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    7 Steps to Living Your Ideal Life!

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    Coach Cafe' Radio is THE Self Empowerment Place to Meet where you get your weekly cup of inspiration every Tuesday and Friday 11 am eastern on Blog Talk Radio with your hosts certified Master Life Coaches Kathleen Martin, LOACC and Estra Roell, LOACC. Join us for Enlightened Conversations with top self empowerment coaches, experts and authors sharing their wisdom to assist us all to live our best lives! 

    During this power hour, Kathleen and Estra share the 7 Steps to Living Your Ideal Life from their program 'Magnetize to Manifest.' 

    If you have been trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want and getting nowhere and are tired, frustrated and ready to give up then be sure to tune in Tuesday 11 am eastern to find out how you can become a Master Manifester and Magnetize what you want more of in your life! 

    Visit us to find out more about your hosts, listen to our archived shows and sign up for your Self Empowerment Gifts fro Coach Cafe'- www.coachcaferadio.com

    Estra Roell-www.americaslifepurposecoach.com

    Kathleen Martn- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com





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    No More Mondays: Creating Your Ideal Life

    in Entrepreneur

    Not a lot of people are motivated to go to work tomorrow. Mondays are considered the day people dread the most and life shouldn't be like that. Today's episode we will be talking about ways to get yourself out of this funk and onto a life that people would be envious of!

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    Dream your Life and live your dream!

    in Entrepreneur

    Gordana Biernat helps people realize how powerful and unique they truly are. She inspires individuals to understand that they are able to consciously change and shape their own reality.  

    “Desire to Know is my Path
    Self-Illumination is my Addiction.
    I am a Seeker.”

    Gordana is Richard Levy’s guest today on Wealthy Thoughts. Let Gordana excite you about life, reaching your goals, and living the dream!

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    Life Changing Insigths - Life Coach & Dream Interpretation

    in Self Help

    Life Changing Insigths with Dr. Alan Simberg with his guest Bill Jenkins & Sylvia Jackson:
    Pastor Bill Jenkins is a conference speaker, Life Coach, Counselor, Summit director and an award winning author who has written several books and instructional manuals as well as serving in the ministry for over 29 years. He has been recognized by the city of Indianapolis’s a community service leader and by the Minority Business Men as a “Man of Distinction” He was on the Indianapolis Mayor advisory board and Mayor Ballard wrote the forward to one of his books that Pastor Bill released last November.
    Sylvia has devoted 20 years of Scriptural study and experience in interpreting dreams for others, and she has seen many people healed, delivered, and given direction through their dreams. She is also an entrepreneur and can speak straight to your business listeners. A dynamic speaker, Sylvia aims to demystify dream interpretation so that Christians can learn to understand the Holy Spirit’s nighttime messages. He is truly pouring out dreams during this age, and her book and speaking engagements are meant to help others learn practical tools,

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    How To Not Be Broke: The unsexy characteristic of the wealthy is....?

    in Lifestyle

    There are so many things out there that try to get our attention. The newest, greatest, most wonderful thing could make you lose weight fast, become a millionaire overnight, and make you super awesome for two payments of $19.95!!

    But did you know that the wealthy do not buy into these newest and greatest inventions? In fact, they are not even swayed by the marketing of it all. 

    One of the traits that the wealthy share among themselves is that they are CONSISTENT. They are consistent in their efforts, in their failures (yes, they fail and they fail often), and in their routines. Which in turn makes them consistent in their wealth. Ever heard of the story of The Tortoise and The Hare? Notice that the tortoise was consistent in his efforts, even though it seemed like he was losing. I wouldn't be surprised if the tortoise turned out to be a millionaire.

    Tonight, we will share how and why consistency is a common trait among the wealthy, why average people don't take the time to develop this trait, and simple action steps we can start today on our path to creating our ideal life.

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    Painters Dream Productions: Show #4 ~ Live Music

    in Marketing

    Painters Dream Productions is proud to introduce you to the live music talent of the future coming to a club or festival near you.

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    Painters Dream Productions: Show #2 ~ Live Music

    in Marketing

    Painters Dream Productions is proud to introduce you to the live music talent of the future coming to a club or festival near you. Joining us live on the air will be Slimm, Wanda Key, Fate of Adam, & Confirmed. Join us and tell a friend.


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    Painters Dream Productions: Show #3 ~ Live Music

    in Marketing

    Painters Dream Productions is proud to introduce you to the live music talent of the future coming to a club or festival near you. Josh Oldaker | The J.O.B | Fowlers Ministry | Gary Ray Ministries.

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    Restructuring Your Mindset: Creating Your Success Story

    in Lifestyle

    Truth be told, quite a few of the wealthy didn't have their wealth just given to them. If you read the inspirational stories, you'll find that many of them worked hard to get to where they are now, and their backgrounds were not all that great to start off with. In fact, some of them may have come have even more difficult circumstances than you.

    But why is that they there are able to "make it" but you're over here barely trying to "make it." There's a slight difference between us and them, and we'll talk about what that slight difference is, how we can there, and simple action steps that will get us started. 

    Sunday night's radio show will change your perspective on how to view your life in a way where you realize that have a story. A story that will inspire many. 


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    The Successful vs. The Uber Successful

    in Lifestyle

    Years ago, I've wondered what made people successful. Since then I've been studying them and trying to copy their habits. Come to find out, it's extremely exhausting trying to be successful, especially the sleep you would need to sacrifice in becoming a success.

    I then discovered about the super successful. The ones that are the best of the best in their field and I realized, "These guys aren't playing the game anymore; they completely created their own game and playing by their own rules!"

    Today, I will talk about the difference between the successful and the uber successful and two simple action steps that you can do today to get you on the path of super success. 

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    Code Blue: What It Takes to Revive Your Dream

    in Women

    "Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do." ~ Pope John XXIII

    You've heard it since you were a child - "Follow your dreams." Perhaps that was the plan, but then life happened and now you've given up on your dreams. The demands of everyday life are a reality, and yes, you have to eat and work and care for your kids. But that doesn't necessarily mean that what is important to you must take a permanent backseat. You may just be in Code Blue and you need help to pump life back into your dreams. There's still time to see them come true, you know!

    Tune in today as we chat with Life Coach & CEO of GetLaunched!, Christy Staples. She's prepared to take your questions about how to revive your dreams again. Don't miss it!

    Call in, 646-716-6910 or log on to our LIVE CHAT during the broadcast.

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