps. She'll share her experiences there and how the physical setting affected learning opportunities. She will also talk about where her free-choice learning work has taken her in terms of her current position. 


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     We're heading to the Primary states as iCEV Online presents IA Superintendent John Carver and thought leader , New Hampshire'sFred Bramante