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    Mechanics Liens

    in Legal

    This podcast will discuss mechanics liens. It will help you understand the different kinds of mechanics liens and the requirements for each one.

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    The Truth About Tax Liens - What Every Investor Needs to Know!

    in Real Estate

    The Truth about Tax Liens - Learn Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Learn About Tax Liens on this Episode of Realty411 Radio "Invest Wisely".

    On the show today, our guest host Jasmine Williois, co-founder of the Lady Landlords of San Diego, will interview Chris Gleason, founder of MMG Capital about Tax Liens. Some of the issues that will be covered include:

    What is a tax lien.
    Tell us a typical investment scenario from start to finish.
    In what ways are liens are safer than the stock market?
    In other words what are the risks?
    What should we expect best and worst case scenario with turn around times?

    More information about Chris Gleason:

    Chris is the Managing Director of MMG Capital. MMG Capital is a direct, private money provider for real estate investors, high net worth individuals, corporations, partnerships and consumers. MMG was formed in response to the growing need for access to funding for valuable real estate transactions.

    MMG Capital was founded in 2007 and has representatives in both California and Florida who conduct the company's nationwide lending operations. The company's principals have over 50 years of combined industry experience and their expertise includes banking, private equity transactions, development, secured lending, land acquisitions and sales. As of its date of inception, the company’s principals have been responsible for the management of assets valued at over $6 billion.

    Chris is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has an MBA from California Lutheran University. Chris appeared on our Real Estate Wealth cover previously.

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    IRS Liens/Levies-How to defend yourself against their unlawful actions

    in Self Help

    The IRS routinely places Liens and levies against Americans across this republic, but are they valid?  In most, if not ALL cases, NO!  The IRS does many of its attacks under the color of law, using administrative actions which are outside due process, and are outside their own regulations... but they don't care.  They KNOW they can rely on fear and intimidation of your bank or business entity who controls your money or assets to turn over your assest without actually proving the Levy is valid, or that the IRS followed the simple laws.  Well, now you have the means to fight the IRS, and NOTICE your bank or other institution being Levied using simple documents, and especially the law itself to hold your bank accountable for the unlawful release of your assets if they ignore your legal notice.

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    Mechanics Liens 101

    in Legal

    Mechanics liens can be a powerful tool for those performing services on a person’s home or a commercial building – what do you need to know about them?  This Podcast with Lance Ziebell of Lavelle Law will explore mechanics liens and teach you all you need to know.

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    Claire Kennedys Show On the Freedom Talk Radio Network

    in News

    Claire Kennedys Show On the Freedom Talk Radio Network

    Andy Peacher radio platform was set up with his us buddy Bill Xam from SETV Mitchigan Seline Entertainment TV on Freedom Talk Radio The Real News Group for us all to have a voice and get involved in networking and joining forces as individuals and groups, internationally- the programs are solution based and cutting edge with an impressive line-up of guests and hosts such as  Sabine McNeill, Kevin Edwards,Judge Curry, Claire Kennedy-(Rainbow Warrior Empress), Roger Hayes, Professor Timothy Spearman, Holy Mother, Sanda Davis from USA, Ruby Akhtar, Dr Ramona.. hot on topics such as common laws, commercial liens, child abuse (rapes, sodomy, murder, cannibalism, prostitution, ography, paedophilia, snuff movies), Forced Adoptions, Corruption & Fraud in public services such as health, social services, Governments, mainstream media (MSM)..

     Donations and membership fees are not being required as Andy wishes to keep it free. 

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    Tax Liens: The Lowdown On Tax Liens

    in Business

    What are tax liens? In its most basic form, a tax lien is a way to legally guarantee that an individual, business or lender will be paid for a debt, by placing a restriction on the debtor's property, which limits them from transferring its title or using it as collateral to obtain further financing.

    Tax Liens may be placed on a type of personal property of real estate. The most common lien today is a mortgage. Other types include: mechanic's liens; attorney's liens and tax liens. Each type sports its own rules and deadlines regarding filing, and may vary widely from state to state or even county to county.

    There are two types of liens: the particular lien; and the general lien.

    Particular liens arise when a person claims a right to retain property, in respect of money or labor expended on the property in question. This kind of lien may be issued in one of three ways: by express contract; from implied contract as in usage of trade); or by legal arrangement of the two parties (as when a contractor finishes contracted work on the property or goods have been salvaged from the sea).

    In contrast, general liens are issued when: an agreement is reached between the two parties; by general usage or trade; or by particular usage or trade.

    In addition, most liens are also divided into two main groups: legal and federal liens (which can be enforced by law), and equity liens (which are valid only in a court of equity).

    To create a valid lien it is important to ensure that the party it is acquired does indeed hold absolute ownership of the property in question; that the person laying claim on the lien has the right to do so; and that the lien s being placed in direct purpose of an agreement of payment made by the two parties.

    Liens may be attached to personal property or real estate for the following reasons:

    * to pay tax debt - a tax lien
    * to pay for labor services rendered and/or construction supplies
    * for mortgages

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    The ALFO Show :: #Baltimore - Lies and Political Liens :: Just 'Damn

    in Politics Progressive

    The ALFO Show


    When Injustice Becomes Law, RESISTANCE Becomes Duty

    In Baltimore they are either lying or deflecting.  # Baltimore Uprising led by children.

    What happened to Freddie Gray ?  How was he killed?  THE REPORT and THE COVER-UP

    Where have the Black elected officials of Baltimore been ?  Where are they now?  Now what ?

    He talks about working class Americans who can't afford health care and heating oil. He’s Bernie and progressives are loving it .

     . . .  #Blacklivesmatters

    The ALFO Show is an alternative for Black people who are harmed by“ the scathing critique of racist, corporate controlled media has largely and not surprisingly been ignored by those whom the author, Ismael Reed labels the “Jim Crow Media.”

    The ALFO Show is the Best of PUSH-BACK POLITICAL TALK. Listeners call it, “just damn’ talk radio”.

    Like and Subscribe to The ALFO Show on Facebook

    Follow ALFO on Twitter: @alfo8  ?#‎JustDamn

    Email?: alfo@truthworksnetwork.com 

    TruthWorks Network is a Broadcast presentation of OUR COMMON GROUND Media 

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    Administration Procedure, Liens, Creditor, Trust

    in Culture

    Sunday Night 7:00 pm est  Moorish Talk Live 100
    At Blog Talk Radio
    Call in #310-982-4184
    Tarhaka presents an awesome interview on Trust,
    Administrative Procedure, Liens, Status in
    Commerce. Don’t miss this informative show.
    SO SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
    contact Tarhaka for your copy of the most profound Library and Law Dictionaries in the United States, and free articles mentioned on the show #904-303-9061 before 7:00pm est http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tarhaka.rss.

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    Les incantations du Cheval Blanc

    in Spirituality

    Aujourd'hui, Marc nous lit une série d'incantations du Livre des Enchantements, extraites de la "Bibliothèque du Cheval Blanc" : pour la stabilité, le discernement, l'allaiance avec la nature, dissoudre les apparences illusoires, se libérer des liens qqui lient, etc.

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    Tax Liens & Tax Lien Overages

    in Real Estate

    Making Money In Real Estate When You Have No Money Hello! My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years. This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you. Our topic today is tax liens and overages with tax liens. Please join us for a informative discussion!