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    5 Ways to Guarantee Success in Your Life

    in Women

    Join us on Lifegasms Radio Monday, June 13th when we talk to Lisa Manyon about her new book and the 5 ways to guarantee success Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually.
    Lisa Manyon is the President of Write on Creative Services LLC.  SHe is a professional copywriter, m,arketing strategist and #1 Best Selling Author.  She is a master of matching your message to your market via copywriting and publicity strategies.
    Join me at 12:00 PM EST when I talk to her and learn her secrets to success!

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    New Year, New You!! Get your groove back in 2013!!

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    Make 2013 the year that you rock your health and your mojo!! If you're wanting to shed those extra holiday pounds AND get your groove back, then listen in as Dr. Tom Rogers, founder of Perfomance Medicine, tells us how to do just that.  Dr. Rogers, author of "Total Health Guide", is a well-known and highly respected expert in weight loss and homone balancing and replacement.  If you feel like the pounds are climbing higher every time you step on the scale or if you feel like your  energy levels have hit rock bottom, then you'll definitely want to tune in.  We'll be dishing about the best ways to help you lose weight, support and balance your hormones, increase your energy, and feel sexy! Join us this Tuesday (January 15th) at 3:00pm EST/2:00pm CST.      

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    Do You Use Intuition to Guide You?

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    Join us Tuesday, June 29th at Noon EST on Lifegasms Radio when we will talk to Joan Marie Whelan.
    Joan Marie Whelan is an accomplished, internationally recognized Business Intuition Expert, Intuitive Specialist, International Medium – Intuitive Specialist, Medical Intuitive and Past/Present Life Regression Expert as well as a Lifestyle Coach For Everyday Living.

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    Make Your Love Life Flow for Valentines Day!

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    This is a special show we are having here at Lifegasms Radio! Mike Bloomberg, the Romance CEO will be co-hosting with me, this Friday, February 11, 2011 at 1:00 pm EST and our guest on the show is Kathryn Weber of Red Lotus Letter.

    Kathryn is one of the leading experts in Feng Shui on the internet with her world recognized Feng Shui ezine, The Red Lotus Letter. The Red Lotus Letter has a readership of 14,000 subscribers and offers weekly tips and easy to implement ideas to help readers create the kind of home and work environments that support their careers, fame, success, relationships, health, wealth and prosperity.

    Kathryn will be sharing with us:
    What Feng Shui is
    How your surroundings affect your love life
    Feng Shui symbols of love that will help your love life
    Tips for making your bedroom more romantic
    How to improve a stale love life
    The best Feng Shui tip for couples to stay together and happy

    I can't wait for this call! It is going to be HOT!!!

    Make sure you put this on your calendar right away...Friday, February 11, 2011, 1:00 pm EST for half an hour. Block it out and make sure you tune in!

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    Stop Being Cinderella and Start Being The CEO!

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    Amethyst Wyldfyre - The Energy Mastery Coach- is a multidimensional visionary and Transformational Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Guide and Divine Wisdom Channel.  She specializes in serving highly influential systemic change agents, coaches, trainers, speakers, performers, artists, and alternative healers to LEAP fearlessly into their higest level of service to the planet.

    Join me on Monday, April 11th at 12 pm EST when I talk to her about how you can stop being Cinderella and start being the CEO in your business and your life!

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    Soulshaping Soulgasms with Jeff Brown

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    Do you ever wonder how to find the balance between living in the everyday world of  a career and laundry and living in a way that tickles your soul and truly feels like you are fulfilling your own calling?  If the answer is "yes", you'll definitely want to join me for a heartwarming, soul-tickling discussion with one of social media's most beloved sages.  A former criminal lawyer and psychotherapist, Jeff Brown is the author of “Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation,” and the just released “Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground”. Endorsed by authors Elizabeth Lesser, Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Katherine Woodward Thomas, “Ascending” is a collection of Jeff’s most popular spiritual graffiti—quotes, soul-bytes and aphorisms frequently shared in social media. He is also the author of “Apologies to the Divine Feminine (from a warrior in transition)” and the producer and key journeyer in the new spiritual documentary - Karmageddon- which also stars Ram Dass, Seane Corn, David Life, Deva Premal and Miten. You can connect with Jeff’s work at www.soulshaping.com

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    Are You Ready to Overcome Your Blocks and Be a Success?

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    Join me Monday June 27 at 12:00 EST when I talk to Patty Benton, owner of Jerpat LLC, about Overcoming your blocks and become a successful business owner!
    Patty Benton is the genuine picture of a woman who started from scratch, knowing little, to becoming a business and marketing expert.  Taking her teaching experience and applying it to her speaking, coaching and training, she pushes others to step up to the plate utilizing proven systems and techniques to overcome fears, blocks and challenges to do what they intended in the first place - create a successful, sustainable business they will enjoy.
    If you are ready to move forward and learn how to get past the obstacles blocking you, you don't want to miss this call!  

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    The Sensual Way to Success!

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    Are you tired of feeling like life is passing you by?  Would you LOVE to create MORE success in your life, career, and relationships?  Are you wondering what on earth does "Sensuality" have to do with any of this?  Life is meant to be SOOO much sexier than what we usually settle for.... Yes, I said it!!
    Thursday, April 28th at 12:00 pm EST I will be joined by Deborah Kagan to help you learn how to turn your life into a sensual experience!
    Deborah is an educator, author, and sensual lifestyle specialist.  She helps people turn their lives into a sensual experience so they can make more money, reduce stress, and create thriving relationships.  Her clients have experienced 7 figure incomes, stronger health, better sex and greater self esteem.
    This is going to be one HOT show!

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    Sexhercise Your Feminine Fitness From Within

    in Women

    Susan Gala is a licensed massage therapist and STOTT PILATES specialist with 25 years experience as a lifestyle and wellness professional. Her intention is to guide women through life's journey by rejuvenating their health and vitality from the inside out with joy and pleasure.

    Susan will be discussing:

    What causes incontinence
    How to do Kegels
    How to increase intimacy
    Exercise routines to combine with Sexhercise

    This show is going to be packed with info! See you at 12:00 pm EST on Monday January 10, 2011

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    Tap into Your "Embodied Power"

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    Leela Francis will be joining us with insights on how to tap into your "embodied power" to create a fulfilling life. Leela is an embodiment expert and the founder of Vividly Woman, a global community of women and women's circles devoted to women dancing our power. She encourages women to harness their feminine power so they can work easy, play abundantly, and radiantly thrive in spiritual creative aliveness. Leela is known around the globe for inspiring women to connect, trust, and become healthy and fulfilled leaders.

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    Do You Understand Law of Attraction?

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    Katherine Che, CEO of the International Association of Law of Attraction Professionals will be telling us about the Law of Attraction so we understand it better and can apply it to our own lives each day.
    Katherine is a leading expert on the Law of Attraction and her clients call her a "miracle worker" for the speed and power of the transformations she facilitates in their lives. That's a core part of her positive, empowering message: You CAN be, do or have anything you desire...and when she says anything she's not kidding! Join us to hear more Monday December 13th at 12:00 pm EST

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