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  • 01:24

    Heal Your Life Experience Team!!! Group Discussion!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Nick, Maria, Kristina, Gunita and Nina join together to discuss tools and techniques for living a more joyous life.

    They are all qualified Louise Hay, Heal Your Life teachers and teach together in London.

    An amazing, loving, leading edge team!!!

    We hear their life stories and how their lives have changed through this work!

    All our love!!! Xxx

  • 00:29

    Heal Your Life Experience Roundtable!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we discuss living a more empowered positive life!


  • 02:00

    The BWE Experience S2 E6

    in Entertainment

    Just 48 hours removed from BWE Smackdown, join Alfred Parsard and Rick Bond as they discuss the events of this past saturday. Also, keep your ears peeled, as you never know who will call in on the experience.

  • 02:00

    The BWE Experience S2 E5

    in Entertainment

    TONIGHT With just 2 days away from #‎BWESmackDown in Brooklyn, #‎AlfredParsard & #‎OMX return with an All-New 2 HOUR LIVE episode of The BWE EXPERIENCE on #‎BlogTalkRadio. OMX is expected to respond to the controversial statements made by #‎TPCAbraham this past Sunday at the Transcendent Rumble. We also have confirmation that TPC Abraham will call in LIVE to give his side of the story..And as with every episode of The BWE EXPERIENCE we can expect more #‎BWEMegastars to call in or drop in live in studio and tonight will be no exception when we go LIVE! with the biggest SmackDown preview to date.

    Tune in Tonight at 9PM

    Presented By- #‎BEATS1 24/7 Radio

  • Population Health and the Patient Experience: A Perfect Pair

    in Health

    Population health has arrived on the healthcare scene, and if we’re smart, we’ll make sure it’s here to stay. Susan Marks from Amati Health will talk with Singola Consulting about why it’s smart to move towards population health, what an effective strategy looks like, and how it benefits both healthcare organizations and the patient experience.

  • 00:53

    The P.L.A.Y. Experience with Ombassa Sophera

    in Spirituality

    How much did you P.L.A.Y.(Passionately Love and Appreciate YOU!) today??

    Join Ombassa Sophera for The P.L.A.Y. Experience this week as we "Shift Into the Spirit of Things".

    Call 347 426 3346 or SKYPE

    Tune in to a new frequency where together we discover our new blueprint for releasing stress and loving ourselves completely.

    Raw, organic Life Conversations about matters of the heart, health, creativity and JOY!

    Ombassa Sophera shares unfiltered truths, pure wisdom and a smorgasbord of laughter to infuse your lifestyle with Streams of Wholeness.

  • 00:51

    Meet The Heal Your Life Experience Team

    in Self Help

    Meet the teachers behind the Heal Your Life Experience London!!! Xxx

  • 00:20

    The Traveling Diva's Presents "The Experience"

    in Travel

    Come and experience the beauty of the earth with us. The Traveling Divas will share with the you the Amazing World of Travel and how to travel like a ROCKSTAR. We will share some breaktaking places for you to see and enjoy. The World is waiting for you and you should see it. Let us take you on a journey to living the luxurious life you deserve. There is a secret to being a travel insider and we will tell you what that is.

    Spring Break is upon us. Come and explore some great, fun and exciting destinations.

    Bon Voyage!

  • 01:30

    Experience Empowerment By Saying NO And Meaning It

    in Spirituality

    Saying NO can be the hardest two letter that you can ever utter, and the most empowering.  Saying no to your loved ones, to your children, husband and family and friends is monumentally challenging. Saying no to your employer and work colleagues is challenging also, but from a different stand point, but challenging none the less.  Saying no to people asking for charitable donations and no to the destitute, displaced and homeless asking for money, while standing on the corner with a hand written sign, has another set of challenges, all of which play havoc with your emotions.  Saying no to certain things can be a no-brainer.  No, you cannot have my left and right kidney!  No! I’m not giving you your car keys; you might not be aware of this, but you’re drunk.
    Within all of this, the irony here is, that the person you find it hardest to utter those two syllables to, and mean it, is yourself.  Saying no can hurt you too, because you know that it’s not what the other person wants to hear and they're hurting. There is nothing that you can do about their hurt, other than to be truthful in who you are.  By empowering you; you empower them.

    Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach and Olivia Lashley expressions coach and artist as we explore empowerment through saying no.

  • 00:50

    The New Life Experience

    in Christianity


    Impacting the Nations of the World through the New Life Experience in Christ Jesus. Reshaping nations one family @ a time.

    Our goal is to R.E.A.C.H. the greater community by Restoring, Educating, and Advancing, the Community, through Hope.

    Loving God mandates that we loving others, impacting the world through the love of Jesus Christ. Evangelizing people of every race, language , social status and age group.

    Through acts of kindness, love, and patience we can nurture and convert the saints of God to fullness of the stature of Christ. Inspiring and equipping each saint with the ability to reproduce themselves in others imparting their GOD given gifts and knowledge in others.

    Providing a spiritual environment of faith, love, forgiveness and encouragement that generations to come will grow and be prepared for the second coming of our Lord.


    That he is with us always, even unto the end of the world.

    While we minister to the economic, social and spiritual needs of the communities of the world through different programs, outreaches ,workshops, campmeeting and training events

  • 01:40

    The BTZ Experience

    in Entertainment

    BWE Megastar Tye "BTZ" Biggs has his own episode of the BWE experience co-hosted by BWE ring announcer Alfred Parsard.